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  • SHORT TAKES XV by Guran

    Guran posts comments in world media, where ample provision exists, but such comment is frequently not published. We see nothing in the direct and pragmatic stance taken by Guran, who says little at WenU blog as a rule, and so we will publish a selection of those posts that, for editorial reasons elsewhere, would never see the light of day:-

    Reply to: Redefining War Crimes by Dr. Avi Perry

    Refreshing The Meaning of War is Required – 17 April 2011
    For instance, if there is no crime against humanity, it’s not really war. The purpose of war is to kill an opponent into abject submission, otherwise known as Peace. When Humanity gets around to refreshing its definition of War, which it presently ignores, the majority of Humanity will die. The survivors will have Peace. It’s not a matter of ‘Israel this’ or ‘Israel that’, we are talking about a global paradigm shift which begins now to draw Humanity into its inevitable destruction. Under such terms, neither Gaza nor Arabs will, of themselves, have any meaning.


    Reply to: Clinton: US to lay out new Mideast policy in weeks By REUTERS AND JPOST.COM STAFF
    Clinton: US secretary of state says America’s core interests include…

    A Core Interest Is The Destruction of Israel? – 13 April 2011
    Right! Copy that. As if we didn’t know. However, even discounting that God might object, the billions who represent Diaspora Israel will turn their backs on a defunct USA. Obama has no allies-his ‘friends’ are Arabs and Muslims and will not hestitate to apply the rule of Taqiyya in his case.


    Reply to: ‘Israel exploiting int’l climate to drop 2-state solution’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    After approval of new construction, PLO c’tee says region “headed towards a bloody conflict”; UN slams plans as ‘illegal’ Obama administration says Israel’s actions run counter to efforts to resume direct talks.

    Total and Utter Rot – 5 April 2011
    So long as Israel insists on playing this game of “Maybe”, there can be no recognition of Israel’s own legitimacy! The very idea of a ‘palestine and its land’ is an affront to human intelligence and decency. Therefore the willingness of Israel to go along with Arab lies is…”an affront to human intelligence and decency.” But then, if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!


    Reply to: Obama is a ‘Moron,’ says US Retail Expert Davidowitz by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    Obama – Final US President – 29 March 2011
    Obama is the last regularly elected President of the United States of America. There will be no other. From here on, chaos and catastrophe leading to Civil War.


    Reply to: Politicians Warn Against PA State by Hillel Fendel

    Hyena In Jewish Clothing – 26 March 2011
    Nine years ago Netanyahu made statements this article clings to in 2011. Long since 2002, Bibi has conceded there is no Yesha Israel and the only comment we see from Knesset members is, “We have not sided with the PA…yet.” Modern Israel is doomed by its inhabitants. TA is less Jewish than NYC and more corrupt than Chicago. Netanyahu is looking only to prolong his personal moment of glory, and this at the expense of Israel. The world hates Israel but not as much as Israel and its politicians hate Israel.


    Reply to: Abbas, Dahlan take out Jordanian citizenship By KHALED ABU TOAMEH
    Move comes as PA urges Amman to stop giving Palestinians citizenship to “consolidate their identity”; Jordanian official warns King Abdullah II against repercussions of revoking citizenship.

    Greased Applications? – 9 February 2011
    No doubt, Abbas and crew greased their application for Jordanian Passports – with lots of USD. We know why Jordanian officials ‘politely accepted’ their applications!


    Reply to: Israel says no to more Egyptian troops in Sinai By YAAKOV KATZ
    “We don’t want it to seem as if the peace treaty is meaningless, particularly when there could be a regime change in Cairo,”

    Inept, Incompetent, Unworthy – 7 February 2011
    You have to ask, is it Barak or is it Israel? Blind Freddy can see the Egyptians are using blinds to escalate the situation in Sinai and here we see the typical political bathos of Israel. “Our enemies are so nice they would never hurt us!” The Muslim Brotherhood have a totally ‘Cash and Carry’ attitude toward politics: Anything they can take they will sell. Anything they can’t take, they will destroy-including Israel. Obama and Clinton favour the MB as rulers of Egypt – and incidentally as rulers of the USA!


