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    As a child, it seemed incredible to us that recent history had taken place. We were assured though, our own progenitors had forgotten more of war than we would ever see. Who would have believed that the Nations who defend us would again betray us, for the same reasons?

    Punch, Judy and Friends

    It seems impossible to us now, in the face of instantaneous global communications, that the art of Goebbels would continue its inevitable sway. That “The Big Lie” could endure, even in the face of mass awareness.

    Mass complacency.

    Watching the descent of the sword upon humanity, we see there is no escape. There is only the one planet upon which to hide. There is nowhere to run to. No “hole in the rock” where Mankind can hide.

    What a pity. Like Abraham, we are inclined to plead for the inevitable few who “must” be good enough to save. Like Abraham, we know, whoever they are they are too few and too far between.

    This is not true. The Prophets assure us “few men will survive” so, “Happy day!”, some will.

    On the other hand, as sand dribbles out and is blown away, never again to reenter the hourglass, insane purists question, for instance, the wisdom of tactics and strategies such as, “striking nuclear (nukular heh) sites in Iran”.

    Sites? What possible reason is there for not totally obliterating Iran, destroying Lebanon with its piddling Hezbollah, destroying Cairo on principle, wiping out all Command and Control in Syria and in North Korea?

    Is the debate about moral contentions or about total rebuttal of convenient lies?

    We see the ease with which the ‘White House’ (what a misnomer that has come to be) takes up its theme from Hitler, Stalin and such Henchmen. We see the impossible glibness with which the talking heads of the Free World ascribe all evil to Israel.

    The problem in ascribing evil to Israel is not simply one of hating Jews, nor purely of anti-Semitism. The problem of ascribing evil to Israel is that Torah is inseparable from Israel and nothing in this ‘Free World’ depends from anything other than Torah Law.

    When Obama takes sides against Israel, he sides against the Good Law of the Living God. (apologies to Jews but as a Messianic Zionist, we see beyond abstaining from the Word and know He is not offended) It matters not a scrap if Obama sides with Korea, China, Pakistan, Morocco or Iran against Israel. It only matters that Obama, the sullied house on the lowly hill, the disquieted and disunited states of lowercase northern america and the scum who worship mammon and lucre, for the sake of their piddling, passing power, do so in defiance of Torah Law.

    All who are literate in the Free World know that the culture which has nurtured and nourished them and their dreams is based upon this rock…The Law.

    No nation on earth with a respectable judicial system uses any other foundation and the USA has deviated from its foundations and so must fall. Has fallen.

    See Hillary Clinton lecturing Israel on democracy.

    What does this wanton know about democracy that she adjudges democracy above the Cultural Purposes of Law? Democracy is, finally, the means whereby a righteous People show obedience, without compulsory means, to the declared Law of God.

    Not some convenient debate outcome, governed by the raucous squeals of a vested minority having no regard for the common weal.

    It’s too late. Far to late. The damage has been done and decades have passed since the end was stoppable.

    It doesn’t even matter what happens in Europe! Their fate is sealed. Nothing can prevent them from self-immolating. The very survivors will only be cannibals, other than those who walk with the angels.

    Even the “Arab World” today does not care if Israel obliterates Iran. It would save them the trouble, if they had the means.

    Those dear, delicate souls in north america will not care if Hell boils over in the entire World outside their livingroom…but it will not end there. The Big Lie that is Western Democracy, as embodied in the Free World, has become as sickly dangerous and devouring as Islam. The rapists of democracy will die, gasping, in front of their TV.


    You ain’t seen nothin yet!

    We concur with Caroline Glick, whom we are linked to here, that Obama and the USA are no longer “an ally”.

    The fate of the World and all its assorted enemies of the God who created it, is descending right now through stormy skies. A fiery, flaming, two-edged sword that severs even the sinew from the bone. A flaming sword that proceedeth from the Mouth of God.

    The Tares will be gathered out from the wheat and burned.

    Afraid, the crop was not good this season and there’s just not much to save. In a similar day, Abraham turned away and, in the morning, he perceived a great smoke rose from the valley.

    Who would have believed, sixty years ago, we would be back here so soon?


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