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  • USA Vultures Gloat Over Syria

    As the birds gather, the USA and other vultures gloat. They know, what they are doing in Syria will release uncontrollable chaos in the Middle East.

    Daily it becomes more apparent that the West is deliberately provoking and feeding the downfall of Bashar Assad. The media chortle excitedly, confident that the entire international community approves. The question not being asked is, “Why?”

    As usual, when the media takes sides, the assumption is that nobody need ask any further. The media have decided. Plainly, Syria and its awful leader must be dealt with. Plainly, the reason is, the media have decided.

    There is no point really, in asking ourselves whether Syria has been run as a model of human rights observance nor of democracy. The model of governance there is what is usually referred to as benign dictatorship. A ruler, supported by the military, maintain his rule and those who don’t object just get on with life.

    In the Arab world, this is the norm. The norm admittedly can vary and its roots can be more or less rooted in or related to theology. The culture is the dominant force and Arab culture is based upon its Muslim religion and to a greater or lesser extent, this means Islam. Islam can be administered in a variety of way. Islam, the word, means ‘Submission’ and the degree of submission demanded depends on the level of Islamist fanaticism practiced by whoever is the ‘ruler’, ‘dictator’, ‘king’ or ‘ayatollah’…whatever.

    In the Arab world, Bashar Assad has been a relatively benevolent ruler over a nation which is divided, as most Muslim countries are, between Islamist strings and tribal clans. His Allawite minority base, rooted in the military, rules over a religious divide that is basically no more dangerous or divisive than in any and all Muslim nations.

    The situation demanding attention today though is balanced between the cusps of two ideas, rather than just ideologies. The media have no ideology…they just feed on carrion, preferable of their own making. But Islam in the world today is deliberately subjected to a Master Plan devised years ago in Iran and which calls for events which look and sound remarkably like the ‘Arab Spring’. The other idea is that the USA has a Muslim Commander in Chief who is plainly delighted to kick the Ayatollah’s can down the road.

    What the media like about this is that they can pretend they know the outcome must always be better than the situation which existed in Syria before. The outcome is unlikely to be as stable as Assad’s Syria and all the indicators are that Syria will descend into chaos.

    Chaos, in Arab Muslim Nations is barely discernible from what they consider the norm. Islam lends itself to chieftainship and rulerism. Based upon the model of the clans around Mecca anciently, where Quusay ruled the Quraysh and made his personal form of paganism the dominant religion, Islam has never evolved further. The jihad existed before Mohammed and the entire rite of Islam existed before Mohammed. All Mohammed did was use force to take over the scheme (scam) set up by his great, great, grandfather and follow the house rules for tribal dominion.

    Applied on the global basis, because Islam applies submission by vigorous application of the sword, war is the norm. Any ‘tall poppy’ has to be cut down, lest he become a challenge to the incumbent Big Boss. There is no room for innovation, enterprise or academy. There is only room for conformity, enforced vigorously by the sword.

    Even the language of Islam is dead.

    Some of the Qur’an has been translated into modern languages, which for the uber fanatics, is a crime. The teaching is that the Holy Book must never be translated into another language. But of course, since the Classical Arabic of the Book is dead, only certain parts can be translated. Other words in it are unknown and their meaning lost to the desert winds. What we do know is that the parts of the Islamic Holy Book are insane, evil and incomprehensible.

    So the Idea behind the proponents of change in Syria is insane, evil and comprehensively clear in the minds of anybody who is sane.

    This brings us back to the media.

    The media are insane. What they promote is not truth or lie, it is simply what can be promoted.

    But the media have bought into the idea that it would be good to promote the chaos of Islam, sponsored by the Imam of USA, Ayatollah Obama (heh) and to hell with the world.

    The media feel it will not be their bones being picked over by the vultures when this sad episode of mankind’s journey is completed. They are wrong. The USA already is a killing field. So is Europe and much of Asia. It’s just that the popular talking heads cannot recognise the symptoms of necrosis which have take hold of their corporate and political bodies.

    The body of mankind was always corruptible and at last it has become incurable.

    We live in interesting days. The villains are held up as gleaming exemplars. The band plays on, spinning gaily, as it floats toward the falls. These are the final Olympic Games…ever. Obama is the final regularly elected president of the United States of America. He will probably be gunned down like others and very soon. With civil war in the USA, nothing much else will be secure in this world either.

    The media will not say but, the wicked will destroy the wicked. All of them.

    The USA officially wants to pick the bones of the dead. It will pick over its own bones. What will happen in other parts of the world is nobody’s business.

    But you were going to die anyway, weren’t you?

    It’s fashionable now to light candles for the dead. We read constantly of situations where the candles have set the house on fire and the occupants are dead.

    We have a candle for you. It’s just that, we are unsure whether we can get it to you before you are dead. And if we do, you will still die.

    So don’t gloat over what is happening to Bashar Assad. He has a lot on his hands right now and if he is successful, a lot of people will be dead. If he is unsuccessful, even more will die. Regardless, you will die and no, there will be nobody to light a candle for you.

    There won’t even be a media report of your death. No media.
    We will consult the angels and see if we can discover your name from some obscure record, perhaps in Heaven? That would be nice, eh! Then, long after you are dead, it will be up to you.

    You will have to accept the Truth without compulsory means.

    Dragons will fly before then.


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