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    The US decries Israeli building in Jerusalem and gives another $150 Million to the PA. Blind Freddy can see that the US has declared war on Israel and hopes the arabs will be their proxies in a war of Final Solution.

    spell caster clinton

    All these ‘gestures’ will come home to roost. You pick up a rattlesnake: you get bitten.

    Mind, it would be astonishing if Israeli leaders so much as batted an eyelid. They obviously have an inside line to the source of all wisdom. Apparently all they need to do is feather their own personal nests through corruption and nepotism and HaShem will do the rest.

    Copy that!

    Since the Contras debacle, the only thing that has changed is that the people in charge are no longer the CIA but the Whitehouse and Pentagon directly. The US State Department has taken charge of Global Corruption and the US President is an Islamist Terrorist. Hildegarde Clinton is a coven sister of the devil himself.

    While Hussein Obama is willing to declare that he and the US will NEVER wage war on Islam, he is feverishly pouring money into arab hands, funding a PA Army with US Taxpayer cash and arming them to defeat Israel.

    In every statement officially released by the US Administration, they declare that they are backing the arabs and their ‘PA State’, in the place of Israel. In the Holy Land.

    There is no such thing as a palestinian people, no such thing as a palestinian language, no such thing as a palestinian history, no such thing as a palestinian capital city and no such thing as a palestinian statesman prior to the internationally recognised terrorist Arafat and the current head of the PA, Abbas who financed the attack by the PLO on Jewish athletes at the Munich Olympics.

    The United Nations gave birth, whelped even, the pseudo ‘refugees’ given the title ‘palestinians’ and ensured, with arab help, that they would never obtain citizenship in the lands from which they came. Shut up in ‘refugee camps’ mandated by the UN, an entire UN Department sustains them purely as an arab weapon aimed at Israel. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is a weapon shaped by the UN, the arabs and the sick and warped power-brokers of the US and EU to express The Final Countdown. They feel this time there are too many of them, in too diverse an array of politically correct guises, to fail.

    Obama has aligned himself with these scum. Their ‘spokesperson’.

    The United States of America is officially the enemy of the Free World.

    As it richly deserves, the USA is sinking into the filth and vomit of its own rotten, immoral core-but it remains dangerous. As the US collapses into its Civil War it will continue to represent a vast and evil threat to the rest of the World.

    All this is not to say that the rest of the world is untarnished. The truth is that many other Nations are even more fallen, if they ever were risen that is. We see the death throes of the USA entangled with the venom of China and the Islam of South East Asia. We see South America wreaking havoc among the puny and politically correct vestiges of America’s greatness. We see Europe, Africa and the rest of Asia self-immolating while casting around themselves with every destructive thought, word and deed they can muster.

    But we see first this disgusting spectacle of Obama crowing over the defeat, he thinks, of Israel. He must hurry to die or he will lie in an unmarked grave at best, otherwise scattered bones left by wild dogs upon the earth.

    Happy about this? No. We consider this a great and unnecessary shame upon all Mankind.

    But the trajectory is set.

    The guesses of Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah and John the Beloved were absolutely correct.

    History touches down here and Mankind will reap the whirlwind.

    Perhaps the safest place will be on the wing.


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