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    There is currently a false contention that Islam was appropriately violent in the 7th Century AD. Islam was always a murderous and satanic abuse of Humankind’s sociality.

    Recently, Congressman Allen West commented that a time had existed when Judaism and Christianity had needed reform from a brutal past and that now Islam should reform from its 7th Century brutality. This demonstrates a common misunderstanding about Islam. The doctrine of modern Islam, based on its disgusting Qu’raan, has not changed over the Centuries. Neither has the doctrine of the Jews nor the Christians.

    The peaceful qualities of Torah Law and Torah Culture, essentially unchanged by Christianity, were always present and were always pre-eminent in the context of sociality and lifestyle. Times, which have changed, necessitated the ancient Hebrews to carve out a niche among History’s most volatile times and brutal Nations. The need to rival Persia, Babylon, Assyria and Egypt were forced upon the ancient Israelites and this contest included conflict with nearby neighbors often acting as vassal states of the region’s Great Powers.

    In addition, the Elect of God were told to “Go up” against Peoples who had once had access to the Gospel Doctrines and had perverted them to lust and bestiality. The reason the Children of Israel were commanded, after four hundred years in Egypt, to destroy the Canaanites was because of the corruptions and perversions they had introduced into a vestigial recollection of the ethos of the Patriarchs.

    Baalism, existing among the inhabitants of the Holy Land, centered upon a worship system devoted to a father, mother and son. So deceptively similar was the evolved cultism to the true Religion, a strong temptation existed to join them in their perverted sexual rites among the ‘Groves’. To this day, un-named prominent churches adorn themselves with some hold-overs of these ancient sins. The sacred groves may be gone but the paid priesthoods and the pre-eminent stature of the ‘Mother’ persist in guises so attractive that many devout Christians are unaware they follow pagan traditions.

    When Joshua led the Israelites against those Baalist cultists, one of his own men brought a woman from among them into his own tent in the Israelite camp. This was the Biblical moment when an Israelite entered the tent and put his spear through both of them where they lay upon the tent floor.

    The suggestion that ancient Israelite responses to the aggression and brutality around them comprised an inclination to such brutality, based upon the tenets of their faith, is not only wrong, it is a lie. The tenets of the ancient Hebrew Faith remain unchanged and are practiced today among modern Jews, based upon the original texts by which the Mosaic Law was promulgated and available worldwide today in most languages, if not all.

    Christianity, perverted by human lusts across the millennia since its introduction by Jesus Christ, does not disagree with Mosaic Law but merely states that Law has been fulfilled…ushering in a higher Law of the Atonement and Resurrection of Messiah.

    During the Dark Ages, so named for the absence of the Holy Ghost among the then proponents of Christianity, lusts and passions of men were let loose and the souls of many were awash in a tide of violence. Even the Crusades can be subsumed into a demographic of exigency. Many eligible young men, with few peaceful options available by which to exert their manhood, sallied in the Crusades. Effectively an employment scheme, the Crusades occupied the time, took the blood and stopped the seed of generations who would otherwise have found themselves embroiled in Civil War in their homelands rather than in the Holy Land.

    Casting the Religion of God and His Prophets, inscribed in the Old and New Testaments, as in any way similar to the disgusting genesis of Islam is a slur upon the entire Human Race. Many men and many societies have used brutality and conflict to achieve their ends…Attila the Hun, the Mongols and others come to mind…yet they never stooped to equate themselves to The Big Lie.

    Throughout History, Great Men have done great things.

    In his day, Mohammed as a boy was an abused misfit who chose to use his perverted and twisted nature for purely venial purposes. Cast out from among his own family, he exercised retribution among them and went on to carve out a niche in the flesh of all who would not bend the knee to him personally.

    Illiterate, Mohammed wrote no scripture. He paid Jews and Gnostics to recite scraps of the Old and New Testament scriptures to him, mingled with assorted Gnostic inventions and paraphrasing of that Age. Mohammed mixed the whole in his illiterate mind and sought to present himself as a ‘Messenger’. He was truly a messenger…of lucifer.

    Mohammed had journeyed with traders to Yemen, where he encountered the worship of lucifer in the form of the idolatrous god Ah Rahman. He carried this faith with him back to the desolate waddy which was Mecca in his day and transferred his worship pattern to a rock…an idolatrous token by the name of Allah. The rock Allah was among hundreds of rocks worshipped there in a roofless place called Kaaba.

    The Kaaba and the hundreds of rocks inside it, including the rock Allah, all existed prior to the rising of Mohammed, as did all of the pagan rites associated with Islam then and today. Nothing has changed. Islam always was pagan idolatry and the proof of this is contained in the text of the Qu’raan.

    Peaceful sounding scraps of Biblical text are offered as proofs of the ‘Religion of Peace’…they are lies. All Biblical and scriptural references were merely plagiarized from the Bible, having been recited to Mohammed who never could read or write.

