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    How simple and convenient it would be if ‘The Trap’ was to catch Modern Israel, or even Islam! How nice a solution if all that was at risk was that the Middle East might lose or be victorious. How grand such a dream!

    Hamas-preparing for Press Release

    It seems plain that, so far as Modern Israel is concerned, the USA plans to embolden and arm the Arabs to the point where they will feel they MUST attack and destroy their hated enemy, Israel. It seems that the cards are on the table to demonstrate this will be orchestrated in such a way that the International Community will ‘look the other way’.

    Not that the International Community minds averting its eyes to any suffering among the Jews or predations upon Modern Israel. Historically it should be noted, the Jews have done relatively well during the last sixty years of so, compared to the average of Pogroms in the past. It looks from the outside as if either History or the Jews Historical Enemies are reverting to form.

    On the other hand, indications are that what is at foot is far more sinister than that.

    In the purest simplistic terms, Mankind devolves into just a few common groups upon the face of the Planet. There are the Western Civilizations, based upon Capitalist Materialism and the exercise of Free Will. There are the Communistic Nations, extending from those of North Asia to those of the Far East and Central/Southern America. There are also the Dictatorships. Increasingly, among these, the influence of Islam exercises itself in what can only be described as an ugly manner.

    In every case it is possible to hold up examples of purest Humanity, as though the innate need for Humans to nurture their own and be kind to others is in some way a ‘product’ of the ‘host philosophy’ or what is even more amusing, the term applied is ‘culture’.

    Human nature has not deviated one iota from its most simple and original traits demonstrated in the earliest History. If that is taken to be Uruk writings of Sumer and even the Epic of Gilgamesh, then the sexual and macho excesses delighted in by ‘cultivated individuals’ have certainly not changed.

    We have nothing against human nature as such. Without it, life would be futile and pointless. Also, without the need to exercise choice life becomes equally futile and pointless. History then is merely a written account of the celebrated choices of the Heads of the Nations.

    Wow! Nothing has changed! Nothing!

    True, some of the record is in pictograms and some is in forgotten languages but the underlying lowness of Mankind’s venality has never been obscured.

    So long as their efforts were limited to the means at hand, meaning ‘hand held weapons’, the outcomes seldom came to anything earth shaking. As a case to be envisaged, it should be noted that in The Wars of The North, in England, twenty thousand men died in one day in hand-to-hand combat. The King wrote to his mother that it was twenty eight thousand, and those being all on the ‘other side’ but 20,000 is enough. This is probably more than were lost by the West in the Korean War, the Malaysian Troubles, the Gulf War and Afghanistan all combined. And yes, they did that in one day.

    So we are not out to belittle the efficacy of old-school warfare. It worked very well in killing and for the sake of those purists who insist it was only ‘men of war’, in those days they did also toss plague ridden corpses into walled towns to wipe out the civilian population.

    Those who kid themselves we don’t do that nowadays have not lived in war.

    They may think they have watched it on TV but when they agonize over which child to eat they will know about war.

    All this is away from the topic. Why?

    Is there some Utopic outcome envisaged by Capitalism? Aside from absolute monopoly, no.

    Is there some Free Will Run Wild Valhalla awaiting Generation Z, with its bits of radioactive isotopes imbedded in their flesh? The law of averages states they won’t live to discover the error of their ways. People in that kind of mental disarray are incapable of defending themselves.

    Is there some Communal Coven of the undeprived, who will forever share what none of them really want in the first place? And that they cannot have, besides?

    North America once thrived on the premise that stuff could be made and sold for a profit.

    Communism presumed you do better at no profit at all!

    Christianity has taught for millennia that all will be well if the priesthood are properly elevated and rewarded.

    Islam teaches that all will be well, regardless, or else.

    This “Why” is becoming terminally, simplistically, obviously blind and insane.

    There is an answer and the Angels have it.

    But dragons are for war. War Comes! Big War!

    War at every conceivable level is upon us and has begun. In the West, parents (to use the word jokingly) are breeding not a generation but a race of feral itinerants who see no point in life beyond the joy it should bring them today. They will die looking at each other.

    In the East, the pleasure of descent will be enhanced by the sheer demographic pull that sucks even nice people into desperate acts of instinctive survival.

    Globally, we have seen the beginning of rash acts on all sides. On the one hand, in the face of instantaneous global communications, we see power hungry sycophants who rules with iron fists. On the other we see peoples of many nations who already rise up to burn, pillage and destroy-because they see no reason and no justice in the way the feel they are being forced to live.

    As present pockets of discontent in say – Ireland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Kosovo, Thailand, Japan, Germany and France, begin to coalesce, we will see the effects of ‘mob mentality’ transcend the scales of street riots and rise to the level where nations of peoples identify themselves with similar, simultaneous uprising which flow like tides across the face of this human world.

    The face will cease to look rational and benign.

    So it comes as an interesting vignette to observe the deliberate inflammations of the Middle East. Obviously the tiny proxy land-bits involved are not the issue.

    Plainly, the identity of their sponsors is not the issue.

    One view has been, for at least fifty years, Mankind has devolved into a rat race and overcrowded, has finally committed to devour itself.

    But this is not true.

    Key to it all is the requirement for every individual to exercise choice in what they will each think, say and do.

    Key further, is that which each must decide, they have no control over the consequences of their decisions.

    Key beyond that is that the Heads, those illustrious and illustrated ones, whose names, titles and reputations flamed upon ancient records, have no control over the consequences of their decisions either.

    Mankind can only seek to control the desires of its heart. If those desires are righteous, then Peace. As the desires of the hearts of Mankind are unrighteous, War.

    Dragons have real tales to tell. And real tails to tell them with, too.

    Angels are in the world.

    Dragons are not yet Go.


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