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    It’s always tempting to flash a photo of a celebrated US Aircraft Carrier, steaming in hot pursuit of a gang of Coke Machine Raiders, in some far off, obscure corner of the world.

    This time, the scenario is even more bizarre than usual…

    Blind Freddy has been able to document absolutely NOTHING regarding putative use of war gasses etc., in Syria, aside from unsubstantiated allegations made by people who are PAID by the West to be there… and who seem to be the ones using the chemical agents.

    We watch now as the inevitable consequences of lies and deceit follow in their natural train.

    The sad thing is, nobody seems to be watching the real war.

    Islam is at war with US (stuff the usa) and we are haggling over the cost of popcorn in the gods. What Obama and Hague and Cameron do, in collusion with Turkey (TURKEY!! Where did Turkey come from??) can bode no good for the human race.

    The common idea seems to be to cause limited destruction in Syria, with the aim of inciting a revolt there against the legitimate leadership (Assad). This can only result in localised chaos, which is the general condition of any Islamic country, and a concomitant increase in the ‘Threat Level’ within Israel.

    Probably, Israel should nuke British forces in Cyprus and the same to the US fleet in the Mediterranean.

    That would be black comedy. Eh?


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