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    We see that Flu, since the Spanish Flu epidemic, has evolved. We see also, vaccines have evolved and the fear is, perhaps the vaccines have evolved faster than the flu.

    Some have drawn a direct link, even between the annual bird migratory patterns, that put Chinese sources in connection with the great Spanish Flu outbreak. It is certain that more modern strains of flu, now characterized by their H and N identifiers (H5N1), have originated in Asia and have been spread by two major vectoral paths.

    One path has led Bird Flu from native migratory ducks and the like, into the breeding hosts of commercial chicken farms scattered intensively throughout China and South East Asia.

    Another path has preyed upon the globalization of Mankind, frequent international travel and an airborne vector even more conducive to pandemic than simple bird migration.

    The fact some rare strains of flu have crossed the boundaries between bird and man is accepted. It took decades to identify the animal source but that seems beyond debate today.

    The sources of the anti-flu vaccines however, seem mainly to be far from those primitive ponds and chicken runs of Asia. Vast pharmaceutical industries are involved in the ‘emergency’ propagation of ever new vaccines…now on an annual basis it seems.

    The one thing that appears to remain a constant is that the flu Virus continues in its ability to mutate in order to adapt to ever more inimical environments in its human hosts. The vaccines have in no way impeded the capacity of the virus to survive in the blood and organs of those who have been vaccinated, and to re-emerge as ‘resistant’ or immune to mankind’s latest and more expensive anti-flu jab vaccine.
    The Flu, left to its own devices, might have been lethal anyway to a statistical element of infants and elderly, at least on the basis of other factors which typically weaken some among the general population. Flu might never have reached again the devastating effects seen during the Spanish Flu Outbreak.

    Pharmaceutical Burden

    Despite modern science making various and wonderful strides in the annual battle against Flu, we still see the predictable quota of deaths. Added now to the numbers of those who succumb to the flu virus, we see additional infants and elderly, along with some perfectly healthy adults, experiencing ‘side effects’ to vaccines which can also be lethal.

    The issue involving the vaccines is the extent to which they are both genetically modified in themselves and add genetical modifications to the human body. Anti-Viruses bred in the bodies of horses, pigs, mice and of tissues from the foreskin of the Blue Spotted Whelk etc., do well to control infection in the laboratory. Let loose among the general population there have been predictable ‘scalable errors’ which present humanity with threats of their own.

    In the laboratory crucible of 7.5 billion test subjects, minor variations in susceptibility and resistance can become significant cases of note. When someone’s darling baby girl goes from laughing to dead in twenty four hours, Mommy draws the natural conclusion and blames, not statistics but vaccine. As ever more virulent vaccines come forth from the belly of the cash cow industry, we are inclined to agree with Mommy.

    The fear is that vaccines have become an industry wide acceptable method of genetic mutation of the Human Race.

    Even, in some quarters, a suspected method of genetic selection process, whereby there will be a predictable, statistical, number of individuals who will be classified as ‘burdensome’ upon Society. Be it Autism, Bi-Lateral this or that, or whatever intellectual or physical disability, a way might be found to minimize the cost. What we see increasingly is the opposite… ‘disadvantaged individuals’ occupy disproportionate amounts of time and money in order to abseil down the side of cliffs and tall buildings, in their wheel chairs, to prove that they can do ‘anything’ an able-bodied individual can do. The predictable call for more and more disabled to occupy more and more of society’s limited resources would be expected to bring forth from Industry a statistically calculated Answer.

    Science is ideally suited to finding an answer to the burden.

    Another science is greatly suited to making the Answer acceptable.

    Already we murder the unborn will-nilly, on the whim of whoever. We know they say it isn’t so but the ‘statistics’ reveal the birth of a human being is becoming less and less desirable.

    Sadly, the onset of Demographic Winter will not help at all. The lack of children growing to be productive members of society, supporting the ‘pensions’ of the elders, will make the ‘real’ problem obvious. Those who cannot afford to feed their parents and the older generation will not hesitate to look upon their young, unproductive cousins as an intolerable burden. Only the scientific answer will be acceptable.

    So we would expect vaccines to be developed that will certainly benefit those who are not infirm. They will be given the right medicine.


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