    Reply to: Israel says no to more Egyptian troops in Sinai By YAAKOV KATZ
    “We don’t want it to seem as if the peace treaty is meaningless, particularly when there could be a regime change in Cairo,”

    Inept, Incompetent, Unworthy – 7 February 2011
    You have to ask, is it Barak or is it Israel? Blind Freddy can see the Egyptians are using blinds to escalate the situation in Sinai and here we see the typical political bathos of Israel. “Our enemies are so nice they would never hurt us!” The Muslim Brotherhood have a totally ‘Cash and Carry’ attitude toward politics: Anything they can take they will sell. Anything they can’t take, they will destroy-including Israel. Obama and Clinton favour the MB as rulers of Egypt – and incidentally as rulers of the USA!


    Reply to: Obama challenges Mubarak: Consider your legacy By ASSOCIATED PRESS
    US president cautions that “entire world is watching”; says issues at stake in Egypt would not be resolved through violence; condemns attacks on journalists, human rights activists.

    Forget Rule Of Law? – 5 February 2011
    We constantly hear these threats of “International Outrage” if any government uses “violence”. Of what do we speak? The Riot Act should be read before these people and the Law enforced. The consequences of illegal rioting and destruction fall upon those who riot! No government is held liable for maintaining Law and Order. Obama regards Chaos as ‘Democracy’. Lawlessness and License is NOT Democracy! Of course, it would help if he subscribed to the Judaeo/Christian Culture upon which such Law is founded, but of course, he is a Black Muslim and accepts no such ethos as either ‘his’ culture or ‘the’ Law.


    Reply to: Analysis: The Quartet’s changing perspective By HERB KEINON
    With the Arab world now preoccupied with its own turmoil, “bolder steps” to foster positive relations with Israel seems… like a pipe dream.

    Without Mubarak . . . – 4 February 2011
    Abbas will simply be radicalised by the Muslim Brotherhood and the false Peace Process will be revealed for what it always was, A Western War against Israel and the Jews, overseen by the UN and driven by Arab hatred. Now that Militant Islam is assuming its true and final ascendancy, we should begin to see some decent deaths around here!


    Reply to: Huge cache of confidential Palestinian documents leaked By HERB KEINON
    Records show Palestinian side of peace talks: Erekat offered “biggest Jerusalem in history” and minimal right of return; PA leaders suggest one-state solution “and struggle for equality in the State of Israel.”

    PA Exclude Temple Mt? – 24 January 2011
    All this was about, meaning references to horse trading over Jerusalem, was to get the Jews to agree to give the Temple Mount to the Arabs. As it happens, the Temple Mt is not the Jew’s to give and Jerusalem is not the Arab’s to give. This entire article is psychological warfare against Israel. No doubt, this is really what this specious release of ‘confidential files’ is actually about. War! Against Israel. But a bigger war comes yet.


    Reply to: Ban Ki-moon: Settlements are illegal, hamper talks By ASSOCIATED PRESS AND JPOST.COM STAFF
    UN Sec.-Gen. calls for end of “irresponsible rhetoric” that questions two-state solution; says he’s “very concerned at lack of progress towards peace.”

    What Palestinian People? – 22 January 2011
    Since when were there inalienable rights accruing to a ‘people’ invented by terrorists and charlatans? It comes to the point where the UN is the protagonist in a war against the common history of Mankind. These people are not simple revisionists – they seek to destroy History for all time. No such thing as a palestinian people, no palestinian language, no palestinian capital city and no palestinian ‘statesman’ prior to the international terrorist Arafat and financier to the Munich Olympics murders, Abbas.


    Reply to: Ban Ki-moon: Settlements are illegal, hamper talks By ASSOCIATED PRESS AND JPOST.COM STAFF
    UN Sec.-Gen. calls for end of “irresponsible rhetoric” that questions two-state solution; says he’s “very concerned at lack of progress towards peace.”

    Settlements Hamper War – 22 January 2011
    The UN is the enemy of Israel, of the Free World and of Peace. The idea that the existence of Israel interferes with UN plans for global peace is not just a lie, it is in fact a blood libel. All these chicken will come home to roost, not only when War comes but when these turkeys meet their maker and are held eternally accountable for their lies and deceit. It gets so the UN is better at Taqquiya than the Islamists.