    Mohammed was a successful thief, rapist and murderer. He was so successful that his followers, practicing the methods he developed, became rulers of a wide area of the Old World. So successful were they it became an embarrassment of riches…the need arose for the followers of Mohammed to create a sense of legitimacy.

    Always, Islam has craved legitimacy.
    Always, Islam has been willing to murder for the sake of legitimacy.

    During a period extending from 100 years to 300 years after the death of Mohammed a diverse account was gathered together, of the purported “Sayings of Mohammed”.

    Long after Mohammed was dead, his murderous followers created the Qu’raan in his name and established their religion, based upon satanic, pagan idolatry, which it still is today.

    Good Muslims are not good people.

    Many wonderful members of many different Muslim societies, who raise children, marry and are given in marriage, are Children of God and are good people but these are bad Muslims.

    Islam pronounces that these ‘moderate’ Muslims are bound for hell. In fact, Mohammed and the Qu’raan dwell lovingly upon the descriptions of the death, suffering and misery of all Muslims who do not participate in Jihad.

    Good Muslims are murderers and liars.

    Islam is not “one of the three monotheistic religions of the world”. The ‘one god’ of Islam is lucifer. Satan was the god of Mohammed and satan is the god of Islam.

    The reason, briefly, why all Muslims do not know these truthes about the religion they were born into is that none can read it. The Qu’raan, for all its pointlessness and inner inconsistencies and untruths, was written in a language even Mohammed did not know and which is a dead language today. The Qu’raan may only be written in Ancient Classical Arabic, a dead language. It is not allowed, by religious edict, to be translated from ‘God’s perfect language’, lest…heh…any imperfections creep in.

    Not only do modern Muslims not speak Classical Arabic, they don’t even all speak Standard Modern Arabic (SMA). In many parts of the world, Muslims speak a local patois made up of Native languages mixed with imported Arabic terms, by which they can converse with each other…yet not necessarily read and write SMA.

    So the ‘body of the church’ are reliant upon the words of Imams who may or may not be able to read and write the actual Qu’raan. Seemingly, about five percent do. This puts them in the same position, more or less, as the Catholics of the Dark Ages who were taught scripture only from Latin Texts, which they could not read. The penalty, frequently in Europe, for attempting to translate the Bible into modern German or English, was death!

    Despite great illumination in some areas of society, particularly in the areas of architecture, the term Dark applies aptly to the situation in Europe during the ages when Mankind there was deprived of a personal understanding and personal revelation in their understanding of the Bible.

    The same light of understanding has never come to those who subscribe to the teachings of Mohammed and the Qu’raan.

    For one thing, we in the West are accustomed to Biblical scripture which makes an attempt to locate itself in Time and Space, with a beginning “Genesis” and an end, “Go Ye into all the World”, and all the historical and cultural drama in between. There is no such chronology or system in the Qu’raan. A vile and vulgar collection of “Sayings”, with no context and no connectedness. (It has David being the Son of Adam, despite their being alive thousands of years apart and separated by a great physical distance) (60 years being cut from the lifespan of Adam to give to his Son David). Mohammed could not read or write. The inconsistencies of his lies were not apparent to him because the whole ‘business’ of the Bible was beyond his comprehension.

    The one thing that Mohammed and satan got right, be it satan, allah, ah raman or lucifer, was that terror was the key to wealth, power, riches, dominion and sex.

    From the very beginning, the purpose of Mohammed and Islam was to usurp the power and wealth of other people, to Tax by Terror.

    Nothing has changed about this unholy pseudo religion, based on terror, paganism and idolatry. To this very day, Mankind are faced with a relentless common adversary.

    We consider Modern Capitalist Materialism to be an enemy to the souls of Mankind.
    We consider Islam to be inherently satanic.

    Any attempt to ally Islam with Christianity and Judaism is a lie.
    Islam is The Big Lie.

    Taqiyya is just one of the doctrines of falsehood, by which ‘the Messenger of Allah’ authorizes Muslims to tell blatant lies for the sake of their religion “until you gain power over your enemies”, at which point it’s a matter of personal choice for the Islamist whether he takes your wealth and kills you or just takes your wealth and taxes you for the remainder of your life.

    That is Islam.

    In our day, police officers who should normally be ‘on their beat’ are instead attired like assault commandos, in the streets of our cities, on the look-out for Islamists, while pretending in public and in private that “their religion isn’t the problem”.

    Islam is the problem. The god of Islam, allah is lucifer.

    As a result, all Mankind will have to fight to destroy Islam, regardless of deaths to individuals, nations, beliefs or politics.

    We say again, Western Capitalist Materialism does Man no good in its present state aside from simply ensuring ‘Freedom of Choice’ which Islam absolutely denies. We live though in a world of freedom gone wild, immoral and unrestrained, for which also the price is…ultimate and final.



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      The cop should shoot the gurl. The guy is obviously harmless!!
      I mean…Really!

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