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    Guran posts comments in world media, where ample provision exists, but such comment is frequently not published. We see nothing in the direct and pragmatic stance taken by Guran, who says little at WenU blog as a rule, and so we will publish a selection of those posts that, for editorial reasons elsewhere, would never see the light of day:-

    Reply to: Audio: A Middle East Without an Israel? By Tamar Yonar
    Does an 82 page report to Obama suggest that American interests are better served by a Post-Israel Middle East?

    Obama al Taqiyya – 14 September 2012
    See Obama use the typical muslim tactic of offering the friendly hand at the time of Rosh Hashana while secretly intending to betray Israel “when he has power over his enemy”.
    Put all of this in the context of global Muslim and Islamist calls for all US foreign embassies to close. None of the Arabs are surprised at violence against the West…they simply say it is the fault of the West.
    The West is losing the war. The death toll will be horrendous.


    Reply to: A7 EXCLUSIVE: Facing Iran – Israel’s Remaining Strategic Options By Prof. L Beres & Gen. J. Chain
    Former Commander in Chief, US Strategic Air Command and renowned Int’l Law and Political Science Prof. co-author a must-read article for A7.

    Well, They’re Insane Alright! – 27 August 2012
    What a ridiculous article! Pensively and beautifully written bullshit.
    The ongoing plan of the Mullahs was always what is happening now. That Jihad come to dominate Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Libya, so that first Israel and then the World could be subsumed by the Caliphate…and this always and only by the sword. Taqiyya is doing its bit but Khomeini laid out the path decades ago and Islam has not budged from it. NukeTehran, Cairo, Damascus and Lebanon to gain attention.


    Reply to: Palestinian Jesus, Israeli Herod
    The Palestinian Arab leadership has been successful in turning the Christian narrative against the Jewish people.

    Since Israel Doesn’t Care… – 10 June 2012
    Growing up, even as a child, it seemed incomprehensible to me that the world had sat by and allowed the Shoah. Now I see it happening and truly understand. The Jews and Israel, who could do many things to prevent what is happening, are their own enemy. All over the world the truth is known and spoken and yet, in Israel, truth is taboo. Anathema. It is not enough to say the world hates Jews. The Jews hate Jews and they hate Israel. The Jews are anti-Semitic anti-Zionists. Israel doesn’t matter?


    Reply to: US to Consider Naming Arab Americans ‘Disadvantaged Minority’ By Rachel Hirshfeld
    The US Commerce Department is considering naming Arab Americans a socially and economically disadvantaged minority group.

    This Article HAS To Be A Plant – 30 May 2012
    Let me be the first…
    Since all Islamists will have to be exterminated and since Arabs are predominently Islamists, any suggestion of making them harder to exterminate should be absolutely opposed.
    Censor: Remember the publicly stated aim of Islam is to overrun the world and extinguish all people of other faiths. And don’t quote Taqiyya at me like some disingenuous fool. “The Assistant Ghost”


    Reply to: Column One: The lessons of Prof. Netanyahu By CAROLINE B. GLICK
    Today the heirs of the failed utopian movements of the last century have joined forces to deny the Jewish people our sovereign rights to our land.

    Losing Sight Of The Baby – 12 May 2012
    It seems sad that Jewish minds can literally churn out this kind of perspicacity and yet remain locked in the mindset that demands the keys to the ghetto…so they can get in! “One of the shocking aspects of the tragic end of the Jewish community is Spain is that Abravanel, and his fellow communal leaders failed to anticipate the expulsion order.”! Say what?
    Then Caroline/Netanyahu detail the consequences!
    “If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!” The real tragedy is that Modern Israel is run by Jews. They can only be ‘individually’ acquisitive. As a people, they raffle off the bath and then ask, “Who stole the baby?”


    Reply to: Obama Ready to Concede to Iran on Uranium Enrichment By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
    Obama is ready to make a major concession to Iran on uranium enrichment while the NY Times downgrades the chance of war.

    Bibi and Barak Can’t Be Trusted With Policies on Israel – 30 April 2012
    Either there is an immense mind game underway or we are seeing Judaism at its best…the kind that saw Jerusalem destroyed 2000 years ago.
    While Bibi and Barak are constantly doing their utmost to undermine and destroy Israel, their critics say they are yet too militant in their stance toward Israel’s enemies, within and without. We see plainly why the prophets are correct…these turkeys will be squabbling still when the lights in Jerusalem go out for the last time.


    Reply to: Elkin: Barak Evicted Hevron Home for Political Reasons By Elad Benari
    MK Ze’ev Elkin criticizes Defense Minister Barak, says his decision to evict the residents of Beit Hamachpela in Hevron was political.

    Dead Right or Dead Wrong – 6 April 2012
    Either Barak is dead right and Israel needs to proceed down the path of relentless concessions and appeasement…or he should be dead, because he’s wrong.
    What is the actuality here? Does the government represent Israel and its People or are we dealing with a bunch of elitists who’s focus is purely on their own interests? In a choice between the Man and the State, the State should shoot the Man. That is the Rule of Law. The opposite is Treason and as things stand, Israel is guilty of Treason.


    Reply to: Expert Warns of Waqf’s Dangerous Plans for Temple Mount By Elad Benari
    Archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar warns: The Waqf is planning to unite all the mosques on the Temple Mount into one.

    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter! – 24 February 2012
    Time after time, in every way, the Arabs demonstrate that they and only they have dominion and sovereignty in the Holy Land. In fact, Modern Israel should be found guilty of a Crime Against Humanity for allowing this to happen. Why is there no Law on the Temple Mount? Why is there no control? Because Modern Israel would rather have homosexual parades in Jerusalem than uphold the religious views of Christians and Jews. Shame on Modern Israel.