    Reply to: Barak Says Labor Pulled Leftward by Hillel Fendel

    So Business As Usual For Barak – 17 January 2011
    Meaning, for Barak, the business is Barak. This guy is forming a ‘party’ that was never elected. The defence ‘minister’ has about 2% of the vote as his authority, yet Bibi gives him total authority over Judeah/Samaria. This goes to show what a NON-democratic nation Israel actually is. The usual suspects, lining their own pockets.


    Reply to: Chief Rabbis and Chief of Staff on Shechem Visit by Gil Ronen

    IDF? IDF? What’s It To Do With The IDF? – 31 December 2010
    Why is it, in this jokingly “Democratic” nation that all decisions are made by the IDF and none by government, local or national? Because it’s not a democracy! A plutocracy, perhaps but one in extreme bad taste. It seems there is no Law in Israel, only whatever adhoc rule is applied by the ‘boss’ of the day. You don’t have to be antisemitic to be sick of Modern Israel. If Israel doesn’t care, Isreal doesn’t matter! The IDF are incapable of defending the IDF, let alone Israel (Modern Isreal, that is. Israel is a different matter and does not rely on the IDF)


    Reply to: Hadar Panel of Experts On Security Based Diplomacy by Ted Belman

    Sounds Like . . . – 29 December 2010
    To be polite, this sounds like pie-in-the-sky, not to say wishful thinking. These men are not making decisions and nobody is listening to them. They are fine tuning the fiddle that Nero plays. They all walk away from the fact, if you walk away you lose. The arabs are not walking away. The Jews can cite their reasons why they walk away. Modern Israel refuses to admit it has not been asked to walk but to run. War. Love it or hate it, war is one of the greatest solutions ever invented. The reason War was invented was so there could be Peace. Now get on with it and stop gathering belly lint. But these won’t. They are not even genuine talking heads. Just a bunch of academic wanna-bes. They know they are losing but refuse to say why they lost. Too NICE to win. Learned NOTHING from the Shoah! After Gaza, who WOULD live in Jerusalem! Go home!


    Reply to: Column One: The wars of 2011 By CAROLINE B. GLICK
    Israel must be prepared for two things this upcoming year: A missile war with Hamas and a political war with Fatah.

    Except That … – 28 December 2010
    As usual, what Caroline states is plain commonsense and she makes both valid condemnations and recommendations, except that, ALL sides are angling for war. It’s not clear who thinks who might win but it’s very clear that nobody will intervene to prevent the war. Generally it seems, even the US is promoting circumstances that must lead to war. And yet, who can believe that a war started in the Middle East would not flare up elsewhere? Will we not hear another, “Shot heard around the World”? Hah Tell me stories before I go to bed.


    Reply to: Joshua’s Tomb vandalized with Arabic graffiti By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Jewish worshippers discover Samaria site spray-painted with graffiti calling for martyrdom; Mesika calls act “barbaric.”

    And? – 17 December 2010
    They ‘maybe’ cleaned or painted over the grafitti – and then left. No instant decision to resume the area to Jewish Dominion? We suppose the IDF forced the Jews to leave the ‘Occupied Arab Territory of Israel’. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!


    Reply to: Arab League to US: Help Set Borders for New PA State by Chana Ya’ar

    So It’s Set – The Enemy Is The USA! – 16 December 2010
    The idea finally (joke) is that the USA will “tell” Israel what borders it can have. Or what? War? What is the USA without Israel? Brazil? So now Israel learns the lessons of the past-if you don’t want nationhood and sovereignty, you can have Shoah! This was why Israel always should have said, “No”. Instead – “Maybe” heh No doubt now. It’s Shoah. “Heads I win, Tails you lose”


    Reply to: Barak: Without peace deal, Israel will deteriorate By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER
    After meeting Gates, Ross, Biden in Washington, defense minister says delegitimization poses greater threat to Israel than Hizbullah.

    Without War, Israel Will Cease To Exist – 14 December 2010
    This clown of a Defense Minister and Peres, the perennial destroyer of Israel, are determined to hack Israel down to the proportions where the Arabs will be unable to restrain themselves from declaring their next war. The only thing Israeli without legitimacy is its own leadership. What’s Hebrew for Pogrom? Jews of Modern Israel should have one. Mind, the War is a great idea! A lot of baggage can be tossed out with the Arabs, such as the Knesset.


