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    We hear a constant mantra that democracy is the anodyne to all evils. That all our enemies and assorted nations of starvelings and warlords need is ‘Democracy’ and their and our problems will be over. Democracy is as great an evil as a loaded gun in the hands of a child. What happens then is the result of the child’s actions but the damage can be on the scale of the gun.

    Child With Loaded Gun?

    How sweet life would be if the whole world abode in the arms of bygone days when we tasted apple pie and fresh vegetables while dining on a meal blessed in the name of the Christian God, Jesus the Christ, Son of the Highest. How pleasant to dine so and gazing out one’s window to see the street quiet, neighbours’ windows alight with the glow of other peacefully dining families.

    Remember those? Almost without exception, aside from immediately after the War, a Father, a Mother, their Children comprising a household where each child sought to model his or her behaviour upon the example set by a parent. The Family!

    And key to their peace and harmony, a common cultural pact to live fundamentally according to the ethos of the Hebrew God, as expressed and codified in The Ten Commandments and so universally memorized from childhood. The Judeo-Christian God who advocated the work ethic and charitableness to all men.

    Note, that was ‘charitableness’, not charity and certainly not rewarding men for nothing. Idleness is and always has been a curse and yet today, too often, the rewards for idleness are so great they act as a positive disincentive to work.

    Thus it was that suffrage came to all and each was able to cast a meaningful vote on the basis of personal, moral choice. The choices being in the main driven by a common culture of care, where care meant primarily care for the Family. Elections brought to the fore men who promised to uphold the standards and values upon which Society had been founded.

    Parliaments were manned by politicians who freely invoked God, in the name of Jesus Christ, as pertinent and crucial to the business of running each country.

    These were the good old days.

    Gone are the days when the considered role of Humanity was to father or mother a family, to parent a household and to nurture the rising generation.

    All that is gone now. In fact, a great deal of that is the antithesis of what is fashionably held today and one speaking to these values runs the risk of being dragged before some court on the basis of a charge of ‘discrimination’.

    God discriminates. God is a racist.

    God chooses His elect on the basis of their obedience to His Commandments and blesses those who bless Him, in Time and in Eternity. Those who exercise personal moral agency to choose to do good and what is morally right achieve growth in intelligence. Their intelligence is expanded by their mortal experience.

    God makes it quite clear who is black, who is yellow, who is white and who is red. It matters nothing to Him what colour they are…because the colour of intelligence is universal. It is Light!

    However, because moral agency allows us to choose evil, to decide to do what is wrong and to justify what is wrong on the basis that, “Other people do it!”, Mankind are permitted to wander down paths of darkness, pain and suffering, which are the consequences of choosing to do what is not right.

    History casts a bright light, for all who choose to look, upon societies and civilizations which have gone before us. They walked our path. In many cases, even their languages are dead.

    There was a community near Spain where, by common consent, nobody married or had any demand on any other for sexual favours. Any two could couple, even in public and while it was obvious who the Mothers were, nobody could say who was the Father of any offspring. The community failed. It failed because the fundamental binding fabric of Society was missing.

    No Families.

    In ancient Rome the Romans, who were specifically ‘apart’, became increasingly debauched in their thirst for ‘engagement’, devoting ever more and more of their time and wealth to material and sensual pleasure. The basic functions of their world were performed by functionaries and servants. Generally, the functionaries and servants became increasingly non-Roman. They were Outlanders and in the fullness of time, virtually without a struggle, they overturned their masters and the Roman Empire was gone. Vestiges of it were retained and even maintained for the sake of governance and expediency but Rome was done.

    Rome was overrun by the Outlanders, the Germans of the Black Forest, the Vandals and the Goths and such, not in great battles, which were at times fought but rather, functionaries and servants drawn from these Peoples leached into Roman everyday life and Empire was over, sensibly and suitably, without any real struggle.

    There was suffering among the Romans. There was suffering among the Greeks. There was suffering among the Hun. There was suffering among the Persians. Citizens of the USA will suffer, chiefly at each other’s hands, while their ‘empire’ passes into the hands of the ‘enemy within’.

