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    The craving by government for more and more regulation has become an insatiable addiction.

    We saw the writing on the wall. Due to the possibility that ephedrine components in some over-the-counter medications might be used to manufacture illicit drugs, all such purchases would be recorded and computerised for the protection of Society.

    In addition, stocks of such medications would be maintained at minimal levels to deter the ram-raid antics of thieves looking to circumvent both the regulations and the law.

    Further, persons making legitimate purchases of such medications would be required to show positive ID, such as Drivers License, Student ID Card, Birth Certificate or Naturalisation Certificate.

    It is possible present all these demands in a very bland and positive light, calculated to allay fears in the community. It must seem reasonable that all steps should be taken to prevent the production of illicit drugs. We saw all these measures as being basically an intrusion on personal privacy and rights.

    What we saw coming however was the creation of a beaurocratic monster, a hydra-headed creature expressing the unconstrained will of unelected public servants and beaurocrats. A Government Department designed to gather the names and personal data of all members of the public who consumed ‘over-the-counter-medications’.

    What we also saw coming, from the very start, was that no sooner was this repugnant beast born it would exhibit a rapacious desire for Control.

    Now we see the ‘Regulation’ assuming its true shape and form.

    At last we see individuals wanting to purchase small quantities of pain medication and/or decongestants, regardless that they proffer positive ID, being told to, “Go. Get a letter from your doctor and prescriptions to authorise your ‘Chronic’ use of medications”.

    In fact, chronic use is more frequently than not caused by chronic pain, the result of past injuries with which many members of society live day by day, year in year out.

    But the damage has been done. Government has created a Department dependent upon information and now addiction has set in. The demand now is for further information and to exercise Control. Exercise of mindless control by desk mounted officials with no sense of responsibility or accountability leads inevitably to “Denial of Supply”.

    So that, very quickly but inevitably, what was simply a matter of buying some tablets over the counter becomes either a Criminal Matter of Demand or worse still, a criminal taking regardless of Regulations or Supply.

    Our point is that there is no Law against buying headache tablets or cold and flu tablets. It is only a matter of beaurocratic Regulations, typically gone wild and insane.

    The outcome of creating all these unnecessary Regulations is that individuals become guilty of having criminal needs or desires.

    The Law against that is Civil War.

    Nobody voted into office these public servants who dream up ways to meddle and interfere in the private lives of private individuals. Nobody passed a Law against either the sale or purchase of common over-the counter medications. We simply sat by and watched faceless and irresponsible beaurocrats form Regulations on the basis of their own ignorance and lack of wisdom.

    On another tack, we see currently a rethink over the obvious shortcomings of criminalising the use of illicit drugs. It seems the ‘powers that be’ have come to the realisation that their laws, their police, their customs snatches and their taxpayer funded overseas jaunts to hear the wisdom of internationally noted exploiters of Regulation have accomplished nothing.

    The Drug Industry has grown hand over fist in spite of ‘Law Enforcement’ efforts and methods. The criminals have become embarrassingly rich and are compelled to launder their earnings in the purchase of large houses and expensive imported cars…and guns.

    We are not impressed.

    Blind Freddy saw years ago that prohibition leads to illicit industries in every field where it is applied. It was always evident that money wasted on fruitless criminalisation of ordinary citizens leads not to a blameless society but to a drug addicted government.

    The drug is information driven control.

    This is how the SS and the KGB operated. Now we have Communistic western governments applying the same tactics.

    Just this week we read of a woman who was held for forty days in the local gaol, in the US, for crossing the State Line (say, from Surfers Paradise to The Tweed) and when passing through their version of the Tick Gate admitted she was intending to buy Sudafed. The Cop… don’t you like that word?… called in backup and she was placed in gaol and put in a torture chair (Yes! Saw a picture of the chain chair) and forced to make all sorts of admissions about her felonious and criminal intent. At present, the woman is out on $20,000 bail and awaiting a second Court Hearing (Trial). Why did she want the Sudafed? As a scuba diver who suffers from hayfever, she is one of the many such who use decongestants to keep their sinuses clear while diving. Having the sinus and aural system clogged while diving can lead to disorientation and possible death beneath the water.

    We know where all this rubbish leads and this is why we assure readers of this blog, nothing that is about to happen is less than inevitable.

    War comes.

    War will be in your street and likely in your house.

    Government wants to make absolutely sure YOU can do nothing about it.


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