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    We find the trail of evidence winding its way back through the pages of History. Even the Gladio Project, becoming Deep Planet, was foreseen before our time.

    At this point in time, regardless of the inputs of the OSS, the CIA, MI6 and a plethora of interconnected international ‘Agencies’, we see the head emerging at last. The nature of the beast has been long confirmed as The One World Government.

    Usually it has been easy to pass off every allusion to Mankind’s dilemma as just more of the same old Conspiracy Theories.

    Now it begins to appear that Obama, for instance, operates internationally according to what he perceives as a secret higher agenda. It would be easy to accept Obama does not even see himself as the head of the creation. He may have convinced himself his role is to play in a sacred game. An almost messianic role in a conglomerate that dreams of the final Utopian Communalist Solution.

    Is Obama completely indifferent to the aspirations and rights of Nations? Does he see these matters subsumed in the ‘wider vision’? Is Obama convinced, the suppression of the individual rights and moral independence of people everywhere would be for their ‘ultimate good’?

    The idea is not new.

    It’s proponent was cast out of Heaven before the start of The Sacred Game.

    What we find interesting, and worthy of passing on, is the fact these matters are not unknown. There is no such thing as a secret agenda taking place. Governments know the plan and they know the players.

    We recommend viewing the lengthy and extensively detailed supportive matter presented by Corbett at the Link:


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