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  • Scapegoat – Seeks Shoah

    It becomes impossibly frustrating, watching Israel dare its Arab enemies and the world in general, to take advantage of their naked vulnerability.

    Even cartoonists demonstrate that Israel is the plaything of the International Darlings…er Community. It’s obvious that Israel cannot do anything, anything at all, without obtaining a global consensus beforehand?

    We see this as the tragedy of the recent Shoah, leading up to and during World War Two. The evidence is plain today that even then, Jews and governments worldwide knew exactly what was going on and where the trajectory was headed.

    So antipathetic was the ‘Free World’ to the fate of the Jews that Jewish refugees from Europe, and that meant also Germany, were treated as Prisoners of War.

    It has to be said that two immense forces contributed to the final fate of European Jewry:
    • On the one hand, vastly wealthy Jewish industrialists, financiers and corporate giants were absolutely aware of the fortune that could be made by not openly taking sides. Meaning, “You would not want to be targeted by anti-Semites at a time when your peers are making profits hand over foot by selling arms and materiel to both sides”; and
    • On the other hand, faultlessly pure hypocrisy demanded that Jewry clamber up upon its traditional altar, in preparation for the fire.

    Nothing has changed.

    Does the World really care if Israel nukes Gaza and shuts them up, once and for all?

    Only if they do that without nuking Cairo in the same manner, along with a fairly lengthy list of client nations such as Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Our loose calculation deems the deaths of about two hundred millions as appropriate, to bring the attention of the International Darlings to the reality of the present global situation. The real paradigm.

    Frankly, Israel should not have to deal with North Korea… but then, neither should China. China should be left to help out afterward and clean up the mess that was its Client State.

    Pakistan should be the due stewardship of other than Israeli weapons also. The US should surely be capable of neutralizing such a nuclear capable state, and in short order too.

    This is the kind of housekeeping that Russia and China should not be asked to do. Why should they? Does the West deserve such a favor?

    But back at the Ranch, we are stuck with Israeli media who point out, Military Strategists are compelled to consider the advice of legal experts before acting in defence of Israel. It remains paramount that, while acting in defence of Israel, nobody among the enemy must get hurt.

    The purpose of Hirushima was to alter the paradigm.

    The reason for the Shoah was/is Jewish hugging of the wrong paradigm.

    The World does not care, except they wish for goodness sakes that Israel would get ON with what has to be done. Otherwise, the others will win again instead.


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