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    The plan to roll out the Islamic Umma continues precisely as scheduled. Having ‘salted’ the USA mine with a Muslim 5th Column, the next step according to Taqiyya, is to reveal the sword.

    Brigitte Gabriel and ‘ACT! for America’ have as usual been among the first voices to raise the alarm, but the damage was long ago already done. Even the recent article by Caroline Glick, of the Washington Post and Jerusalem Post, exposes how the roots of this problem were laid in her childhood.

    What Caroline reveals also is, this was the same childhood that bred all the pro-Islam, Anti-Semitic mentors of the current United States Commander in Chief. Like all good citizens of the USA, Caroline cannot see the solution to the true debacle facing the USA.

    We admit, Obama is not the only problem and removing him would not remove the problem… it would be only a very sensible start. However, nobody in the US ‘removes’ the President. It’s just not done. At least, not the bad ones.

    This takes us then to the two other dimensions of the problem. One is the spiritual dilemma of the US and the entire Western Civilization. The second is the fact History is a trajectory that describes a curve ending in our Time. The fact this is not widely known and seen is simply the consequence of the Spiritual dilemma. A people who have turned their backs upon the God who made them great have no idea what their greatness is or why it occurred.

    The same people, for the same reason, have no idea about the meaning of Time.

    North America was made great because the Pilgrims who went there insisted upon and defended their right to practice Christianity according to the dictates of their own individual moral agency. Away from the spiritual crimes and oppression of the Christian Conventions of Europe, for a while USA Citizens experienced untrammeled and unimaginable success. Down-home American Pie and backwoods Christian independence meant that a man acted first upon his own conscience and second in behalf of his community. This worked well for quite a while but, “Nothing breeds success like success.” and success breeds a lot of other things besides.

    The USA could even survive the Big House on the Hill, and the Country Club, but it had to die once the Bobby Soxers took off their knickers, smoked dope and joined the Free Love, Anti- War, Protest Movement. Once the children felt and demonstrated nothing but contempt for their parents, their parents’ values and the culture that had got the USA where it was, it was only a matter of Time before the Big House was derelict and the Neighbors moved in.

    Spiritual decline, moral dereliction and lack of self-respect has cost the USA everything it ever achieved but for most, the signs do not yet show.

    This is not to say that none in the USA retain spiritual and moral values! Heck No! But they are vastly in the minority. The majority are simply out of touch and don’t know why.

    The recent tragedy of the school shooting is a typical case in point. A tearful woman asked, “What’s happened to us? What have we become?”

    The fact is, she honestly does not know, cannot see and does not understand.

    She is even less fitted to grasp what comes next.

    Gabriel is among those who see the advance of Islam, already well established in the USA, as a ‘face of the enemy’. But she likely has only the vaguest concept of how Wall Street is also the face of the enemy and even, how established conventional Christian Churches are also the face of the enemy. Scripture tells us, ‘A kingdom divided against itself must fall’. There are so many Christian churches, cults and sects, their numbers growing weekly, that their strength becomes the weakness of their society.

    Well, we can only point to the facts of the Universe in which we live. The predators pick off the stragglers and the USA, for all its pomp and ceremony, is plainly straggling.

    Sure, today, Obama made the point that America has to fund the most powerful military in the world. You ask yourself…what military would that be? Once the sabre is rusted in its fancy scabbard, victory is no longer an option. Only ‘Peace’.

    Those who read these posts, and our statistics reveal there are many who do, need not comfort themselves that they are safely far from the USA. Once the US experiences its own ‘Potato Famine’, the scavengers will surely sack their own nation, but beyond its wide and extended borders, eyes will be looking with interest upon the American Beast devouring itself.

    It has been suggested that, after fifty million have died of starvation, her enemies will attack the USA. The other painful reality is that, in an environment of chaos, Islam can be relied upon to seek dominion by the sword. All those in the US with ability to defend themselves and a vestigial memory of moral agency, will deal with their Muslim neighbors without mercy or favor. And Islam can be expected to give no quarter either.

    Wall Street and the International Monetary Scam will fall like the House of Cards that they are. Global warming will not be of the sort that causes the ice to melt and the seas to rise… regardless of climate, the financial inundation that will beset the world will carry away the foundations, the walls and the shelters of all those financial manipulators.

    Amid the darkening storm clouds, Dragons will fly.


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