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    The fiery heat in the Muslim Hoax surrounding the original cartoon publicity has died down but not the fear. We feel it is disgraceful that people in many corners of the world continue to cower at Islamist threats rather than stating their honest disgust and contempt.
    one of the dreaded but funny images    

    The point regarding the original riots and destruction was always that the entire matter was fraudulent and a hoax, perpetrated by the Muslims themselves. All the evidence is on the table that the destruction, riots, death threats and even deaths were a gerrymander set up and orchestrated by evil and designing men.The details are readily available at the Mohammed site listed in our NewsLinks blogroll.The true and central matter surrounding this entire charade, dangerous as it is, stems from events originating before Time and linked directly to Mankind’s probation on this planet and the purposes in our being here.The central characters, Jehovah and lucifer (using their modern Anglicised names – lucifer scores an absence of a capital l – because he sucks and we want him never to forget it), represented Choices that would be exercised by the Children of God.Jehovah was willing to perform the role of Messiah, within the terms dictated by the Will of the Father but lucifer proposed to enact the task according to his own methods and he desired personal Glory, God’s Glory, to go with it. The shortcoming in lucifer’s method was that he would prevent Agency, the capacity for the exercise of Choice, which was given to all Mankind by God. He felt, if nobody was permitted to choose wrong then all must be rewarded by returning to our heavenly home after the time of mortal probation was complete. But note YOU and I would have no choice or Agency in this life.The Father chose Jehovah and the rest is history, myth, religion, theology and every imaginable connotation thereof.Which is not to say lucifer ever relented.Throughout the millennia, in his new role of Satan instead of Saviour, lucifer has continually striven to pervert the intentions of the Father. Often his methods have been to very nearly counterfeit to much of the original teachings of the Ancients, from Adam down to Noah, from Noah to Moses, from Moses till Messiah came at the meridian of Time.

    While lucifer was no doubt delighted to inspire the Roman Empire in its adoption of their own and Greek philosophies and pagan rites, mixed with scripture, surely his greatest delight came with the profanities of Mohammed. How great his joy must have been to see the Abomination raised upon the Temple Mount! Not that the Jews even today or more particularly in 1967, seem to demonstrate any objection to it!

    But putting aside all debate about religious wars, because they are in fact one of the ways in which Mankind are tested. There must BE opposition in all things or what was the purpose of Life? Nevertheless, we see today in Militant Islam lucifer’s naked desire:- to defraud the individual of Choice. To prevent the exercise of Agency.

    Surely, Mankind will make mistakes – “All have sinned in the eyes of God”. But who YOU are is illustrated in Time for all Eternity by the choices YOU make in this life.

    So Islam, with its evil and perverse intent to deny you the exercise of your personal, individual Agency, is Satanic.

    This is why we should feel nothing but revulsion and contempt when thousands of screaming and hysterical Islamists and their cohort Muslims call for our deaths.

    Death is to grant them legitimacy. They are frauds and both their religion and their hate are a HOAX.rai@wenublog.com


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