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    Each so-called political talking head in Israel strives to outdo the other in placing Israel in contempt of the Nations. Tzipi Livni is no exception.

    Either Israeli leaders blatantly seek to seduce the Arabs into yet another war, when they hope to annihilate the Arab hordes or they honestly do desire the Arabs to take Modern Israel off their hands.

    It’s quite a challenge to determine which is their preferred course.

    Each of the current principal talking heads, from Peres to Netanyahu and Livni, seeks to offer the non-existent palestinian people (sans upper case deliberately) a promise of vacating land belonging to Sovereign Israel.

    Each claims that the other parties are unwilling to offer the palestinians as much as can be ‘truthfully’ offered.

    The greatest truth about this entire tragi-comedy is that the Arabs offer nothing and frankly admit they desire and intend only to completely destroy Israel and rid the land of all Jews. At least they are honest.

    Given the frankness and honesty of the Arabs, meaning the entire Arab World and the apparent agreement of the ‘International Community’, you have to wonder what dream land Israeli leaders think they are in. No nation on earth, in all History, has cooperated in its own destruction…well, aside historically from the Jews.

    History lays out the grief of these people like a shop front delicacy, a sweetmeat.

    On each page of History, for not just centuries but millennia, there they are, being manipulated, abused, crushed, holocaustic and shoaled almost to oblivion.

    It’s boring. It’s insulting. It’s contemptuous. It’s typical.

    We have to admit, in practical terms it is absolutely impossible to eradicate the Jewish Race from among Mankind. There is no need anyway…they do a pretty good attempt themselves. But if History repeats in our day as it has repeated interminably in the past, Modern Israel will be smashed and surviving Jews will crow, “We told you so!”

    Racism is just another form of self-loathing, so there is no point in going down that path but a pattern that stands out throughout History today gets up the nostril of the Nations of the World.

    As was demonstrated in 1967, if Israel simply defends itself and vanquishes its enemies, the World sighs with relief and gets on with business. Sadly, this is not the Jewish way. If modern Israelis wield the hipbone of an animal today it will be only to assault another Jew.


    Watching their political figureheads offering the Land of Israel to its enemies, one can only think of victims throwing themselves down, offering to be raped.

    The feted Psalm is sung, “Where sat down, by the rivers of Babylon, we cried when we remembered Zion.” Modern Israelis deny Zion. They want no part of it. Zionism is an embarrassment to them.

    Zionism interferes with their TA Sodom and idolatry.

    OK. We believe them.

    We love the Jewish People.
    We cherish the ideal of Modern Israel.
    We know Zion is “The Pure in Heart”.

    We cannot prevent what the Jews will again do to Israel. But it will only be the Nation of Modern Israel they destroy. For Israel is as the leaven in the bread of humanity.

    We are not going anywhere, regardless of what the Jews or anybody else does to Modern Israel.

    Shem is going nowhere.
    Jacob is everywhere.


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