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    The toing and froing of many skirmishes seems to indicate a diversity of conflict but they represent the many-headed hydra of a dilemma facing the entire world.

    Technical Protagonist

    We have come about as far as Humanity can, with seven billion on the planet and technology making it virtually impossible to prevent all from seeing over their neighbour’s backyard fence. The most impoverished see daily the fare of the most wealthy. They see it but have no way to partake.

    Unrest for them is as natural as poverty, disease and the iron rule of despotism.

    The containments of the masses differ. In the West it is expected that complacency will calm a populace satiated with material benefits: homes, food, clothing, education and health. The ethos of, “So far so good”.

    Elsewhere the lid is kept on by cultural restraints, including, “You would not want to be like them”.

    Of course, they would like to be like us but they bring not only their ‘cultural restraints’ with them, they insist on dragging along its enforcers.

    A fatted lamb of consumerist societies is ripe for plundering by a hodgepodge of miscegenated rabble, illegal immigrants, people smugglers, criminals and of course, a ‘good and silent majority’.

    But today we see them polarising within their several homelands, a word used here advisedly as these are ancient lands of the Old World and even they dispute every claim to any ownership. Clan, Tribe and Warlord.

    A greater polarising agent has arisen today though than in a thousand years.

    Once again, after a thousand years in suppression, Islam is finding its true expression across the Globe. The Dominion of The Sword, or the AK47. The rule of the shoulder fired anti-aircraft rocket or missile. The rape of the IED.

    And yes, because of their archaic ideology, even a good Muslim will only be rendered harmless in death.

    We watch the banal games of semantics played by ‘world leaders’ who are plainly out of their depth on the one hand and vainly hoping their ‘One World Government’ will come to pass suddenly, just like the charge of the 7th. Cavalry in some cowboy movie.

    First must come the one world carnage.

    That will be good!

    As western nations emulate the trivial skirmishes now taking place in the Old World, it will be on a scale of suffering unimaginable in the minds of men. Any Muslims caught up in the midst of it will consider themselves bereft that they are no longer in Sudan or some such other hell hole of the past.

    Death will surge from side to side, back and forth like a filthy tide upon the face of this planet.

    Societies founded upon the concept of consumerism will find themselves with nothing left to consume but each other’s bodies.

    The oil rich nations will find themselves left with nothing but the inedible desert sands. Home to dragons and their pleasant palaces! Had to throw that one in!

    Any who comfort themselves that the customary dignity of the Far Eastern hordes will protect them from such decline will be discomforted. Big-time.

    So we watch, especially recently when it seemed pointless to comment on ANY of the current squabbles and we note the silent despair of Messrs Clinton, et al., and sense their sadness that none of the potential victors seems in the slightest bit appealing.

    Neither are they. It seems highly probable that the USA will never again experience such domestic calm that they will enact an election of any future President. More than fittingly, Obama is the last.

    The only war you really have to concern yourself with is the one that will come crashing through the walls of your house, wherever in the world you live.

    You will not need to pick your war. It will pick you.


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