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    The thrust of Muslim contempt and revulsion is easy to grasp and to sympathise with, to an extent.  Basically, if anything is bestial, lascivious, immoral or promiscuous in the West, it’s possible to turn a profit from it.

    Dont Be Depraved - (Advt)

    The current global outrage at the proposed beheading of a “witch” accused of an assortment of acts, including causing the impotency of two men, at first seems the usual ‘off-the-wall’ extremism we have come to expect. Completely unjustified blah blah blah . . .
    On the other hand, either a nation condones immoral and irreligious activity or it doesn’t.
    From the perspective of the West, where the intention is to finally arrive at a position where ALL behaviour is acceptable on the grounds of ‘relativism’, freedom of association and freedom of speech, any constraints must be anathema. The blatantly religious foundation of Eastern Customs and their more visceral response to outrageously libertine habits of our society is what causes them to brand us as The Great Satan – in part, at least.
    Regardless of Race, Nation or Creed, the simple and self-evident Truth, while it is above the aspirations of many, is: “The Daughters of Eve and the Sons of Adam may only have sexual relations with their husbands or wives to whom they are lawfully and legally wedded.” Any attempt to avoid that simple truth is actually an attempt to avoid the responsibilities of sexual relations and merely indulge in unrestricted intercourse. The so-called gay community hate meh! heh But there it is . . They just want purely self satisfactory sex. To indulge in their own untrammeled personal pleasures.
    Tart that up with some window dressing about spousal abuse, capacity of same sex households & etc., et al, and you have the United Nations stance on every form of perversion intended to be permitted on the face of the Earth.
    Of course, we say little, not to say nothing, about those dark and drear cultures where women have NO rights, female circumcision can be the norm and men can have women beheaded if and when they find themselves impotent.
    I guess, in Saudi Arabia, that’s a turn-on?
    There is always a humorous side to the darkest part of life. One time a bishop revealed to us he had been contacted by the ex-husband of a certain lady who confided, he should have wrung her neck long ago! That bishop gave us a very old-fashioned look at the response, “Agreed.”
    Not to say such violence is practical or just, but it’s sometimes possible to put oneself in the shoes of another – and kick.
    So the illustration with this post, “The Great White Way”.
    It’s actually titled of course, “Don’t Be Shy!”
    And coyly visible in the background the name of the vacuous, money-hungry global corporation seeking your cash for the sake of gratuitous sex. Or more, “If You’re Lucky!”
    We contend that there is no degree of satanic ethos in Eastern Culture, be it Muslim or otherwise, that is not more professionally exploited in the West.
    The average perversions are equally accessible, perhaps in the West on National Health, while in Egypt you may have to borrow your neighbour’s donkey.
    The answer is, every individual is and will be accountable for every thought, word and deed.
    There will instantly be many who will demand: define Every; define Individual; define Thought; define Word; define Deed. But if you have read this Post thus far, you know what we mean.


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