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    The wheels are rapidly falling off the global economy, especially in Europe. The One World Government fanatics think this is good. But the ensuing Global Condition will not be their expected Communist Utopia. There will be no other wheels to save them.

    How soon, they wonder, can we unite the World Bank and each of the elitist agencies that hover in the wings, waiting to assume their ‘intended and deserved role’? Sadly, what they will inherit will be the burned and looted trash of their vaunted dreams.

    The binding fabric of Humanity’s past, so far as it was ever bound and not specifically counting The Family, was the combination of Institutions and Laws that descended from the Hebrew Torah.

    Ooooh Nooooo! NOT the Jews! heh

    Only the Wisdom bound up in the Commandments of the Hebrew God were sufficient to half-way regulate the insanity that is human nature and human society. Forget the Greeks. They were Johnny-Come-Latelies when it came to the wisdom empowering the remnants of the Sumerian Empire. The Persians themselves inherited only the dregs of Ur and Akadia. What Abram brought with him, into the Fertile Crescent, was transcendent above all of Man’s attempts at both worship and dominion.

    In fact, now that mankind have retreated to their own wisdom, the wheels have fallen off their miserable incompatibilities and we are all faced with the facts of our imminent self-immolation.

    No way back.

    Thousands of years ago men, Prophets, inspired by the Living God, foretold the day would come when mankind abandoned the last shreds of godly wisdom and descended into the shadow of their own miscegenated pride and vanity. Today we read, in such a modern and domesticated haven as Australia, a mother used her smartphone to record her deflowering of her eleven year old daughter. Well…actually, she filmed herself and the girl four times. This is not to say such a crime was never committed before and even filming has been possible for over a hundred years but only recently has the technology been available for Mommy to perpetrate such a crime for her lover on the internet.

    We live most assuredly in those last days foretold by the prophets.

    Bah! Religion! Humbug!

    But what about the death? The institutions of the Modern Western World are underpinned entirely by its economy. Without an economy there is no employment, no food, no health and no law and order. Food riots and unrestrained violence of every conceivable sort become the staples of a dying society.

    One of the characteristics of violence during the last fifty years is that cases of deprivation have been the epicenters of each outbreak and the groundwave behind each flood of riots and lawlessness. An entire culture was developed, of which United States President Obama is an example, which catered to the welling up of disadvantaged and deprived ‘classes’ within society. It was mathematically predictable that deprived neighbourhoods would be hives of violence.

    Enter the deprived Nations.

    Observe the mighty Greek Heritage consumed in street chaos, teargas, food riots, death and wanton destruction, in the midst of which the female victims can be assured of violation before their bodies are consumed. Feral people will eat anything.

    Across the emergent wilds of Europe, antagonisms will be born now in each squalid nest of immigrant hatred and xenophobia. Europe will burn. The economy of Europe will be exposed to the absence of ‘investment trust’. Money will be the main emigrant and the failing economy will implode overnight.

    Resting upon the ruins of a dying Europe will be the Islamist victims. They of the sword will die by it. Their corpses will be indistinguishable from any others, anywhere in the world.

    Elsewhere throughout the world a similar scenario will play out, to slightly different tunes and bathed in slightly different hues. Death will be endemic and there is no unique, local, racial or philosophical colour of blood.

    Then Humanity will in desperation call for the Dragons.

    Those remaining in that day will know what I mean.

    Even so, this is not the end. Prophets have told us, “Few men will survive” but the fact is, Humanity will not become extinct. The greatest war that humanity has fought lies at our door and now is the day of reckoning. Out of our day will walk, at the very last, a subdued few. A residue who desire nothing but to turn spears into ploughshares.

    But first. War comes.



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