    Twin columns march within the ranks of the North Americans. Latin and Islam. Neither of these can overthrow the might of the USA, alone or together. Left to its own devices however, the USA can emulate the pages of History which its inhabitants scorn and bring itself down upon its own Capitalist Materialist knees.

    Who will stand up for North America and why?

    Don’t go! We are only using the Yanks as an easy and simple example. You yourself will either eat a neighbour or more likely, be eaten by someone who never bothered to read such elevated text as this.

    Two generations ago, there was a preponderancy of citizens in the USA and Canada who could be relied upon to rally simply to the call to protect the Homeland. But Homeland presupposes the concept of Home and many today have no home. They have no moral purpose and drift from place to place, relationship to relationship and from vacant sense of impropiety to disinterested nonchalance and complacency.

    Nobody will stand up for America because it is the job of someone else to go?

    “Ah!” You say. “America has many thousands of troops in the field!”

    Yes. Well, they are on the way home and they are finding when they get there, the people they have been fighting on the far side of the world are a protected species at home. You go fight them yourself, if you want.

    Who recalls the valour of American and Allied Soldiers who fought in Viet Nam and were spat upon when they came home? Never again? … When?

    Battlefield casualties are Reality TV for Celebrities.

    Men who fight and do not die in the field also see the hypocrisy.

    Who will stand?

    And why? Recently a migrant hospital worker was interviewed while on strike and said, “I see people who have everything and I want that too.” The frank reality is, those who live in mansions and drive exotic cars and travel the world do not work as Hospital Orderlies.

    There is a disease, catered to by Obama and his cult followers, that no man must be allowed to benefit from his own labours but that he must give away the wealth he gains through his own effort. “No man need work harder than he deems necessary to obtain an entitlement to Life, Liberty and a Free Ride the American Way!”

    People are free to work hard to provide the essentials to their children, including an education and an encouragement to raise themselves above the station of their parents.

    What parents? Who?

    That whore who kicked me out when I was thirteen? “Ah ain’t nevah seen mah Daddy!”

    The ethos of work, improvement and nurturing change for growth is fundamental to the operations of the Family, the Binding Fabric of Society.

    The White Secessionists from North American Society do not know it yet but they will not be missed. Stragglers will be clubbed to death and the ones who look healthy will be eaten but the victors will have far more important matters on their minds than noticing the Citizens of the United States of America.

    What ragtag conglomeration of mercenaries is left over from the States will not be united.

    Any form of election balloted among these would reflect only the absence of any form of cultural cohesion and moral code of ethics.

    When Mankind is in survival mode at the local level, food for today and today only is the getter of any vote.

    Democracy, under such conditions, endorses whatever bestiality and perversion pleases the elector at this moment.

    Democracy has no value inherent in itself unless it is exercised by a morally elevated majority.

    So you can forget it in the USA. Under Obama, the USA is a Communistic dictatorship anyway and its Leadership is morally bereft.

    In the midst of the laughably termed “Arab Spring”, you can forget it. Democracy endorses the lowest common denominator of murderous zealots.

    In Burma, Democracy is intended to endorse the Will of the People-in-Charge.

    As people who lack moral values descend into a morass of their own perversions, lulled by the lies of the usurpers within, places like Europe will become increasingly incendiary.

    Food riots and Civil War. “More tea, Dear?”

    This world does not need Democracy.
    Democracy doesn’t work.
    The Judeo-Christian culture which underlies the greatness of the West has been thrown away for the sake of pleasure seekers and deviants. Any election, anywhere, can only reflect the perversion and malice of our day.

    And No. Islam is not on a par. Allah is lucifer, satan, the devil. Mohammed was a badly abused boy who grew up and took massive revenge and everything about him and his life is a lie. This is common knowledge but due to all of the factors above, very few of us take the trouble to say the truth.

    The War that began in Heaven continues here, as we knew it would. If you are convinced that sodomy and other perversions are preferable to abiding in the cultural code of conduct brought to Humanity, in part through the ancient Hebrews, then you have lost your personal war.

    The choice always was yours. The consequences of decisions made in the mortal world extend into the eternity to which You must return.

    If you don’t like the Truth, you have lost your war.


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