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    What was the point in forming Israel? Or rather, why put Israel now in the hands of Jewish politicians who want to destroy their own country? Why form Israel in the first place if this was to be its fate?

    Ehud Olmert - Traitor

    Ehud Olmert’s publicist has released a primer on his current op-ed:
    “Israel should agree to an international trusteeship in Jerusalem’s Holy Basin, should allow non-Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem to serve as the capital of a Palestinian state, and should offer to solve the Palestinian refugee problem within the framework of the Arab peace initiative, former prime minister Ehud Olmert urges in an op-ed article in today’s Jerusalem Post.

    The source confirmed that Olmert’s reference to an international trusteeship in the Holy Basin, which “will not be a sovereign part of either the State of Israel or the state of Palestine,” would involve Israel relinquishing sovereignty at the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. “There would be complete and unlimited access for all believers – of course, for Jews – to these sites. Basically,” the source said, “this would represent a maintenance of the status quo, but under international trusteeship.”

    Dealing with these suggestions in a somewhat reverse order, the idea that the Arab World can concieve, even conceive, of a situation where they have a religious presence without absolute Sovereignty is disingenuous. We know Olmert is aware, there is no possibility of this coming to pass.

    So this establishes the core of his suggestion as not only a false contention but an absolute lie.

    At this point, the whole discussion should be ended but as the joke storyline goes, “there’s more!”

    Since Israel’s current Defence Minister plainly agrees with Olmert, we should deal with other elements of Olmert’s ‘five point plan for peace’.

    An International Trusteeship in Jerusalem’s Holy Basin: “The trusteeship proposed to Abbas constituted Israel, the Palestinian state, the US, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.”
    The last time Jordan had influence in Jerusalem, the Jews were locked out! As for the US and Saudi Arabia, they are currently allied against Israel under the aegis of the skinny black kid who would be if he could be, a muslim. The other element, the non-existent palestinian people, who the skinny nigger has decided he will declare a Nation in Israel: there is no such thing as a palestinian people, no palestinian language, no palestinian capital city and no international palestinian statesman prior to the internationally renowned terrorist Arafat and Abbas, who financed the murder of Jewish athletes at the Munich Olympics.

    We don’t seem to be establishing any basis of trust.

    The palestinian Refugee Problem: There are no palestinian refugees but there are a number of UN Hostages held in a variety of encampments, who are prevented by the Arabs themselves from either leaving their enclosures or obtaining citizenship in the Arab Nations (22) in the vicinity. These people today are descendants of Arabs who flocked to Israel at the prospect of work once the Jews began their return. They were ordered out of Israel by the Arabs, prior to a ‘War of Extermination’, which the Arabs lost then and have continued to lose successively on the Battlefield but have now won in the parlour of the White House.

    The purpose of flooding Israel with Arabs is twofold: Altering the demographic make-up of Israel to make it more Arabic; and deluging Israel with committed terrorists devoted to destroying Israel and willing to ‘Die for Allah’ to do it.

    So beyond the lack of trust we discern clear and present malice.

    “Basically,” the source said, “this would represent a maintenance of the status quo, but under international trusteeship.” Wrong!

    The Status Quo amounts to the Wakf denying Jews access to the Temple Mount and the Arab World denying the right of Jews to worship there. On the contrary, while the Arabs have spent years digging and defacing on the Temple Mount, they constantly accuse the Jews of doing these things instead. The Jews cannot, as they are not permitted on the Mount unless accompanied by guards to ensure they do not pray and this only in limited numbers. This matters not at all to the world.

    So Olmert’s suggestion is that an International Force will exclude the Jews from the Temple Mount! And parts of Jerusalem. And parts of Israel-to be advised.

    “He cites five such core issues, including the question of borders, where he asks whether the Israeli withdrawal will include parts of Jerusalem.” Borders!

    The issue of Borders is brought up in the context NOT of an International Agreement but in the context of an ongoing War.

    By International Agreement, which the Arab Nations rejected, Israel was formed to be between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The Arabs immediately invaded but were unsuccessful. As it happens, Jordan captured parts of Israel including parts of Jerusalem. Since then, in efforts to kick Jews out of the rest of Israel, the Arabs have warred about every ten years, remaining unsuccessful. However, such is the disingenuity of all concerned that the ‘border’ now under discussion is NOT the border of Israel, which is the River Jordan but the 1948-9 Cease Fire line. So what is demanded now is that the entire World declare that the Arabs won the war!


    So. Surrender Israel to the Arabs and declare Jerusalem the Capital of a nation by the name of Palestine, to be created by the skinny nigger at the end of the year.

    And this is the stated policy of Israel’s most recent Prime Minister, it’s current Defence Minister Barack, the leader of the most significant Opposition, Zipi Livni and by the sound of it, secretly the policy of Netanyahu.

    Who knows what Bibi’s Policy is. It could be anything! His secondary policy, that is. His first policy is to do what is right for Bibi!

    So we face that situation where the People of Israel are threatened by the Arab World, the USA and their own Political Leaders!

    What was the point?

    Did Hertzl and Ben Gurion figure they could instigate a revitalised Isaiah’n state, a pseudo Zion, hoping to gain fame and notoriety for themselves alone, against all odds and contrary to the Will and Intent of Torah?


    It seems that Israel’s leaders think so. They seem agreed on only this one thing: Israel was a big mistake. Israel’s leaders find Israel’s existance problematical.

    Israel’s leaders appear to also take comfort in the realisation that every which way they turn, they find International Support for the contention that Israel must be destroyed for the mistake to be undone.

    Well, not Destroyed. They would never be so honest as to put it that baldly. Simply to inundate the place with Arabs and use International Monitors to ensure the Jews could do nothing about it nor defend themselves.

    We feel however, this is not the problem.

    Looking around the world today we see the skinny nigger and other international talking heads being blind-sided to the fact their own nations and dungheap societies have already been ignited by spontaneous combustion. Those avidly destroying Israel will find they have no home to go home to.

    But yes. Israel. What was the Point?!


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