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    Modern Israel becomes more anti-Zion by the day. Modern Israel rolls over, waiting for its tummy to be scratched. History indicates quite clearly that Israel will be raped and disemboweled.

    IDF Defence Minister Ehud Barak

    Ancient History makes the same point and recent History does not deviate from its trudge through the charnel house of Jewish misery.

    So it becomes a matter of interest to understand why. Why be everybody’s dishrag and yet complain about the inevitable Shoah? Why crucify themselves, over and over again?

    It must be too simple to say the Jews do not have sufficient self-defence instinct! Even the 1967 Six Day War disproves that. Nor can it be that the demographics have changed and a more simplistic Jew has moved (Aliya) to Israel, rendering the Nation wimpish and defenceless.

    It has to be admitted, possibly as a consequence of Israeli ‘Defense Fatigue’, the rest of the World has become completely unsympathetic to the predicament of Modern Israel. As one, the world today rises up in condemnation regardless of how Israel defends itself and no matter from whom.

    But observation indicates an apparent disinclination to aggressively defend Eretz Israel. Even the concept of The Land of Israel has become a joke. Even a joke among the majority of Israelis.

    Now, we thought about this. It has to be said that Jews tend to be regarded as a Religious People and this might be identified as a strong dissuader from aggression. But no. The orthodox religious, Haredi and whatever, are held in comic jest by those who consider themselves the ‘majority’, especially those centred around Tel Aviv.

    Perhaps the majority of Israelis do not live in or around Tel Aviv but it does seem those who do live there consider themselves the ‘defacto and moral majority’. We saw in our analysis that Israel might be a solidly moralistic devotee of HaShem, not inclined at all toward sabre rattling and shield bashing on the hills. We saw quickly however that the hills were held by moral slovens ‘of no fixed opinion’. Not to say those referred to as ‘Settlers’, who in fact do try to gain the highest ground but the figurative Hills, where media reside among the greatest noise.

    Diverting momentarily to those Settlers, it has to be said they are not slow to defend Israel, when permitted but quite often the establishment shackles them, sometimes literally and sometimes in prison. It should be said also, the term Settler has become derisive and this is a great shame. The shame of it is that Israel has permitted the international community to reduce the term to one of shame, closely associated with South African Apartheid.

    While diverted to the Settlers it may be appropriate to mention Sharon, ex-Prime Minister, who was previously a major force in encouraging ‘Settlers’ to populate the barren reaches of Israel and then subsequently ordered they be physically kicked out in the ‘expulsion’ from Gaza…the Gush Katif! Almost immediately he was struck down by a totally devastating stroke from which he has never recovered and in whose grip he remains, senseless and vegetative. A grim warning to those who follow after…not that the hint appears to have been taken.

    So the image remains fixed, of a Modern Israel seeking to emulate in every way the ‘sectarianism’ of the wider world, prostrating itself before all enemies (and any who can be persuaded to become enemies) and howling “Shoah” at every passing stray politician gullible enough to sneak near the country for a look.

    All the evidence indicates precisely the same state of affairs in Europe in the 20s and 30s, leading up to the Nazi atrocities of World War Two.

    We long ago abandoned the idea that Modern Israel was formed in response to any Hitlerian excesses. We subscribe independently to the right of the Jews to reside in their Ancestral homeland in peace and within defensible borders.

    Sixty odd years ago, the World watched the ponderous progress of History as it inevitably devoured Gypsies, Homosexuals, Intellectuals and Jews. The fact the net was cast for Jews escaped nobody’s notice, nor was there massive complaint that ‘all the usual culprits’ were swept up in it. It seems incredible now that Western European events leading to war were permitted to proceed as they were.

    Then we look at today and wonder how it was that so many survived.

    Germanic efficiency was rated more highly than events justify, it seems.

    Anyway, we see today the same elements of Anti-Semitism as in the past and we see Jews carefully attaching themselves to poles fixed immovably into place, to act as lures for the fox, the wolf, the leopard and the bear.

    At every turn it seems Israel obsessively and compulsively reclines dangerously close and unguarded beside its enemies, offering concessions and deals that are ignored both by Israel’s Arab enemies and by the rest of the world.

    No concessions are ever given by the relentless Arabs who have remained single-minded in their statements, intentions and acts, to destroy Israel. Yet even today, as the Arab World decides to declare The Land of Israel to be a new nation under the title of Palestine, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) under Ehud Barak suggest they should give the Arabs in Judea/Samaria additional weapons…for the sake of Peace and Security in Israel.

    Previously in the Blog we have suggested the secret agenda of Israel is to seduce the Arabs into open war so they can be summarily defeated and assert Israel, from the River to the Sea. If that is their intention it may work.

    On the other hand, playing Israel’s weakest hand could lose.

    Now let’s look at History in all this. The Prophets, who are Historical People, assured us always, these days must come. They have. We are advised that Israel will be overrun and many will die. We are warned that great battles will stain the land with blood and that carcasses of men and machines will required years of labour to remove.

    OK. That was nice. So what is the posture of the IDF? Do they assume, as though they are all Haredi, that Mashiach will win their fight, shortly after nearly all of them are dead? Is that it? The closet religionists who dominate Modern Israel are awaiting Mashiach, in Faith and diligence?

    No. A prominent majority in Israel declare that to be ultra-orthodox tommy-rot.

    They will be celebrating Gay Rights Ma-di-gras in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as the tanks explode beside them and death rains from the skies.

    Probably this foolishness will continue, as it has in the past, until such as IDF Chief Ehud Barak find themselves destroyed. The Five Foolish Virgins will find themselves reduced to pools of oil.

    One prophecy says survivors will escape through the broken walls of Jerusalem, to be met by their Mashiach on a destroyed Mount of Olives. Isaiah says, “Few men will survive”. We believe that!

    So it must be that there is no plan for the defence and survival of Modern Israel. Either through religious fervour or sheer ineptitude, Israel will once again be raped by the Assyrian, Put to the Sword and Destroyed.

    By all accounts, this will do the invaders no good whatsoever.

    As for the Jews.

    What Jews?

    A great pity.


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