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  • INALIENABLE palestinian RIGHTS?

    The UN has declared that a non-existent “People” have rights that are inalienable, according to moon worshippers interpretation of international Law.

    We take issue with the totality of what Ban Ki-moon states in his recent attempt to deny the History of the Human Race and cast Israel and the Jews, yet again, as monsters who prey upon the poor pagans of this world.
    Ban complains about rhetoric and brays like a donkey that a non-existent fabrication of the Arab-Islamist war machine has the inalienable rights of a People. This is not such people. No Palestinian People. No Palestinian Language. No Palestinian Capital City. No Palestinian statesman prior to the internationally recognised terrorist Arafat and the Abbas, the man who financed the murder of Jewish athletes at the Munich Olympics.


    Talk about false rhetoric!


    JPost is bad enough in reprinting claims of arab legitimacy over Israeli Lands, particularly in miming statements demanding statehood to the enemy “by September” – if not before! But the UN has continued on its path. Humanity has been here before.


    The prime purpose in establishing the United Nations was to bypass the League of Nations errors which strongly contributed to outbreak of World War Two. The UN today however is even more the toy of unelected despots and tyrants of all colours who wish mainly to destroy the Nations that have provided the rostrum upon which they rant.


    The fact that the USA did not close down the UN decades ago and cease to have anything to do with such a charlatanistic rabble is evidence they are firmly tarred with the same amoral filth as the unmitigated liars they seek daily to appease.


    It isn’t as if anything here will alter what has happened and will continue to happen until Billions of Humanity are destroyed. We accept there is nothing we can do to avert the consequences of the self-deceit of Humanity which has led us all into the unavoidable jaws of death.


    War Comes!


    Big Time!


    In a way, we feel to rejoice at the inevitable march of Time. The events of our Day have never been secret. Mankind has always enjoyed the privilege of knowing where we were headed and also, actually, when we would arrive here.


    Rather typically, it is the very people who have brought us these prophesies who are the avowed enemies of Mankind! Humanity hates and detests the Jews.


    Not that the Jews are nice. They are as unlikable as the rest of us – but The Children of Israel were chosen to declare the Word of God.


    Who gives thanks to the Jews when they seek to apply International Law? The only international law other than Torah is the Law of the Gun. Since all pretence at Judeao-Christian principles and the ethos of law have been thrown out the window, for the sake of ‘getting at the Jews’, there is no other recourse than the Law of the Gun.


    This is what the Prophets, Hebrew Prophets, shared with us thousands of years ago.


    Now we see the final polarisations taking place, of which they spoke.


    It seems incredible now, to watch supposedly adult, literate and articulate men and women, in a world which has become ‘globally connected’, become instead globally intoxicated. The lies uttered today are heard virtually instantaneously around the world.


    The scapegoat Moon, above, seems to find joy in uttering the witless filth which expresses the lowest possible and most ‘common’ denominator that can be devised by the moral slough of Mankind. In fact, Mankind has become a moral slough and this was the gist of what the Prophets foresaw.


    We have been warned and forewarned.


    All these equivocators who rely on their singular facility to escape into some security bunker will find the ‘holes in the rocks’ are of no benefit to them. In fact, they will takes their deaths, in many cases, in with them.


    As for the trash that Humanity has become. It will burn.


    So it is with scorn and cynicism that we see Ban Ki-moon equivocating over International Law and indulging rhetoric in favour of replacing Israel with a New State (Who could imagine such a thing? Who is not amazed!). Go on! Nothing can stop the whole world from the consequences of its descent!


    Long ago we slipped over the edge of the precipice.


    Only the rocks wait below.


    Angels are in the World.

    Dragons are not yet go.



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