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    The International Community cares nothing about truth or natural sovereignty while it sits by and watches Indonesia grind native West Papuans into the dust.

    Untold billions are spent promoting what Ban, of the UN, declared “the inalienable rights of the Palestinians”, who are a non-existent People: there is no Palestinian language; there is no Palestinian Capital City; and there was no Palestinian statesman prior to Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, current false president of the PA and who funded the murderous attack on the Jewish athletes at the Munich Olympics!

    The lesson is that West Papua should seek to delegitimize Indonesia in the South East Asian Region, perhaps as a rag-tag collection of Dutch and assorted Colonies which have been seized by the Islamists and now claimed on the basis of some non-existent traditional or Historical Right.

    The lesson also is that West Papua must conspire to oust the UN from its position of hegemony in International Fora and seek to align Papua with like minded Peoples, willing to promote and support a new order of Under Classes who in reality are the framework upon which the Old World reclines.

    The hope is foolish, to suppose such an aggregation of under privileged and impoverished Fourth World Estates, those who must crawl out from under the Dominions of their Ober Dammerungs and flourish in their own right anew. The Scriptures tell us, however, “God uses the foolish things of this world to accomplish His Mighty Will”.

    He states also, “I am a light unto the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not”. The half-light of the Great White Way sees nothing but the golden allure of its chief god, Mammon.

    Certainly, Mammon rules in the hearts of Indonesians, beset as they are by visions of vast wealth to be got by raping the natural resources of Papua. Gold is only one of the precious commodities and ores to be had there. And Mammon was the ruler of the arch colonists in the region historically. The Dutch cherish to this day the vast oil fields they have plundered for centuries, which are not located beneath the North Sea but are scattered across the face of the globe, in places like the Middle East of old and lately beneath the Arafura Sea.

    We know the possibility of the Dutch, the Indonesians and Islam relinquishing West Papua is zero. We know it is an economic impossibility, let alone improbability.

    We know this dispute between the ‘Children’ of West Papua and the Barons of the Old World combined with the terrible and wretched thievery of Islam forms just another corner of the World Stage, upon which Mankind has long embarked and will destroy itself. In one wing will struggle the Middle East, in another China and Asia, in yet another Europe and Russia while yet elsewhere the USA will devour itself in an orgy of Civil Strife, Mob Rule and Rapine.

    Those of us who know precisely what will happen know and accept it is not our part to prevent it. Nor can we accept responsibility for the untold suffering.

    The grandest truth of all is that having been born, the Mortal Man can truly die only once: “Every Creature that hath within it the breath of Life must die.”

    So the deaths, imminently, of five and a half thousand million persons is of no account. They will all die anyway. And being out of this pool of mud and blood, they will each suffer no more. In fact, suffering is what will fall to those who linger here, either until they do die or as they endure beyond the cataclysm Mankind has brought unstoppably upon itself.

    It matters not that nine out of ten will die soon. They would anyway, sooner or later.

    But those who do not die, who linger here, will be very afraid.

    As for the trash in this world who comfort themselves they have position, power, influence and wealth, they have their reward.

    Sadly, we cannot even promise that those fearful survivors, having turned their swords into ploughshares and pruning hooks, will remain a peaceful People ever after. Great Prophets, who told us long ago exactly what will happen today, told us that in a thousand years the survivors will become again complacent and destroy themselves from off the face of the Earth completely.

    But not this week! As my friend says, very cheerfully, “That’s at the other end of The Third Millennium!


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