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    Modern Israel strives to distance itself from ‘Spiritual Israel’ or the concepts of Zion. Nor does the World conceptualise Modern Israel as anything that was miraculously or magically restored by the indefatigable Arm of Israel’s G-d.

    Flag of Israel

    We live in an age when the enemies of Israel have no difficulty in delegitimising Israel. Whether those enemies rely on historical anti-Semitism or on any of its neo-apartheid resurrections, the first mention of Israel is sufficient in many quarters to bring forth the expected ‘groan’.
    The most outlandish lies can be publicly leveled against Israel and nobody objects, not even Israel or the Jews.

    It seems as if, despite there once having been, momentarily, an Israel, we are over that.

    More to the point, it takes no effort at all to see the growing cohesion between forces that would have to be presumed anti-Israel. Like storm clouds they gather increasingly on our horizons. The impending page about to be written in History is being shouted on street corners by every newsboy.

    War Comes! Read All About It!

    Or that, if the truth was ever spoken in this world, that is what they would be calling to each other, from street to street.

    Obfuscation rules the day however, so we need not trouble ourselves with such galling political failures. How tragic if all the Talking Heads turned out to be unable to ‘negotiate’ a way past the cataclysm they have talked us into.

    The very sources by which Mankind navigates itself into these increasingly dire crises are the ones who deny all wisdom. Their rune is the philosophies of men, mingled with scripture.

    The true Mandala, the Seer’s Stones, the Urim and Thummim, the Liahona or the Compass, in all the Ages of true Wisdom, has been the Scriptures.

    Of course, in this godless age, the scriptures are held in almost as much contempt as Israel. The difference is that the scriptures are considered useful while the same cannot publicly be said of Israel.

    Two and a half thousand years ago, the scriptures revealed to Ancient Israel that our day would come and that all these ‘combinations’ would conspire against a people who descended from and/or inherited Abram/Abraham’s Covenanted promises from their G-d. The current wheeling and dealing by assorted Nations, Despots, Tyrants and highly paid torts masquerading as ‘priests’, politicians and fornicating fiends who dominate upon the world stage was totally foreseen.

    The present agreement, an ‘Agreement between Nations’, conformed between Great Britain and the PA, the Palestinian Authority or even more whimsically, Palestine, is very much in the mould of this sort of darkening, looming harbinger.

    A Muslimised Britannica, now unable to restrain its ‘Packi” immigrants, must abide in the fruit of its own sloth. What a tragic outcome for Churchill’s weal!

    Jerusalem! In England’s green and pleasant land!

    How proudly must Sir Winston have sung that Anthem and now spins like a rotisserie in his grave as England vaunts the moslem horde to the skies.

    Pathetic, really.

    But you must admit God has done nothing to so startle and amaze the lowly and the lofty with His irresistible wrath, elevating Israel above all and destroying her enemies with the fire of His breath. As said above, people today could not care less except that they are convinced the news would not be so boring if Israel did not exist.

    Therefore we do not agree.

    Scripture states quite plainly that puny men will do ALL that is in their power to hedge up, fence in and destroy. Also that they will do these things BEFORE God bares His Mighty Arm!


    Nothing yet has changed. At least, not noticeably with regard to Modern Israel.

    MK Danny Ayalon suggests members of the public, non-Jews and non-government organisations (NGOs) should engage the enemy with blogs to defend Modern Israel’s legitimacy. What legitimacy? If Modern Israel refuses to assert its own legitimacy then there is no legitimacy to defend.

    We do take the point: Israel’s legitimacy is claimed by its G-d. But then that G-d is trodden underfoot by the insistence of its vapid citizens on ‘being like everybody else’. “They have kings-we want kings. They have gays-we want gays. They have secular, reformist, non-orthodox pretenders for the sake of making money from the craving of the masses to be preached to-WE want secular, reformist, non-orthodox pretenders for the sake of making money from the craving of the masses to be preached to. Modern Israel bends over backwards to be every worst case scenario of the moral slough that is Western Civilisation.

    If Modern Israel wants to be ‘just like the world’ then let it.

    Later we will look for HaShem to bare His Mighty Arm and raise up a generation of the Pure in Heart, His Zion.

    Along the way we will look for a few other things.

    He will prune His Vineyard.

    He will burn the unfruitful vine.

    He will graft in that good part which is fruitful from afar.

    He will bring forth a very fruitful vineyard and find Joy.

    The pruning hook might hurt.

    It will certainly hurt Modern Israel. But if you think you are safe because you are somewhere else – too bad. There is no place to run.

    No rock under which to hide.

    According to Scripture, previous attempts at war, waged by puny Men, were to bring dread into the hearts of men. Knowing History we know.

    Isaiah states, “Few men will survive”.

    Those who survive will have unassailed legitimacy. The Covenant Makers, not the covenant breakers and indeed, the Hen’s chickens finally gathered.


    * voice, quavering from chicken coop * “They ain’t nobody in here but us chickens, Massa!”     A joke told by Barack Hussein Obama

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