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    We are seeing the Big Lie in action. Al Jazeera makes a show of coming out in opposition to all the usual darlings of the Arab World-the PA, Abbas and those members of the ‘Western Alliance’, such as Miz Clinton and Miz Rice et at., who have been traditionally in favour of destroying Israel and creating a new Arab State in its place.

    But wait! There’s more.
    For some time now we have been softened up for the advent of the Muslim Brotherhood. We have been warned that, upon the due death of Egypt’s Mubarak, the Brotherhood would like to slip into his socks.


    Daily, on the other hand, we have been seeing media revelations of the Brotherhood’s hand in every level of Militant Islam purveying its brand of ‘Fundamentalism’ across the world. For the uninitiated, ‘Fundamentalism’ means hard core sharia, despotism, murder and destruction of everything Superman and the Superheroes stood for.


    It’s difficult not to take sides against “The American Way” but we know Ar Rahman and his crew are not an acceptable alternative to the sluttish culture the West purveys.


    So the Big Lie. All this fuss is actually about Fundamentalist Sharia Law no longer being able to hide from the glare of western media attention. Since they are now ‘outed’, they plan to take it to the next level. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to accept its role of totalitarianism throughout the Muslim World.


    Who can believe the Muslim Brotherhood will encourage a more open, democratic (incidentally, a tragically overdone word which should never have been shown to the Americans) and promoting equality in any sense of the word? Tunisia will soon become a hotbed of Muslim crime and oppression.


    Likely so will Egypt.


    Likely so will Jordan, although some say the Bedouins will ‘save the King’ – however, Jordan is the real ‘Palestine’ and it will not even take an uprising there for the host of miscegenated arab filth in that country to overcome what Abdullah calls his Kingdom.


    Then there is Europe. With the Muslim Brotherhood unmasked elsewhere, we should suddenly see a renaissance of Muslim oppression throughout the globe. Europe will burn.


    Already in North America, the educational system is the toy of the Muslim Brotherhood. Who knew? The problem is the despicable slatterns of the USA who sell their own children’s souls for petrodollars in the global ‘earning learning scam’.


    Now that their children are convinced that their Grandparents were War Criminals they will turn against the land that gave them birth – just long enough for the price of such treason to become unstoppable – and ultimately, unpayable. For all the blood that will flow in the USA, the debt will still not be paid.


    Survivors and there will be a few, will feel like members of another race.


    Ar Rahman’s wretched and pathetic sham of a religion will die with the 5.5 Billion inhabitants of this world who, simply, are not going to make it.


    So ElBaradei (pictured) can dash home to the welcoming arms of the Brotherhood – they will probably cut his throat as soon as his usefulness has expired.


    We expect to see other surprisingly well known faces attach themselves to the growing Muslim Renaissance. They all will die.


    However, the fact remains, so will we. We will die in our droves-because you just don’t do war without blood. Blood and death. War is a very very bad television program. You cannot urn it off and it comes in your smashed windows during the commercial break, rapes you and all your children and then, mercifully, kills the lot of you. War then moves on to the house next door.


    So we hope you are watching avidly the ‘coming out party’ of this particular group of enemies of Mankind.

    Note we said almost nothing about some of the others.



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