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    Guran posts comments in world media, where ample provision exists, but such comment is frequently not published. We see nothing in the direct and pragmatic stance taken by Guran, who says little at WenU blog as a rule, and so we will publish a selection of those posts that, for editorial reasons elsewhere, would never see the light of day:-

    Reply to: Turkey translates Prophet’s sayings for 21st Century By REUTERS

    Two Speed Islam – 23 May 2013
    The dhimmi public version and the original for the madrassas.
    The principal drawback of the Qur’an and the Hadith is the fact that it was always a nonsensical mishmash of insane, evil rantings and plagiarisms from the ‘Bible’. A very embarrassing truth. The original was written between 100 and 300 years after Mohammed’s death… he wrote nothing as he was illiterate.
    Now it seems, they would like to gloss over some of the embarrassing rubbish, or at least, make a version generally available which does not contain the evil truth. Islam itself is an evil, obscene hoax, driven always by the sword.


    Reply to: Dutch Youngsters on TV: “Too Bad Not All Jews Were Killed” By Arutz Sheva Staff
    “What would happen if the word Muslim were substituted for Jew?” asked a writer about the hate-filled video that elicited only apathy.

    “I will use the Wicked to Destroy the Wicked” – 6 March 2013
    We tend to forget, western society has embalmed itself in evil and moral turpitude. It is false to presume the war that comes will be limited to a military campaign to conquer Israel. We gather that will occur… but in the wider context, death will reign. In Europe, for instance, Islamists and Muslims will never be evicted. The corpses on all sides will litter the ground and Islam will cease to exist along with the other pervasive forces for evil which are today in our midst, globally.


    Reply to Is Obama the Most Anti-Israel US President Ever? – Opinion piece at JPost.

    In fact, others have been unhelpful in the past, when it comes to aiding either Jews or Israel. It’s the circumstances and the timing that make his presidency significant. Just as war was inevitable in the 1930s, it cannot be avoided now… but the US has a president with a secret personal agenda which seems antagonistic to Israel and also the interests of US citizens. On the other hand, Obama was elected by a society expressing its corrupt and fallen state. A society dominated by vocal minorities who trample on the moral and cultural history of their nation.
    The USA that turns its back on Israel will not be saved from either itself or its president.
    As Bob Dylan sang, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”.


    Reply to: Hevron, Machpelah Cave Inundated With Snow By David Lev
    Jerusalem wasn’t the only place in Israel where snow fell on Wednesday night

    So Jews Cannot Repair The Cave of The Ancients – 10 January 2013
    If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!
    Why not put Islam in charge of everything?
    After all, nothing matters! Does it?!
    The worst people to have in charge of sacred Christian sites in the Holy Land are the Jews.


    Reply to: Egypt approves new Islamist-drafted constitution    By REUTERS
    Constitution approved by 63.8% of the vote; Morsi imposes currency restrictions to cope with economic crisis.

    Egyptian Constitution – 26 December 2012
    “battle between surging Islamists and their fractious liberal and leftist opponents”?
    They are all on the same side!! Why would they fight?
    Egyptian Nationalists are the ones watching Islamic Sharia being imposed upon them, at the expense of their Nation. All Egypt has to offer in foreign trade is poverty and the purchase of more weapons from ‘competing allies’ (US, Russia & China). This tide of Islamic Radicalism continues to spread and will bring untold suffering in every land it touches.
    Then they will die.


    Reply to: PA Weighs ‘State of Palestine’ Passport By Maayana Miskin
    The PA plans to ride the wave of its UN success with a passport upgrade.

    Putative palestine Is A War Crime – 5 December 2012
    The declaration of a palestinian state, by the UN and the Arab World, is in fact a war crime against Israel. The Arabs freely admit this is true. They state publicly, their intention is to destroy Israel. The value of the UN vote is meaningless except in the sense, a majority of ‘nations’ have alligned themselves publicly against Israel.
    Under International Law, Israel is justified and entitled to destroy all traces of such a putative alien state in its midst!


    Reply to: Jewish Groups Blast ‘Pyrrhic’ UN Resolution By Rachel Hirshfeld
    General Assembly has handed the PA leadership “a pyrrhic public relations victory,” asserts ADL; WJC highlights irony of choosing Nov. 29.

    Empty Rhetorical Condemnation – 30 November 2012
    It seems banal that reference can be made to the 1948 partition in the same article as calls for a ‘negotiated peace with the palestinians’. There is no point whatsoever in condemning Arab aggression so long as Israel continues to abet it. History records that Jordan is the Arab part (ex-Trans Jordan) and that the perennial Arab War is contrary to international law.
    But Israel insists, if we encourage the Arabs, the World will take our side and hate the Arabs. Nonsensical.


    Reply to: PM: Ignore the Sound of UN Applause By David Lev
    Regardless of the outcome of the PA statehood bid, Israel will not compromise its security, Binyamin Netanyahu said.

    Wrong – 29 November 2012
    Peace will be obtained by Israel declaring Israel – from the river to the sea, at the UN. Only when there is recognition of Israel, by Israeli leaders, will the process of gaining peace begin.
    So long as the Arab World is convinced Israel is unsure of its own existence, the Arabs will assure Israel, “You do not exists and you are illegitimate!”
    But then, if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.


    Reply to: ‘Israel to wait for Abbas’s next move before reacting’ By HERB KEINON
    Diplomatic officials: EU, US urged Israel not to “overreact” to PA’s bid, wait for Abbas’s next move before taking action.

    There Is No Palestine – 27 November 2012
    There is no such thing as a palestinian: No palestinian language; no palestinian capital city; no palestinian politician prior to the internationally famous terrorist Arafat and financier to the Munich murder of the Jewish Olympic Team, Mahmoud Abbas.
    The Big Lie has gone full circle and has now gained global recognition…as preferable to the Jews.
    It will be interesting to see to what disgraceful condition the Arabs will make Israel sink next.

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