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    How proper that the Modern West’s conception of Democracy will be applied, yet again, to a people with cultural mores which have no historical capacity to apply either it or yet again, the real Democracy which the West has killed.

    As the people of Egypt gather now, in a process spanning from Monday 28th November, 2011 to the 11th January, 2012, they cannot fail to express the miasma of their acquired stigmata. The outcome cannot fail to be the legitimization of Islam, Shia and Jihad as the norm in the New Egypt.

    So much for the winds of change and the Arab Spring.

    So much for attempting to apply the processes and procedures of mid-20th Century England, or the Westminster System, to a people who have never had freedom and have never fought for it.

    So much for the gullibility and vanity of Obama, who will drench his own people in their own blood along with the vast sea of carnage which will continue to expand, a blood stain upon the Nations of the World. It was the will and wish of Obama to take the dais at this point in History.

    He desired victory for the dreams of his Islamist childhood.

    The nightmares of Mohammed will take brief joy in their victory instead.

    All this sounds apocalyptic and juvenile. Why would I write that?

    The people of Egypt have only the options presented to them by the systems of governorship which History has handed to them. Their current elections can only take them from Tyrant to Tyranny. Replacing an ambitious Mukarak with the hideous dominion of Islam cannot take them toward personal freedoms nor to the exercise of moral agency.

    On the other hand, we in the West share the fruits of Free Will run riot…the consequences of a People who neglected Consequence. The horrors of rampant, materialist opportunism, with no reining in of cultural constraints, have settled firmly in our midst. There is no moral or cultural compass by which a man might determine what is an appropriate and proper decision to make.

    So while Islam removes the opportunity to make personal decisions, Western, Democratic, Capitalist Materialism denies the need.

    Both deny the injunctions of The Living God.

    Even Mohammed admitted his god was lucifer. But Mammon rides a high horse in the West.

    What we see is obsessive compulsion, versus obsessive self-satisfaction. It is truly as if many in the West feel they are entitled to live as ancient Potentates! “A man is a king in his own castle, when he is in his home.” Sadly, each attempts to exercise dominion which crushes the face of that one who is next below him.

    Western egalitarian delight cannot share this world with Islamist oppression.

    So war.

    The point today about Egypt is that people in the boots of Obama and his ilk apply their ‘rules of engagement’ in their domestic political arena, while the effects of their decisions are actually felt in far off, foreign lands.

    Decisions, about which tyrant to support in Yemen, Syria or elsewhere, have no immediate impact on the Potomac where those decisions are approved. The implementation of policies which can be shielded at home, for a while, from the sensitive souls who promote them, is how the Talking Heads profit locally, for now.

    When global politics blow up in their faces, the Jimmy Carters of this world can be relied upon to prosper exactly as long as they can buy time and sell their souls.

    But slack jawed attitudes toward History have unavoidable consequences.

    The consequences for Islam are that its unbearable oppression is eventually not borne. The consequences for hedonistic materialism are that its unbearable oppression is eventually not borne.

    We are at the cusp of historical forces destined to dance upon the grave of Mankind. Events taking place in our day, just as in the late 1930s, have achieved an unstoppable momentum and Humanity is already carried away with the forces of its dissolution.

    “Occupy” is a farce. Individuals who should be gainfully engaged in supporting wives and children are instead rioting…yes. Rioting…in the streets, in demand for more of someone else’s cake.

    “Arab Spring” riots are identical. Bathed in the pale blue glow of western media, hordes who have nothing now demand…something. They are unsure what but it’s imperative they get it!

    China has its thirty million excess males, due to its birth control measures in the past and frankly, needs a conventional war now…to settle some demographic problems. That war will not come. Instead, China must deal internally with an insuperable problem: China needs its eligible males to migrate from China but; China needs young workers to care for its aging population overburden.

    Well. For China, civil war would remove both the elderly and a considerable number of the Young Males.

    Not so for other areas in Asia, South East Asia, Sub-Sahara Africa, Central America and South America.

    The policies implemented in strict accordance to East Coast USA prerogatives do not suit and cannot grapple with global realities beyond Uncle Sam’s shores. Those same policies have already failed to grapple with realities within the USA.

    Europe, England and Western European cohorts et al, are already squealing as they feel themselves sliding faster and faster towards their next “really big war”.

    So the outcome of the Egyptian Vote is known in advance and actually has little impact upon events in North Africa, The Middle East or Globally. All those events are “in train” and Egypt is merely going through the motions while its ‘heads of state’ gear up confidently for the Third Jihad. They know where they are going, they think, and they know who is going with them.

    In reality, as there is nobody so brave as to be a ‘moderate Muslim’, the entire Muslim dominated world is girting up for the appearance of the Twelfth Imam. How nice.

    We should look to see militant Islam consolidate itself, either openly or covertly, within post-election Egypt. We should look to see additional such consolidations taking place in the Middle East. Historically, the Arab mind has been unable to restrain itself when even half a chance of success at war presents. We grant the wars against Israel were unsuccessful and were waged under what seemed irresistible odds but the thrill of swishing the sword is too exhilarating to resist. They just love it.

    Once Mohammed showed them how the villagers would run away in fear, the spread of the Jihadist Kingdom was inevitable.

    Islam was stopped only by real war. That is History.

    History does not get elected and does not buy votes. History expresses a trajectory upon which Mankind arrives at Now!

    Those who told us in advance how we would get here in Time and what would befall, were generally put to death. They stoned the Prophets.

    According to Daniel, the erection of a mosque upon the Temple Mount was, “The Abomination of Desolation”…but wait! There’s more.

    We live in very interesting times but factually, Egyptian elections mean nothing.


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