    Reply to: ‘Israel Can Harm Iran in Ways Prohibited in US’ By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
    Israel carries out attacks on Iran that are prohibited by the US, Newsweek reports. “Israel doesn’t tell and the US doesn’t want to know.”

    Well, Yes but, Of Course – 13 February 2012
    If Israel were to do the job properly, or try, by going beyond merely bombing the odd nuclear site but aim at crippling Iran for a very long time, odds are that America would try to shoot Israeli weapons out of the sky.
    In the event Israel has to take such action, it should station a submarine with a supply vessel, adjacent to the USA, so a price can be exacted for treachery.


    Reply to: ‘Retain military options against Iran’ By BENJAMIN WEINTHAL, JERUSALEM POST CORRESPONDENT
    “After the West has for years allowed the wool to be pulled over its eyes, Iran cannot take us seriously,” Bundestag deputy says.

    It IS interesting. But as opposed to naively supposing Obama is ‘allowing’ allies to come to him, the truth has to be that Obama is on the side of Islam and not even on the side of the USA. His ‘runs on the board’ are simply too clear in opposing Western values. Culturally he is East and politically he is Communist. The USA will fall victim to internal Civil War and predation by its enemies. Israel should nuke Iran, Lebanon, Cairo and C&C in Syria. This would ‘realign’ debate among the Nations. THEN we would see “who’s on the Lord’s side now”.


    Reply to: If Abraham Were to Come This Year, Temple Mount Would be Closed – By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
    “If Jesus were to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed’, the London Guardian wrote this week. And what if Abraham were to visit?

    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter! – 27 December 2011
    Moshe Dayan should be dug out of his grave and thrown in the Dead Sea. So should all those who endorsed ‘bequeathing’ the Temple Mount to the Arabs. Israel betrayed every believer in the One True Living God. (the one god of islam is lucifer, ah rahman the idolatrous god transfered to a piece of meteoritic black rock called allah, which was worshipped by pagans in the kaaba before mohammed was born). Israel knows this but Isreal does not care. They prefer ‘gay pride’ in Jerusalem!!


    Reply to: ‘If Abbas embraces Hamas, he is walking away from peace’ – By KHALED ABU TOAMEH AND HERB KEINON
    Prime Minister’s Office slams deal paving way for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other radical groups to join PLO – which includes 10 members – the largest being Fatah; Palestinians hail agreement as “historic event.”

    Stupid JPost Headline… – 23 December 2011
    Abbas was never interested in peace. Disingenuous lies, on either side, do not lead toward peace. Compromise does not lead toward peace. Compromise submits to Taqiyya and total subjugation and destruction. Victory at War obtains peace. History is written by the Victors. The Arab written narrative states that they have won and Israel has no case. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!


    Reply to: PM convenes emergency meeting on attack on IDF base By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Netanyahu meets with senior security officials after 50 settlers attack IDF base in W. Bank; Vilna’i: Attackers are “Jewish terrorists”; Barak orders IDF to devote full resources to preventing attacks.

    You Have To Wonder… – 13 December 2011
    You have to wonder what it takes to wake up these self-selected silvertails who rule Israel. Jews who claim Israel are not terrorists, even if they actually break some civil or military rule. Criminality, justified or not, is simply a crime. On the other hand, the rough house treatment of Jewish homes has to be an unjustifiable crime and a strong provocation of these Citizen Protests in Israel. Protests against the ‘Occupation’ of their land by Arabs and the IDF! But wait…if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!


    Reply to: Russian FM warns against any military strike on Iran By REUTERS
    “There’s no military solution to Iranian nuclear problem as there is no military solution to any other problem in the modern world,” Lavrov says; any strike against Iran likely to sour ties between West, Russia.

    So. Like…Yeah. Who knew? – 7 November 2011
    If the West picks on the country that Russia has been playing cosy nukes with…it will mean trouble. Military solutions not appropriate in the Modern World…so Georgia is not modern, huh? Iran should be nuked to outside toilets and Russian forces attempting to claim Iranian oilfields and infrastructure should be nuked. Israel might do Iran but the next (unelected) Commander In Chief of the un-united States of America should be permitted to mop up the Asia Pretenders to what they humbly think is the hegemenistic throne. Oh hey! That’d be good!


    Reply to: Social Media Guru: ‘For the First Time, Every Voice Matters’ By TechIsrael Staff
    Social media like Twitter and Facebook are changing society, and some of those changes were discussed at a conference in Jaffa.

    So It’s The Voice That Matters, Not The Issue? – 3 November 2011
    When crucial matters of a ‘decisive’ nature are subjected to ‘cloud technology’, the lowest common denominator becomes the defining quality of debate, action and outcome.
    This also, incidentally, leaves a society defenceless, pointless and futile. We are rapidly getting there!
    So long as nepotism, elitism and dictatorship are the rule, we as a people are destined to kill all those who fail to survive.


    Reply to: Analysis: What may be involved in an Israeli strike on Iran By YAAKOV LAPPIN
    Israel is believed to have a fully prepared plan to launch a strike, which would likely involve at least several hundred aircraft.

    Calculated Cost – 2 November 2011
    The calculation in round numbers is fairly simple:
    Iranian people would need to be obliterated. About 60 million.
    Syria, Lebanon and at least Cairo- Command and Control.
    North Korea Command and Control, leaving China to feed the masses.
    Pakistan some surgical evisceration.
    Probably we are looking, all-up, at about 200 million dead, in order to attract the attention of the World to the serious nature of the problem facing them.
    Subsequently they might sit up before their TVs and exclaim, “This is serious”. Maybe. No Promises. At the outside, if preemption does not take place, five and a half thousand million will die and that, relatively soon! Preemption will not take place.


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