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  • Incredibility War

    Who would believe that a real war could be started by declaring a warning without conditions? Why not a sneak attack?

    It must be presumed there is no genuine threat. No genuine and credible threat, that is.

    Pundits in the West have been positing an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to instantly wipe out South Korean (and US forces in SK) communications and defence systems. They then foresaw a lightning dash over the border into a defenceless South, presenting the western world with a fait accompli.

    North Korea, they said, would have the perfect hostage, all of South Korea and all of the US Service personnel trapped within its borders.

    What could go wrong?

    Well…without the element of surprise there can be no conquest. So now, there can be only the threat of an empty promise. If North Korea attacks anybody, anybody at all, under present circumstances, many might die but the North must lose.

    It seems, in the light of a Western Day, the threat is not credible.
    What do they see under the Eastern Moon?


    One Response to “Incredibility War”

    1. RaiofOz says:

      Tomorrow is the BIG DAY OUT!
      Can’t wait to see what Uncle Kim will do.
      You know, the world deserves the kind of leaders we get. This world is a very sick place right now.

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