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    The Muslim World, chiefly Arab, celebrates the End Time Coming more zealously than even the Bible Belt Southern Baptists who feel they celebrate the same thing. The first difference is that Islam demands to be the “protagonist in favor of peace”.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WwiadYT-N9k [broken link]

    What neither Islamists nor the World are willing to admit is that every scriptural quotation flaunted by Islam was stolen from Biblical texts. More likely, the truth would be that even Islamists, let alone Western Infidels, simply do not know and besides do not care.

    Mohammed was illiterate and paid Jews and Gnostics to recite to him texts drawn from the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible plus Apocrypha, which were popular among some Jews and Christians in Mohammed’s day. Mohammed neither understood the Biblical texts nor cared likely for their meaning. There was a time in his life when he conceded ‘the People of the Book’ had a certain preeminence but this was long gone by the time he murdered all opposition, physical or intellectual. Hundreds of years later, after the death of Mohammed, those who codified the Q’uran cared even less for the true meaning of scripture but only for their intent: to incorporate scripture to obtain legitimacy for Islam.

    The insane and evil rantings of Mohammed after he became the sworn enemy of the Jews and for that matter, of all mankind, were sometimes couched in terms of scraps of scripture that he recalled from earlier days. His ignorance was so great the Jews who recited scripture to him laughed in his face at his complete misinterpretation of their words. They later paid with their lives.

    Between one hundred and three hundred years after the death of Mohammed, his followers who had by now subjugated all Arabia and more, gathered and collated (a loose use of the term) what could be called “the Sayings of the Prophet” into what eventually became the present day Q’uran. In fact, there are five books including the Haditha and Commentaries by notable early Islamic scholars. Mohammed wrote none of it and none of it is first hand. All of it is, at best, hand-me-down third party accounts (so-and-so said that so-and-so said that the Prophet said…up to twenty or more times removed) which have no credibility at all. This then was written in a dead language, Classical Arabic, which nobody today speaks. Even those who are able to somewhat interpret the language are confounded by the fact some words no longer exist and no meaning is known for them. On top of this, the collected words and sayings have no actual context and constantly contradict each other. It is forbidden to write or translate the Q’uran into any other language than its original Classical Arabic.

    People today who quote from the Q’uran are citing dogma drawn from the original and expressed in modern languages. All of the hatred expressed in Islamist propaganda about destroying the Infidel is drawn from the original. This is in fact the scripture of Islam. The other bits, the nice bits quoted to show Islam is “The Religion of Peace” are scraps of text plagiarized from the Bible. The Q’uran is a Lie and Mohammed was a false prophet.

    But yet we see such as this video above, by people who project the words of the true prophets of the Most High, dealing with the fate of Mankind in these latter days, as though they were spoken by Mohammed. The Hebrew prophets saw our day. They accurately described the world in which we live today. Their words have been plagiarized by Islam, one of the churches of satan, so as to confuse the innocent.

    The promises of this false prophet regarding a 12th Imam speak more truly of the Coming of another, the Creator God who is Messiah. Aside from that, the promises of fear, destruction and chaos are quite accurate except Islam represents to forces of satan, seeking murder and chaos and destruction.

    Islam, with all its promises, is the BIG LIE.

    This is not to say Western Capitalism is not also satanic in its corruption of the morals and ethics of mankind. We see this. God has said He will use the wicked to destroy the wicked.

    War comes and Islam wants it. Christianity accepts that war cannot be avoided. Rather than exulting in the opportunity to kill and be killed, Christianity teaches, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

    War comes and it will be a great test even for the devout believers in The Lamb of God. The Bible states that “even the very elect will be shaken. They will say he has left his coming until too late”.

    So the video here speaks a lie. It is intended to deceive Muslims everywhere and to lead them to believe they must be part of the destruction: Jihad. It also is a lie in that, many Westerners will intentionally be misled into thinking Mohammed was in some way wise and truly spoke these promises and sayings which were stolen from the Bible.

    In every way, Islam is THE BIG LIE.


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