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    The lie has not changed and neither have the methods. Arafat gave birth to an ugly baby, fathered by the Arab World and Islamic Jihad. The PLO has been a noisy infant, demanding to be fed, until it rises today full fledged upon the world stage.

    The reasonable assumption, that PLO demands for Sovereign Statehood status at the United Nations, for the Palestinian People and their Land will be acceded to, seems beyond doubt.

    It is accepted that the vast majority of UN member states will vote in favour of the PA claim.

    The narrative for decades has presumed no doubt. Since Husseini in the 1920s, the desire has been to prevent the Jews from returning to their homeland Israel. During WWII, Husseini even provided a Division of Muslim SS troops to assist Hitler in his task of eradicating the Jews before they could even depart Europe.

    The British played their part in doing all they could to prevent Jews from reaching the Holy Land.

    Great and paternalistic emphasis was placed upon using the Roman term for the Holy Land at every utterance: Palestine. The Mandated Territories of Palestine.

    The French introduced into the narrative the now ubiquitous term, ‘Occupied Territories’, to identify those parts of Israel which Jordan had invaded and from which it could not be repulsed by the 1948/9 Armistice. The French appellation of the term alluded to the implied occupation of parts of Israel by the Jews in their defensive 1967 Six Day War. Clearly then, the French had predetermined the status of the land…Judenrein.

    The die had been unbreakably set. There was to be no Israel. The Holy Land was to be gifted to Arab interlopers, bused in by the British and Arabs et al., to occupy jobs created by the few Jews who had succeeded in bypassing the oppressive restrictions on their travel and on their capacity to obtain land for farming and industry.

    The die contained these introduced Arabs, not traditional inhabitants of the Holy Land.

    It was these transients who were ordered out of Israel by the warlike Arab neighbours who stated, “We shall overrun Israel and surely, we will not fail. Come out now, so you will not be harmed by the mighty Arab Armies and we will give you all of the land after our great victory.” They lost.

    Arafat was set to inflame the hearts of the World in behalf of these ‘dispossessed Palestinians’. The Narrative was that these Arabs who fled Israel were the traditional and honest owners of the Holy Land.

    There are no Palestinians. In Israel, aside from those secular individuals who excuse themselves, there are Jews and Arabs. The concept of a palestinian people is a lie, unworthy of any form of capitalisation, including UN funding or any other form of succour.

    There is no palestine. There is no palestinian people. There is no palestinian language. There is no palestinian capital city. There were no palestinian politicians prior to the internationally noted terrorist, Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, who principally funded the murder of the Jewish Olympic Team in Munich.

    The Bible states, “By their works ye shall know them.”

    The palestinian lie, of the PLO and the Arab World, (not just the central Arab League) is a weapon of Islamic Jihad.

    The purpose of Jihad is to remove all other religions from the face of the planet, by force of ‘The Sword’, meaning by terror, murder, theft and every other crime imaginable. Mohammed is credited with rape and incest and he is the ‘model of Islam’, held aloft by its book of scripture, the qur’an.

    The idea of a palestinian people is that such a notion be used as a weapon to destroy Israel and remove the Jews from it. This is the purpose of Islam in its qur’an and in all the ‘Commentaries’, which bulk up the qur’an into something able to be pushed toward the ignorant and gullible as some kind of ‘holy book’.

    The purpose of the PA is to destroy Israel, for the sake of Islam and the aspirations of all those Arab and Muslim individuals who wish to use the sword to enforce Sharia Law.

    All these things are known and understood, certainly at the level of literacy and academy of those who will attend and vote at the UN.

    They all know the desires of their hearts are evil.

    So what? You ask.

    The true prophets, who clearly foresaw our day, stated the words and intent of the living God: “I will use the wicked to destroy the wicked.”

    The wicked, to draw upon a certain metaphor, cast lots upon the garments of the Lord.

    Truth is eternal, and so is the punishment that awaits the wicked. They will find no chauffeur driven limos beyond the veil, and the veil rapidly approaches all of them.


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