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    Every man and his dog is busy howling for war, “But only a little one”, in which as few as possible are hurt. Still, they are afraid it may spread and others get hurt, including two hundred American sailors if a US warship sinks.

    History is implacable. Its wheels run on the wax of a million victims ears. The tread of History sounds in the distance. We hear the tread of History.

    And yet, we hear the Drums of Peace!

    The old saying was, “If you don’t fight, you lose.”
    In the Sixties, this became, “If you must fight, you already lost.”
    In History, plague ridden corpses were catapulted over city walls and the citizens were left to die. There were no public opinion polls, no New York Times ‘piece’ and absolutely no concern about International Media.

    It has come to the point where the main protagonist in the war against Mankind is the Media, be that mainline or ‘Social’ media. It has become important to ‘Like’ the popular and banal lies that spread like wildfire and ignore the truth.

    In fact it has never been easier to ignore the truth than in the age of global communications. Now it is possible to instantly ignore more truth than ever before in the History of the Human Race. Now all you need to obtain a cloud of followers is to adhere to the correct trends.

    Israel should forget about restraint and simply obliterate as much life in Iran as their limited stocks of nuclear weapons will allow.

    Sadly, Israel may have far more limited stock of such weapons than the world has been guessing. They are not cheap and you cannot pick them up at Wal-Mart…yet. We would like to see Israel not reliant upon the USA in defending itself. To be honest, who needs an ally who is your enemy’s best friend?

    But it would be good if Israel had sufficient really effective nuclear weaponry to deal with the global situation alone. In that case, we have a preferred scenario:

    1. Israel should of course totally destroy Iran. It’s oil is beneath the ground and its people will never adapt to peaceful coexistence.

    2. Israel should nuke Cairo as a matter of course. Egypt is an avowed enemy of Israel and nothing less than the complete conflagration of Cairo would alert the towelheads there to immediacy of their real peril. More on Egypt later.

    3. Israel should nuke Beirut and Southern Lebanon at a minimum. Conceptually, the detonation of nuclear weapons over Southern Lebanon would create a sympathetic explosion of much of the Hezbollah weaponry secreted there. In any case, Southern Lebanon should be a wasteland, like Beirut.

    4. Israel should nuke Damascus and all Control and Communications (C&C) infrastructure in Syria. In light of current efforts at self-immolation there, it’s likely that the Syrian people will not wish to do much about matters on their own behalf.

    5. Israel should nuke Ankara simply on principle. When Turkey discovers the extent of devastation surrounding it, the probability of ‘retribution’ is slight. Destruction of C&C might be sufficient to neutralize Turkish wrath in any case.

    6. Israel should nuke known nuclear and C&C sites in Pakistan. It may be necessary to further neutralize some centers of Jihadist fervour, rather than wait for them to coalesce into a future ‘problem’.

    7. Israel should nuke nuclear sights and C&C in North Korea. This would relieve its people of their current oppression and China will be no worse off by feeding their masses than they are today.

    So these are the key tasks designed to realign the Narrative. People resting in the comfort and security of their sofas would at last be able to consider reality instead of Reality TV. Those talking heads with their immaculate hair and make-up would have something to bring to their viewers. “We are unable to bring you a Live Cross. We are unable to find anybody alive there with any form of working electronics.”

    No matter. Someone will find a way to get the news out…”It’s not the end of the world.”

    In among the non-end-of-world tidying up operations, human nature being what it is, it would possible be necessary to revisit such places as Egypt and some other nations. The fatalism of Islamism might induce groups anywhere to “Venture upon the Twelfth Imam”, and they should be permitted to join their false prophet at the first opportunity.

    But…Israel has limited resources and Russia is poised in the North, to rush in and commandeer Iranian OIL and besides, Israel does not rule the World.

    Were Israel simply to obliterate Iran we would require the USA to nuke any Russian armed forces to the North of Iran and should that alarm Turkey we hope they have cause to be very alarmed.

    The USA could be very helpful also in surgically neutering North Korea. To be frank, the Chinese probably would not be unhappy and would not interfere. If it were a strike only on North Korea, China would be very unhappy but in the context of ensuring all members of its Leadership were safely housed away from potentially global radioactive fallout, China probably could care less about North Korea.

    The USA could also be helpful in sending a Diplomatic Message to Indonesia, to the extent that wisdom would lie in going with the flow of prevailing global events and “let the water pass under the bridge”.

    So if History is heeded and grasped with the appropriately mailed fist, Peace will result and many people will survive.

    But alas…We Dream!

    Israel, with its indeterminate gender of political leadership will do nothing. Rather than alarm public anywhere, let alone in Israel, Israel will sit idly by while it is used as the poker in the fire. Pity about the Israeli people who get burned but they are of no account, relatively speaking.

    Once Israel is the focus of ‘highly principled interventions’, blood will flow and not only upon the Plain of Esdraelon. History reveals that WAR is ‘major suckage’ and every nation that can be sucked in, will be.

    As if war was the problem.

    You might live long enough to read this but in the foreseeable future you can forget about hearing about it on TV. Many things are about to become, “ago”.

    The eastern World is accustomed to only the slightest sense of cohesion and order. In the West the opposite is true…everything depends on Law and Good Order. This is a shame because the world is descending into chaos.

    As individuals discover they have no teachers, no doctors or nurses, no hospitals, no police and no soldiers, no long-haul truckers and no food in supermarkets, matters on the ground will become quite grim. In the absence of wages, fuel, transport and food, provision of Utilities: power; water; sewerage, will collapse. Can you believe that some of those facilities which do not simply fail from lack of maintenance will actually be sabotaged!? “Just because they can!”

    Sickness will lead to disease and disease unchecked will become pandemic.

    Starvation will lead to food riots, chaos and cannibalism.

    Murder will become the norm.

    Survival will be quite difficult.

    Many many more people will die, in the real future which does await Mankind, than the two hundred or so million envisaged in the “Israel Attacks” scenario. It isn’t a matter of how many lives are lost. It’s only a matter of how many lives are saved. The surgeon does not measure the amount of infection he removes. He focusses upon the life he might save.

    Forgive us if we frightened you with all those “Israel should nuke…” items. It won’t happen.

    Something a lot worse will.

    but dragons are not yet go

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