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  • So. War 2015

    It was “Unthinkable” that Iran would become a nuclear weapons power.

    Now, people think they want Negotiations.

    Now, it becomes necessary to use the unthinkable power of nuclear weapons to destroy Iran.
    Humanity cannot have it both ways, and neither can Israel. Saying it’s the World’s problem does not absolve Israel from defending itself and all the Jews who have made Aliya.

    The onus is on the sovereign power to protect its citizens. Unfortunately, Israeli politicians are venally obligated to appease the popularity meters of their media.

    And they cannot agree among themselves.

    If Israel insists on another Shoah, this time in Israel, that will not surprise… It’s what Jews do. “When ye are not one, ye are not in Me.”

    Time after time, The Children of Israel have suffered the incapacitating, debilitating disease of disunity. It cannot be proven that Israel could have defeated Rome, but it can be shown that Jewish disunity allowed the Romans to walk into Jerusalem and exile the Jews. History paints a very similar picture among the Jews, from Hertz onward. The debacle of the Shoah attributed to Hitler was not prevented by Jews. They saw benefits on both sides, apparently. They could afford to capitalise on the global situation.

    Modern Israel is no exception to the rule. If it is possible to eliminate every exception that makes the Jewish Nation exceptional, Israelis will seek to be as obsequious and as conformist as possible… To the extent of the Torah Nation hosting the Homosexual Capital of the Mediterranean. So much for Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Not that it matters any more really. What Israel does and what happens to Israel will shortly be of no more consequence to the world than a summer cold.

    We see mid 2015 as the veil of death for almost all of Mankind.

    There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth long before then.

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