    Reply to: ‘PA to cancel all security commitments to Israel’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Al Quds al-Arabi reports that PLO, Fatah plan to push for a unilateral abrogation of all Oslo and Road Map commitments, including fighting terror, in response to failed peace talks.

    Israel Should Have . . . – 10 December 2010
    Israel should have done this decades ago! Now stupid Israeli politicians will try to lock themselves into unilateral commitments to destroy Israel in the face of an Arab promise of no possible reward. In the long run, you have to admit, Israel is too stupid to exist. It’s a bit like a dumb beast, lowing at the slaughterhouse gate, wanting to be let in. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.


    Reply to: Obama’s UN Officials Silent on Anti-Israel Statements at UN by Chana Ya’ar

    Who Cares? – 24 November 2010
    Since Israel obviously doesn’t care, why should anybody else? How come the media isn’t full today with Netanyahu dropping all business to berate Obama AND the UN about their filthy attitudes and actions? Why is Israel assuming ‘business as usual’. Because Israel is fishing for its next Shoah and that is why Israel doesn’t matter! The Assistant Ghost gets no audience but those who should speak are never heard! Shame on Modern Israel for never defending itself!


    Reply to: Outgoing MI Chief: in Next War, Tel Aviv is Front Line by Gil Ronen

    Babylon Is In Tel Aviv – 22 November 2010
    The problem for Modern Israel is that she is fallen. Just as the USA is fallen. Western society, including as exemplified in TA, is what the prophets warned against as ‘the whore that sitteth on many waters’. Messiah will come but not to preserve Babylon. He comes to destroy it, globally. We say 5.5 Billion people will die. What will happen in Modern Israel is only a Type of what will happen in the World.


    Reply to: Sarkozy: Iran is today’s missile threat By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Iran tests defense against cruise missiles; wraps up war games with psychological operations; says its defenses are sufficient to deter the US from attacking: “Forces are sufficient to send all US Army home in coffins,” ‘Fars’ reports.

    But . . . But … – 21 November 2010
    But … we never intended to send in troops. We were going to obliterate the entire Nation of Iran (and a couple of others while we were at it) because the jokes are over. There is no point to media muscle-they defend nobody but themselves. Who cares what the media think when the intention is to wipe out hundreds of millions? Black-Ops just don’t cut it. We are actually staring down the barel of the Death Knell. So it doesn’t matter what Iranian buffoons think or say. The party’s over. They are just not our type!


    Reply to: US State Dept: Israel Similar to Iran, Iraq and Sudan by Chana Ya’ar

    Anti-Semitic Vilification – 19 November 2010
    But of course, what does that matter to Israel? Besides which, by constantly braying that Israel is a Democracy, Israel has backed itself into a corner where it cannot claim its entitlement to Theocratic Law. You cannot ride a horse and an ass at the same time. After the next 5.5 billion are dead, survivors as such will enjoy living under Theocratic Rule. That is, survivors everywhere. So the thoughts on this or any other subject, by the USA or its minions, are of no interest nor consequence whatsoever.


    Reply to: Netanyahu: US 90-day freeze proposal is not final By JPOST.COM STAFF
    “Proposal still being formulated by both sides,” PM says at start of weekly cabinet meeting; Elkin warns majority of Likud MKs will oppose proposal; Yishai: J’lem building must resume immediately.

    Repugnant – 14 November 2010
    The idea of Modern Israel constantly denying its own legitimacy is repugnant. It is our cultural heritage also they trample in the filth of arab and obama’s contempt. Modern Israel can go into the night. If it ever had a purpose, that purpose must have been served decades ago-because for decades Modern Israel has been a bigger enemy of the Jews than even the arabs. This is why Western Nations are seduced into dealing contemptuously with Israel. How Modern Israel treats Israel is anathema and repugnant.


