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    Judaism and homosexuality: The clash of equal rights by L.B. Kurtzer
    (Re-printed without permission)
    “While I myself am not gay, it hurts no less for me to see that gay people are not given even close to equal rights in the Torah.”

    L B Kurtzer.jpg


    The sad thing is that lucifer has managed to draw the binds upon the eyes of all.

    People everywhere blame God, that they are not permitted to do just whatever they wish, demanding that the Laws of the Cosmos be suspended and that they be absolved from the Law of Consequence.

    In the case of this little girl, who feels sad for those drawn to same-sex relationships and casts this against the Faith of her upbringing and culture, she feels there is some inequality apparent. Homosexuals have the same rights as heterosexuals, except that in some cases they choose not to exercise them and in some cases, they choose to exercise license which the Prophets have advised brings wrath.

    It cheapens the Wisdom and Love of God, the Father of every member of the Human Race, to suggest a HaShem who hears every quiet cry for solace then exerts His Divine Energy to excoriate those same children.

    If God broke the Laws He has set, He would cease to be God. It matters nothing if you are a Jew (and find abhorrent the application of God rather than G-d) or any other individual, of any faith or none. Laws of this Universe are Eternal and fixed for the benefit of all.

    So let’s see where this places sexuality, procreation and mainstream whorising around.

    God ordained Marriage as a sacred institution, for the purposes of procreation, in order to bring forth His Children in the Mortal World. In case you forgot, that is why YOU are here.

    The benefits and rewards of procreation are self evident to those who are not blind.

    We live in a blind world, a world which ignores the blood and sins of its generation and holds forth the fundamentals of society are unwanted. We live in a world where children are brought forth in misery and abuse, unloved often, cast into situations of single-parent poverty, starvation, sickness and death.

    We see the wisdom which rescues individuals from the plight of Society and raises them to solitary fornication, devoid of consequence, childless and uncaring really despite their empty protestations. We know of ‘adoptions’ by homosexual couples and we see their own and their children’s lives as spiritually barren.

    “Oh no!” you say. “They love God!”

    They adore themselves sufficiently that they raise their adoptive children in what they know to be a lie.

    Modern science, also a contradiction in itself, has determined the ‘replacement’ factor in society to be 2.1. That is, for a society to continue to be able to cater to its own needs, each married couple should have five children (5).

    We say married because the same scientists, even the ones rolling in the aisles, admit their statistics reveal those children best able to survive in society and nurture new generations are the children of happily married couples.

    We say nothing about unhappy couples and enter no debates about Utopia.

    Any society which allows itself the luxury of homosexuality to the extent that the reproductive factor of 2.1 is not reached condemns itself to extinction.

    Extinction of a society is what the Prophets call The Wrath of God.

    The Law of Consequence throughout the Universe is fixed.

    Homosexuals are equally bound by the Laws of Agency and Consequence as any other members of society. It’s just that they care less and are more self centered than the Human Race can afford to be.

    So they are an abomination.

    Read that word.
    Maybe you should parse it. Go look it up. Ponder and pray over it?

    Accept that word.

    If you are reading this in 57,983 on Altares 9, it is still Universally True.

    So, little L. B. Kurtzer, we love you and we know you mean no chutzpah in your Blog Posting but understand, HaShem meant no chutzpah when he sent the Prophets to point out the eternal truth-those who abominate their mortality and carnalise their own bodies and the bodies of God’s Children, are free to do so. But they are not free of the consequences.

    And neither are the rest of us.

    I need your children to grow up to be able and productive members of Society, not just fruitful, so that they will become taxpayers contributing to my and all other elderly retiree upkeeps, if we get there in an increasingly unlikely world.

    That was the point about 2.1-less than that and we all die.

    Including you, dear little LBK who, when age slows you and a frail body relies on the vast unbegotten, will discover the wrath of God is only the most gentle truth you allowed yourself.

    These bodies are great eh? With them we can do . . . anything! It’s amazing how different it is here in mortality to how it was in Heaven. The price Father set, for us to return to His side, was that we continue here to exercise a sacred respect for the bodies He gave us and that He gave our friends and gave their and our children.

    The consequences of abominating our and their bodies are eternal.

    You didn’t mean it to be Eternal?

    The Laws which bind God are Eternal, or He would not be God.

    Feel love for all Mankind. You do not have to like what they Think, Say or Do but accept that each Child of God is a Brother or Sister, here on a sacred journey in the midst of Honour and Glory and we live by Laws that transcend our Mortal existance.

    Nice Posting though, at the link.

    And yes, it IS tempting to think it might be ok to do it, afterall. I mean. Everybody is doing it, right?


    Those who take this sacred journey seriously, and many who are kosher do, are not being tempted by satan to partake of the blood and sins of this generation.


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