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    They say ninety percent of war is boredom, sitting around doing nothing.
    So is waiting for it to start.

    There are those pure minded souls who feel nobody should wish for war, let alone for it to start. The issue, throughout History, has been that war starts long before hostilities appear to begin. The safest assumption at present is to assume the West is losing the war.

    Boxing Day, 2013 and the war continues on its banal and boring way. There is even the “odd shot here and there”. Shopping crowds are spending record amounts at Shopping Malls and the turnout for the Boxing Day Cricket at the MCG is higher than ever. Even greater than the match against the West Indies in 1961.

    The Summer of The Battle of Britain was the nicest in decades.

    As in the past, the relentless enemies continue to marshal their forces, knowing they are obscured by the smoke and blood of countless regional atrocities. No shot in Sudan is likely to be, ‘The Shot Heard Round The World’. Rather, it seems our antagonists expect to gain their victory over Toad, of Toad Hall, while we are asleep.

    Europe is descending into a quagmire of factionalism and deceit: Factionalism among those who feel their position is unassailable; Deceit among those, including Islamists, who expect to pick up the left-overs when the fires cool.

    The United States of America are rapidly becoming less united and their very much less than democratic government is arming itself against its people.

    Russia and China, and the rest of Asia, consider themselves able and willing to shed what war demands, of blood and mouths to be fed. Islam there presumes it will abide the fates of its enemies… certainly they are preparing for a One World Government.

    The Middle East [touch paper is blue], continues upon its disingenuous way. The USA, EU, NATO and UN all combine to ensure the defeat of Israel is a ‘popular victory’. We don’t see it.

    Once the West has completely betrayed Israel into its enemies’ arms, to the huge and media orchestrated applause of ‘International Opinion’, that frugal God who watches over wretched individuals and worse nations, will permit the consequences to ensue.

    “I will use the wicked to destroy the wicked.”

    Those ever sanitary dignitaries who aloofly decree the rise and fall of each other’s vast wealth will find all of it actually still resides with the millions and billions who produce it. Their One World Government will be one world of chaos. No hole will be deep enough to save them. The ‘End Run’ of present day humanity will be a descent into cannibalism and raw survival.

    “Few men will survive.” Isaiah

    Waiting for the war to start is so boring. Some people feel we are not even going downhill!


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