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    The one thing that stands clear and obvious as the farce of United States elections goes forward is that the whole thing is a mighty con-job.

    Unthinkable?  photo: AP

    We accept that ‘confidence’ is an integral element in the inspiring of electors to vote for one representative or another but see little in their spruiking that belies their actual plans and intentions.
    Obama touts ‘Change (for change’s sake)’ but intends very much more of the same.
    Clinton touts ‘Change’ (it’s my turn now!).
    Huckabee touts ‘Change’ back to the 50s “By Golly”.
    McCain touts ‘Change’ the deckchairs on the Titanic.
    Romney touts ‘Change’ but refuses to disclose what to. (at least Huck’ assumed the high theological ground – his pagan ecumenical mates must be impressed – “We sure showed them mormons who owns God!”)
    None of them will run on the reality that the first Order of Business will be to impress upon the World that George W Bush was right. If elected, any of them would be compelled to put on Dubwah’s spurs and climb into his saddle.
    Still we must watch the media snow-job as a pretend election takes place while self-selected elites conduct the true apportioning of fleeting glory.
    If this was genuinely a matter for representatives to nominate their choice of nominees, what was it to do with the media? If this was not a gigantic con-job on a National scale, what was the need to ‘defray’ risk over a period of months?
    The one thing that is transparently obvious is that it’s “where the money is” that counts. NOT the cash put in by nominees, nor the cash they arbitrarily ‘raise’ toward their cause. The real money is the backroom moolah by which USA governments stand or fall. Who votes in US elections, on a personal and individual basis, matters very little indeed.
    The unwashed masses are permitted only to endorse the One put before them by the brokers of their fate.
    So you think the outcome was ‘close’ for Dubwah in Florida? Would the outcome internationally have been different? Would Osama have surrendered? Been captured? Would Pakistan have got no CIA support? Would the CIA not have reneged on its support?
    At present the USA is embarked on a course likely to bring great danger for the US and for the World. Others globally are watching and some are sophisticated but others are very naïve.
    When the Pentagon, the NSA and the NIE have finished their briefings of the poor old Commander-In-Chief, he will pray for something as simple as a hurricane in New Orleans to distract from the “real tough issues” that pass daily onto his plate.
    Dealing with the more than dire consequences of decades of obscurantism and the placating of rabid despots, tyrants, religious zealots and (yes) communists will call for no nerves but a steady thumb. The ones who have been bought do not consider themselves bought then and certainly not bought NOW. All those low-life snot-wiping thugs who have been given legitimacy on the World Stage now have to be nailed to it while it’s burned to the ground.
    They won’t want to stay. They won’t go quietly. They will fight in ways the West has forgotten.
    We will remember. It will all come back like it was yesterday. “Few will survive.”


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