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    ‘Refugees’ continue to arrive in Australia regardless that only the Government and the Opposition want them.

    We see Julia Gillard and her Communist pals extending a banal ‘Welcome Mat’ to so-called refugees who pay funds to ‘facilitators’ who might get them relocated to the West ‘almost legally’.

    We see Ms Hansen and Bob Brown of the Greens desperate to protect uninvited ‘Unaccompanied Children’.

    We see Mr. Tony Abbott wrapped up in Back-Bench concerns that prevent him from honestly expressing his genuine views about how to put a complete stop to the influx of Boat People refugees, knowing such is political death.

    We see surprisingly little in public of the opinions of the general public of Australia regarding how they feel about these illegal aliens or about what to do with them.

    We see less discussion about the politically incorrect topic of what the factual agenda might be of these wealthy upstarts from overseas who have absolutely no intention of ever becoming Australian.

    Perhaps, if some kind and affluent individual will give me ten thousand dollars to go the other way, I could relocate to one of these disgusting ‘countries of origin’ and get a gun to start eliminating a few of the reasons these people are coming the other way.

    Since these people have no intention whatsoever of fully integrating into the Australian culture and way of life, let them stay home and improve it instead of paying money to escape the horrors of where they come from. We agree, the state of their home economies and the standards of living are horrendous, due to endemic corruption and religious fanaticism mixed with tyranny.

    As it happens, the socio-political history of Western Nations is identical, except that our ancestors rose up and unseated their oppressors. It cost them a lot of blood but we owe it to them that we are free.

    These people who wish to enjoy the blessings our ancestors bestowed upon us need to learn the vital truth of the matter: If they want freedom they must fight for it, in their own lands.

    Coming to Australia with every intention to convert our nation into a copy of the disgusting cesspit nation they left is unacceptable.

    But we know without being told that our views are neither shared nor accepted by either side of Government in Australia. Those shiny pantsed elitists will have nothing to do with controversy.


    The time will come when the Police in Australia will struggle to control urban riots orchestrated by disaffected migrant minorities.

    The time will then come when the Army in Australia will struggle to control urban riots orchestrated by disaffected migrant minorities.

    At that point, the Australian people will defend themselves with the same spirit of self-determination by which they are free. Towelheads never have and never will rule this country.
    ;”>Bound for Court

    That said, the situation remains the same today. Illegal immigrants, supposed to be shipped off to Malaysia for ‘processing’ and ‘trans-shipping’, have had their case appealed in Australia by the usual legal predators who feign an interest in Human Rights of foreign criminals in Australia. The vested interests of the lawyers take precedence over the rights and entitlements of the Nation which houses them. These Australian lawyers care about nothing so much as their personal reputations and ego.

    It is expected this current charade will continue, costing the Australian taxpayer billions of dollars in litigation and superior ‘housing’, until sufficient blood begins to flow for notice to be taken of ‘public opinion’.

    Don’t hold your breath. Australia will continue to fund accommodation, health and education, plus Pensions and Allowances, for these uninvited invaders for some time to come yet. The invaders will still complain and so will their Human Rights Lawyers and the circus will continue to go round and round.

    But these uninvited invaders have NO rights in Australia. Only the pleasantries of the Age prevent them from being strafed and sunk at sea, far from land and far from the bleeding heart humanists who disgrace the toil and suffering of our ancestors.

    It boils down to another Public Opinion contest. A contest to win public opinion which costs millions and billions of taxpayer dollars, meant to subsidise the emancipation of individuals dedicated to making Australia look, feel and sound like the moral, spiritual and intellectual slum they came from.

    No thanks.

    But it will take a little while yet before the penny drops.


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