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    That nice man from Tehran continues to utter his softly spoken promise of war.

    The amazing thing about the global situation is that all the most dangerous nations make threats while all the intended victims express quiet confidence that the wolf keeps kosher.

    This is made no better at all by the fact Obama has sided with the communist interests in the One World Government camp. He plainly intends to destroy the very foundation of what was once ‘American Exceptionalism’.

    Current attempts to place all US American Citizens on food stamps and to make illegal the possession of arms amounts to a declaration of Civil War against the US economy and society. But this is mirrored all over the world by similarly insane attempts to implement policies which are based purely upon policy rather than facts.

    Global Warming is no more real than Global Cooling…both have adherents and both sets of data reveal that the planet suffers a condition known as ‘Weather’.

    The Muslim world professes a religion based upon the tenet that all other religions must be deceptively lulled into a false sense of security and then destroyed with the sword. Those who’s job it is to identify and eliminate this risk state over and over again, the problem is not the Religion.

    The Prime Minister of Australia insists a massive tax of Australian dollars must be paid to European Banks to counter the global impacts of atmospheric carbon. The obvious reality is that this tax is intended to make Australia dependent upon European Bankers and cause them to be slaves to the wealth of foreigners. She says nothing about the inevitable consequence of Australian national economic weakness. War.

    Because nations in the ‘nominal west’ have sold their moral fibre to satan, for the sake of having poofter Prime Ministers and poofter pride marches in the streets of Jerusalem, God is content to permit these wicked to destroy each other. It may be that the odd catastrophe will strike and obliterate the odd thousands, or millions but the bulk of the imminent tsunami of death descending upon mankind with be the fruits of their own labours.

    At the first opportunity, the subtly ‘mad mullahs’ will fire off the odd missile, nuclear or medically lethal. Typical responses will be explained by the usual talking heads as ‘measured responses to belligerency’ but this will get out of hand as rapidly as the buttons can be pressed. We have seen this before and History states the lucky few will die quickly of the most incredible wash of war. Many more will linger long enough to pray, earnestly and wretchedly, for the cleanliness of death.

    Of course, in your street, which you have personally certified as immune from the ills of the world, your personal ‘home defense’ system (a collection of illegals guns and ammunition) will hold out briefly. Then you and your family will be eaten, dead or alive. At least, the ones who look healthy will. The sick ones will be shunned like the plague they are presumed to be carrying.

    Those who get sick in the ‘nominal west’ will have no doctors, no nurses and no hospitals. They will have instead, untreated outbreaks of pandemic disease. All disease not stopped or prevented becomes pandemic until it has run its course. Which disease will get You depends on which one is flavour of the month because they will all be swirling around in a fog of death and infection.

    The lucky few who die in war or of simple disease, painful as both can be, will face the ‘long haul’. The long haul comprises hand to hand combat among the citizens of their street, town and city. No. The fittest will not survive. The survivors will survive.

    The wicked will destroy the wicked. All of them.

    But, “Who is not wicked?” you ask.

    Not many.



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