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    Creeping Sharia clearly represents a force for evil in the world but another looming evil is the developing force of fiscal dictatorship into which Mankind is being lured. The International Monetary Fund Moguls are manipulating the fiscal sovereignty of more and more nations, to subjugate them. Their predations are daily becoming more difficult to conceal.

    IMF Chief -Straus-Kahn

    It isn’t simply the case that Greece or Ireland or even Portugal or Spain might be reduced to servitude to fiscal overlords. The United States of America stand poised for admission into the ‘ranks of the chosen’.

    Not that this is contrary to their leaders. For decades now, the money has been on those who favored the One Government Movement and Obama is its pet today. When he has served its purpose he will be discarded. Obama is the straw dummy set up for the puppet masters. Obama will never amass the kind of lucre which graces the designs of those who pull his strings.

    In this regard, it should be noted also that some of the very richest people on Earth are Chinese so it must be foolish to think Western Money is in any way isolated from the Eastern players.

    Players they are.

    The Master Mahans of Genesis for whom Cain continues to slay Able.

    If the typical foolishnesses of Man were lined up and given free rein, it would be possible to predict the path Mankind would follow. If it were simply a matter of the Seven Deadly Sins then the trajectory of expanding destruction and folly could be plotted, that Mankind would follow. If it were a book it would be called History.

    The trajectory of History describes one continuous arc descending here.

    The vector of technology has crossed the vector of population at the demographic point of ignition. At this point in Time, either the forces of evil must seize control of our planet or be destroyed.

    It’s an interesting equation.

    The Players remain confident.

    Mankind remains soporific as the javelin glides toward its heart.

    True to the nature of Man, some already are becoming uneasy. They struggle to become fully awake before they become corpse. Some restlessly struggle with themselves and with their neighbours. The melting pot or the cooking pot?

    The Magi saw this day, when the Witches would presume they ruled supreme.

    It is not so.

    Before the coming dawn, much must be swept from the ‘playing field’. Many people will not see the new day.

    But watching as the players cunningly pretend they are hurt and that they have no control, we see it will be some time yet before the countless dying will glimpse the face behind their deaths.

    Mankind’s tragic response to its resident evil will be very very great destruction.

    We say, five and a half thousand millions will die. The hanged man smiles as the fools steps off the precipice. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is new.

    Yes. The side show of Islam taunting Mankind’s vaunted Freedom will lead to countless deaths. The sideshows elsewhere, of Communism, Dictatorships and the were-craft of Politics will lap up the blood of nations.

    The Master says, “Be at peace and know that I am God.”

    Don’t forget that. It will not save your life but don’t forget it.



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