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    Time, in the past, was always the unrecognized elephant in the room where the typical games of bluff and counter-bluff played out. Time and the fragile egos of those who, in the end, led Mankind once again into the pit of war.

    We are not against war. Historically, war has been a great re-distributor of wealth. War has solved the recurrent demographic problems of numerous successful civilizations. Egypt did well to create employment with the pyramid building scheme and Europe seized upon the Crusades to rid itself of its ‘over burden’ of fit and therefore troublesome young men.

    But never in the past have the ubiquitous Talking Heads had the Sword of Damocles so constantly on hand…instantaneous communications, with its facility to spread lies on the one hand and its inescapable, all-seeing eye on the other.

    Chamberlain was able to outrun the news hounds with his shameful speech, “Peace in Our Time”. Today, the news would be leaked from Hitler’s bunker before Chamberlain was two steps out of the room.

    We have come far since the days of the judicious leak of information. Gone are the days when some Mata Hari would justify her loose living by selling the loose tongues of others. Nowadays we see notorious bigots hired by charlatans like Obama to give him precisely the encouragement he needs…and to suggest which ‘ally’ to rat on and in exactly which manner.

    Most of this is old hat. Nothing is new under the sun. But today there are so many rorts on the make that surely the Great Leaders (are there any?) cannot keep track of the lies they are telling and the lies they are being told.

    Hillary Clinton (Beloved Hildie) says Iran must satisfy the avid curiosity of her ‘advisors’ but she fails to say why. She demands that only Arabs be allowed to build in Israel as though her idea is new and therefore mandatory. Silly Hildie, the Brits and the Turks and…everybody got there before her.

    Iran insists it be allowed to develop nuclear weapons in peace…and does so.
    North Korea demands the right to overfly its own fields with its own satellites. Pity.
    Russia denies that it cannot afford Peace, with anybody.
    China is alone. Aside from China there is nobody. Except for a USA IOU.

    Always with such ponderous situations, the kings who are the real pawns falsely presume there will be time for them to get ‘it’ sorted out. If they just “go with the flow” a moment will come when they and they alone will seize the initiative and institute that vital act which will curdle everything, including 90% of humanity’s blood.

    Western Civilization is balanced upon a rusty razor blade. Despite the ignorance of world leaders, many individuals know precisely the situation the world is in.

    Today, in such a peaceful land as Australia, a man was arrested and his belonging seized summarily on the basis he had ‘unlawfully’ imported the parts to manufacture two thousand automatic rifles of military grade. In fact, the news article cited AR-15s but added they needed to be ‘modified’ to run in auto…so we guess they were in fact SLRs. It’s possible to file of the selector stop and bingo! AR! But not so fast…without the AR barrel you will not get far blasting away in auto. eh!

    Howsomever, here is this middle aged man gainfully employing himself down on the farm, literally, arming a small potential army. He had 20,000 rounds and the implements for manufacturing more.

    Is this for a gang war between the Finks and the Hells Angels?

    No. They have no trouble getting all the weapons they want. This is purely to satisfy the perceived need among Australian citizens to rearm themselves covertly after the government confiscated all rifles and handguns. They can be owned, so long as they are registered and so long as some beaurocrat is happy with the stated use eg. Gun Club etc. etc.

    The trouble with ‘regulation’ is not that it prevents crime but that it creates new crimes. Just the other day, at the local pharmacy, we were informed we had set off an alert in the government computerized register of purchases of pain management medications (undergoing a series of root canal therapies at this time) and so our desire to purchase would be denied.

    When governments everywhere become so intrusive that normal day to day life is impacted then it must be no wonder that individuals seek their own solution to a problem that actually is not there…except of course, the regulation is there.

    We see around us a world in which Burmese would like to see change. Macro-change.
    We see Europeans who are increasingly alarmed to discover, as far as Islamists, those fine upstanding moderate Muslims among them are concerned, the Europeans are the interlopers in their own country. Islam makes no pretense that Infidels will be kosher ‘on that day’.
    We see dear old citizens of the US of A coming to terms with the bare facts…when their mortgages fail globally, the banks are paid off by the taxpayer but the mortgagee still does not own his home. With the Bank paid off, the Purchaser still owes on the Loan. Even, we are told, there are cases where the mortgage has been paid off by the householder, when he has been told the home is not his. The internecine wrangling among lenders and counter-lenders has reached the point where, legally, it may no be possible to determine who is or was in a position to sell the home. Ergo…regardless of monies paid, it has not been sold.

    Could you sell a gun to that man! But then, in America you can own and carry a gun.
    Unlike in Australia.
    In Australia, only criminals are allowed to own weapons. Apparently.

    You guessed it. We grew up with a virtual arsenal hanging off the back of the bedroom door and as a schoolboy, fished and shot with abandon. In the armed forces eventually, it came as natural to qualify as a Marksman.

    We would lay a small wager that this farmer with 2000 SLRs was a Marksman.

    So where is all this going?!

    Auntie Hildie is out of her depth. So are the rest of them, including the militant dictators who say they can and will do exactly as they please. Time is the headlamp on History and it’s coming like a steam train.

    When cannibalism is preferable to starving to death, the White House will not become a mosque. It will be reduced to ashes in honour of the incumbents who betrayed their People.

    The same and worse will come to pass throughout all of Europe. Islam wants to rule by the sword? Islam will pray for something as quick and clean as the sword.

    Asia will be taken by surprise. Their leaders felt the People had so little, they would hardly notice when they had nothing.

    See the Chavez lookalikes and the uber-stable Venezuelas of this world succumb to the total riot. Never mind protest marches. Humanity will soon be past protesting. They will be “doing something about it”.

    And of course, all the talk about weapons of mass destruction is true. They do destroy. It might be best if the ones used near you turn you instantly into radioactive ash and dust. You will not like the other ones.

    If you linger longer, remember to only eat the ones who look skinny, healthy and perhaps already dead. Do not eat someone who looks fat and strong, with their eyes and their tongue resting on their chest. You do not want to eat a sick one.

    So yes. It makes no difference now what any of the Great Leaders decide to do or not to do.

    Time just slipped in through a side door and History is coming through the roof.


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