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    There never was an agreement that the Arab world would cease terror if Israel released terror perpetrators from prison. There is no intention today. In fact, Hamas and Fatah gleefully promise more kidnappings and more terror.

    So what is the purpose of this seemingly gutless and disgraceful capitulation?

    It’s all very well for Defence Minister Barak and other politicians in Israel to make claims about the ‘worth of an Israeli Citizen’. The Worth of a Soul is Great! We need no such soap-box condescension, from Jews or anybody else.

    While the truth concerning Arab intentions, in Israel, throughout the Middle East and Globally is murderous, these intentions are honestly and publicly stated. The Arabs do not lie about what they intend.

    So what are Israel’s intentions?

    To put all this in its true context, let us state, “Modern Israel is not Israel”.

    Israel predominantly left the Holy Land, via a series of enforced migrations, between eighteen hundred and three thousand years ago. A vestige of the Hebrew presence remained and there can be no dispute or debate, the lands known as the Holy Land are those ancestral homelands of Diaspora but not all of Diaspora has returned to the confines of Modern Israel.

    “Israel” remains primarily in Diaspora and the vast majority of “Jewish” wealth remains outside the bounds of Modern Israel.

    As Messianic Zionists, we see these distinctions as crucial.

    What happens in and to Modern Israel does not happen to Israel.
    What Modern Israel chooses to do does not and need not reflect the views of Israel in the World.

    This is not to say that, for instance, events up to and including the Shoah were of no concern to Israel nor is it fair to intimate Diaspora showed ‘due care’ in face of the very obvious tragedy descending upon European Jews in the 1930s. But Shoah was an event that took place in a different world. Today we see banal local news spread, at the speed of light almost, across a global page of digital awareness.

    The entire world knows that Israel is under dire threat and the direct promise of more than threats, from its immediate neighbours in the Middle East. The whole world knows that the Muslim World holds dominion over the United Nations and that evil cartel will do nothing to intervene should another Shoah seem imminent.

    In face of blatant and repeated Arab lies about the legitimacy of Hebrew History and “Jewish” claims to the land of Modern Israel, the world sees Israel trading land for more lies and terrorists for blackmail payments in deals to buy back captured soldiers of Modern Israel.

    The only conclusion that one can come to is that Modern Israel’s leaders wish to arrive, as quickly as possible, at that point prophesied where the Land is invaded and great war ensues. Presumably, a war engulfing Modern Israel would entitle its people and leaders to exult, in some sort of, “We told you so!”


    Not that the Prophets are boring nor that Modern Israel is under determined and unceasing attack! Boring that Modern Israel behaves as though it cannot find another way to delegitimize itself, in its own eyes and in the eyes of the World.

    Nothing that the Jewish people do in Modern Israel can delegitimize Israel as the Holy Land. They simply are not worthy to do so.

    Modern Israel is a brilliant enclave of the Jews, producing many if not most and almost all of the technology, science, medicine and progress devolving upon the rest of Humanity. Modern Israel also has the capacity to exert power in its region. In fact, not to exert such power is a criminal neglect, because the power vacuum created in the midst of the Arab Chaos throughout the Middle East has inevitably drawn the Arabs, Islamists and Terrorists to fulfill their full share of the prophetic promises.

    So into this chaotic vacuum, Israel injects the thesis of appeasement yet again by releasing terrorists in return for a soldier taken prisoner on the field of battle. Over a thousand terrorists!

    Was this meant to be civilized?

    Oh! Are we now supposed to be ‘justifiably outraged’ and finally endorse some punitive response from Israel, such as obliterating the population of Iran, most of Lebanon, all of Gaza and precisely Cairo, along with select swathes of Syria and Turkey?!

    Perfectly happy with that but what has releasing prisoners for Shalit got to do with it?

    What can Israel do? Poor Israel!

    The secret of asymmetric warfare is that it relies on the massive and total obliteration of the enemy, including men, women and children. If not, it ceases to be asymmetric.

    So now that ‘Modern Israel’ plans to release over a thousand terrorists in exchange for one soldier, what do they plan to do next?

    Now what?

    We are Israel. We worship Israel’s God. We continue to learn and to teach and to preach the God of Israel and Him Living.

    We accept the history of that other israel, Modern Israel, as entirely in the hands of God. Always this was so. They are among…among, mind…the elect and their special status ensures YHWH will fulfill the promises of the Prophets.

    The Messiah Modern Israel rejects has foretold His next meeting with them. Maybe they do wish to “Bring it on!”

    Modern Israel will have to hasten its History. The USA will soon be defunct as a conspicuous Nation, Europe will be driven internally to gratify the Arabs and their disgusting obsession and the rest of the World will be quite preoccupied with its own trivial holocausts, Thank You! Probably, only some Jews will notice what happens in Modern Israel because there is no real guarantee that instantaneous, ubiquitous global communications will survive what the rest of us will be doing to each other.

    Did anybody think of that?

    If Israel is not very publicly destroyed very soon, very few people will give a damn, for the excellent reason they will have more important things to deal with.

    The elect relationship between Israel and God, in the case of Modern Israel, may be so intimate that the outcome might pass unnoticed.

    We know, for the rest of the world, some of these events will be astonishing and very obvious. We take it from the Prophets that many will know because they are dead.

    That leaves Thee and Me. Caught up, where Isaiah says, Few men will survive”, my take is to adhere to His word and let what happens take place when it will, where it will and protect what I can of me and my own in a narrow world of the saints, as opposed to those who merely fight to survive.

    Perhaps that’s the answer? Israel refuses to fight to survive! The saying goes, “If you don’t fight, you lose.” Diaspora, spread-eagled and impregnated by every passing trespasser down through the millennia, already knows.

    Modern Israel was found on the premise, “Never Again!”

    That would make it a lie, wouldn’t it!

    Perhaps the Arabs are right. Their bigger lie makes Israel’s lie less permanent.

    In the Thirties, the Jews of Europe and their Diaspora colleagues did nothing to escape the horror forced upon them. The vast wealth, of riches and of intellect at their disposal was not used. At least it was not used to free the Jews of Europe.

    What goes around comes around.

    How banal. Jewish History. Made pregnant always by its enemies.

    And it’s not as if its enemies were even good looking!


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