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    One of the nicest things about Modern History is that, due to misbegotten political incentives, the elected leader of Israel was shot. True, many have said the bullet was meant for Peres and some also have suggested that Peres had his ‘finger’ on the trigger but the fact remains, a Prime Minister intent on dismantling Israel died.
    PM summons Likud members to meeting over freeze By T. LAZAROFF, R.A. STOIL AND H. L. KRIEGER 11/19/2010 15:26
    “My fellow ministers will accept [the freeze and incentives package],” says Netanyahu; talks continue with Washington on language.

    Trollop and the Face Doll

    It has to be ironic that, since that moment, Israeli leaders have followed the lead of Peres in both denouncing the killer of Rabin and continuing the work of pulling The Land of Israel to pieces and handing those pieces to the Arabs.
    Netanyahu is no exception. While the Arab world does everything in its power to delegitimise Israel, Israel’s leaders show them how it is done.

    Those Jews in the Knesset who would destroy Israel are ably assisted by the ferrets of the USA.

    While it can be shown that the USA has never been better than a fickle friend, to anyone, the manifestations on the world stage today are plain: The United States of America cannot be trusted by anyone.

    What amounted to Highway Robbery, termed Lend Lease prior to USA entry into the Second World War, was precisely typical of every international relationship since.

    Let’s blame the Jews! Many influential persons in the USA are Jewish.

    On the other hand, there are other, wider afield reasons for meanly and aggressively exploiting the World. Empirical plundering was always the norm anyway. This is not new with the USA. What is new is that in the Age of Instantaneous Global Communications, the USA has revealed itself to be the Babylon of Old. No term of denigration can be base enough to describe the predations of US fiscal barons and corporate thieves. This is very much more true because of the manner of intellectual filth they have propagated world wide via television.

    Now is the day when no lie is too fallen to live. Modern Media live every lie imaginable, and Mankind can imagine every lie.

    Politics is just another lie, The Big Lie and in order to prosper in it, the USA has sunk to the greatest lies.

    Rather than rise to the opportunity to champion Truth the USA has fallen to the depths of duplicity. A squalid and miserable fate awaits the USA.

    A similar fate awaits those who pander to its squalid lies and false promises. No elected leader of any Nation has the right to despoil his own people, give away the very Land of his People, and survive.

    But then, Israeli leaders are not elected by their people. Israeli PMs are elected by committees of their ‘peers’, if such a term is not to sully its origin. Chosen from among those who select themselves to rule, the Israeli PM is merely the facepaint on the doll of a whore. Currently, this particular whore is giving herself to the USA and expecting ‘grace and favours’. All Israel will get from the USA is a lethal case of its disgusting disease.

    So we watch with contempt as Netanyahu pretends he is wheeling and dealing, over the implied promise of aircraft which will not be available for at least a decade, so as to invite Arab incursions into more of The Holy Land.

    It has been a long time since we accepted the deals between Israel and America, at least, were anything other than a sham to cover a secret agenda. The only outcome we can see from this agenda is War. Our belief is that the War intended by the USA is not the War intended by Israel and we have unspeakable contempt for both players but even more so for Bibi Netanyahu.

    As for that trashy individual with him in the photo above, she will go into the night with no name.


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