    Reply to: PA Critical of New Freeze Plan by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    If Israel Doesn’t Care . . . – 14 November 2010
    It’s plain that parties on all sides of Israeli politics desire to embroil the World in a squabble with the arabs. Now, it so happens that war comes anyway but what can be accomplished by giving more grounds and credibility to arab demands for land and legitimacy? No such thing as a palestinian people, language or capital city. No such thing as Israel. No such thing as Jerusalem, millennia long Capital of David, Jacob, Isaac and the Hebrews. Jews and Modern Israel don’t want it? Fine. Just go! Don’t blame the arabs. No wonder nobody prevented the Germans and others. If the 30s were like today, the World must have been sick to its back teeth of a squirming professional ‘victim’ calling itself Jews. Zion is the Pure in Heart. God knows His own and they hear His voice. Modern Israel fell off the back of an Italian garbage truck.


    Reply to: Senator: Consider taking out Iran’s military By ASSOCIATED PRESS
    Sen. Lindsey Graham says US should “sink their navy, destroy their air force and deliver a decisive blow to the Revolutionary Guard.”

    Congress? – 7 November 2010
    What has Congress got to do with it? The day when people sit around jaw-boning about whether to fight or not are almost done. Ideally, the survivors will wake up and find it’s done. But we live in a less than ideal world and 5.5 billion people are going to die.


    Reply to: Suit Rejected; Destruction of Temple-Era Finds to Continue by Maayana Miskin

    Why Give It Away and Ask For It Back? – 6 November 2010
    Israel gave the Temple Mount to the arabs back in 67. Talk about chutzpa, asking for it back! If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter. It’s quite true that HaShem will redeem the Land by His own Hand – nobody in Israel gives a stuff!


    Reply to: ‘Israel won’t get away with treatment of Palestinians’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Hariri to BBC: “I think Iran has an influence, but the real danger lies in not achieving a comprehensive peace.”

    The Simplest Thing – 3 November 2010
    The simplest thing is to look at and accept the obvious truthes. The Lebanese PM is on the side of Hizbollah, Syria and Iran, regardless of reasons. Israel should simply adopt a posture against them all, rather than play expensive public games to the contrary. The US Admin shares Hariri’s views of Israel, despite knowing the US populace are genetically pro-Jew and pro-Israel, plus morally obligated to Torah for their Culture. The US and the Arabs have nothing to offer Israel and desire nothing so much as to have Israel cease to exist. Now this is all plain fact. So War Comes!


    Reply to: Senior Hamas Member Attacks Western Values by Elad Benari

    The Difference Is – 3 November 2010
    While, in the West we suffer from self-will run riot, the problem with Islam is that it seeks to remove ‘choice’, which is the Agency given Man by God. We concur that Western values have lost their moral rudder but find no morality in Islam aside from crushing domination. Sure there are nice Muslims. Nice Mommies. Nice Daddies. These are Humanistic traits which can survive tragic circumstances. But Islam seeks to suppress freedom to choose what we will Think, Say and Do. Torah Law calls for moral self-restraint. Torah also defines punishment for crimes against one’s neighbour. Islam teaches, “Kill your neighbour for your soul’s sake!” Sick and satanic. Islam is satanism. The West is in the process of self-destructing but Islam will help it along the way to destruction. Their destruction will be mutual.


    Reply to: No Occupied Terrirtories by Eli E. Hertz
    A UN coalition sought to rewrite history by labeling the Territories ‘Occupied Territories,’ thus endowing them with an aura of bogus statehood and a false history.

    Now Tell All That To Israel – 3 November 2010
    It’s amazing that Israeli leaders insist on legitimising every lie cast against them and treating as ‘extremists’ all who voice the truth about Israel. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter! Who will tell British FM Hague to “Take a hike” during his current visit? No. They will all conscienciously ‘consider’ his suggested Building Freeze – and wonder why the arabs regard Israel as a joke!


    Reply to: ‘PM agreed to lease Jordan Valley from Palestinians’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    As part of negotiations, US reportedly proposes Israel lease border region for 7 years; MK says, “Why do I need to lease land that belongs to us?”

    The Problem Is – 1 November 2010
    Bibi has already agreed to the principle that the Land belongs to the Arabs. Now he’s just haggling with the USA over a price to lease it back! How come you people support these traitors who elect themselves from among their own elite? What can the US do to Israel? What IS the US without Israel? Israel is the US’s ‘moral majority’. Not to a black muslim but to the vast majority of North Americans, the entire Cultural Heritage of the USA stems from a Land that Obama hates. But then, Bibi feels the same way so, go figure!

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