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    Today we see President Hussein Obama appealing to the People of the USA, saying “We must not destroy each other”. It’s an interesting idea. In fact, that’s how the human body beats cancer.

    the devil's advocate

    Obviously, today’s trigger was the cross-association between the 9/11 mosque and the proposed ‘Koran Burnings’ in Florida. We are also aware, this matter did not happen overnight but has been developing behind the scenes since July. It’s only when the movie is released that people take an interest in the book and the author!

    But plainly there is much more at stake and a great deal more complexity involved in what we are seeing in the froth of public rhetoric and politics. If a polarization is taking place we need to know the nature of the poles, who they are and what their mutual opposition is.

    These are the matters avoided by Mr. Obama

    Previously, Mr. Obama has indicated his public support for the mosque which is planned to be built within rubble distance of the World Trade Center site.

    Today he proclaimed the ‘sacred nature’ of the Muslim Holy Book, the Koran (Qura’n) and denounced any intention to burn it.

    Mr. Obama does not deign to pass upon motives of either party but strongly states there must be no animosity, regardless, directed toward Islam, the Muslim adherents and their Holy Book. He passes summarily and dismissively upon the motives of the Pastor from Florida who strongly objects to what he states is the ‘profaning of the 9/11 Site’.

    There seems to be something unequal in the presumptiveness of these attitudes and a clear implication was made earlier that the basis of the Pastor’s animosity is simply that he does not ‘know’ the Koran so his ‘fears’ are based upon ignorance.

    So it matters that we fix in mind where these ‘events’ fit into any trajectory and surround the current debate with facts on the ground and with knowledge.

    Facts on the ground must be drawn from the Community of the United States of America.

    Knowledge has to be in respect of the origins, nature and intent of the Qura’n.

    In the most simplistic sense, the facts on the ground are widely known if only now beginning to be widely promulgated. For decades in the USA, Arab money has been pouring in, for the purposes of funding cultural change at every level. Without here dealing with the direct impact of Petro Dollars on the financial institutions of the US, we can focus readily upon cash-impacts upon tertiary education, community awareness and deliberate subversion among acceptedly disadvantaged classes.

    It must be that this word ‘disadvantaged’ is addressed here.

    We are familiar with the Nations of the World and few are as advantaged as the USA. In reality, it is in the USA that a migrant of dubious cegenation can rise to be the Nation’s President. In reality, it is in the many Nations that publicly vilify the US that millions can be found living out their entire lives, born-reproduced-and-died, in open sewers, ghettos, slums, war ravaged villages of mud and straw and facing death even at the hand of semi-government militias.

    We are familiar with the fact that even in the US, many take the trouble to fall through the net. They take the trouble to identify with thugs and losers, illiterate and unproductive, and justify their existence by claiming they are ‘underprivileged’.

    We know these fruitless individuals gravitate to prisons in the USA and we know their false claims of disprivilege are exploited by Islam. Arab money funds the work of Islam in ‘radicalizing the dispossessed’ in the lowest tiers of US Society.

    We know some among those who work hard and strive to accomplish the heights of their dreams must continue to under achieve and that their frustrations and setbacks can be the wedge permitting in the influence of a malicious Islam. If not in the hearts of the parents, then increasingly in the hearts of their children.

    We know Arab money has funded countless ‘Chairs’ across the Nation of the United States of America, breeding within the hearts of US Citizens a contempt for the culture, the accomplishments and the ethos of their Homeland. We know this is true. We see and hear continuous accounts of boycotts and confrontations within these colleges where, in the face of commonsense and common decency, true freedoms of thought and of speech are suppressed and defamed.

    We know Arab money has funded Anti-Semitism at every level of US Society.

    You might think, “What have the Jews got to do with it?” The answer is, the Arab World is confident that if they can dispose you against the Jews, they can focus your discontent upon every aspect of daily life which attaches to Jewish aspirations. We remind the World, all material, moral, ethical and scientific fields upon the face of this planet have benefited vastly from the inputs and interests of the Jews.

    If one can turn your heart against the Jews and their ubiquitous influence then one has turned your heart, not only against the cereal you have for your breakfast but the appliances with which you prepare it. Whether it be the connotative habits upon which you rely for daily judgment and skill, the prayers you intuitively offer or the theorems you memorize for practical applications in your field, you are implementing aspects of the vast heritage of Hebrew Learning, Belief and Practice in the World.

    So Anti-Semitism is very much a form of self-hatred and that is precisely where the god of the qura’n wants you to go. And so long as your strength lies in the roots of your illiteracy, unfruitfulness and disenchantment with life, Islam will find in you the radicalism it needs to destroy you.

    These are the things we know because they are the Facts on the Ground.

    Lets look then at knowledge of the Qura’n, that vaunted “sacred” piece of plagiarized trash and rubbish esteemed by the President of the United States of America.

    The Qura’n maintains itself to be the ‘sayings of mohammed’ cursed be his name, and thus, scripture.

    We know scripture. Some takes the form of sacred Poetry; some the form of sacred Prose; some the form of Literary Historical Accounts of Men’s Dealings with God. We have come to expect of Scripture that it adhere to the nature of God, which we concede can be stern and also that it be logical in the forms of its presentation.

    This does not mean that we know intimately and completely all the meanings of Scripture, its reason and its logic but that even we can see that it makes some sort of sense.

    For instance, the Hebrew Account, for all its scholastically annotated eccentricities can be quite easily read and accepted as a chronological account of the dealings of the Hebrew People, in fact their Ancestors and their descendants, over thousands of years.

    Even if a person chose not to consider the Torah (the Five Books of Moses and its Legal exegesis by subsequent ‘sages’), the Books of the Prophets etc., and eventually the Christian writings dealing with the Hebrew Messiah, in total, to be The Word of God, any fool with the capacity to read could find enlightenment there. That fool would also find uplift, logic, reason, justice, love, intelligence and LIGHT.

    The same cannot be said of the Qura’n.

    For one thing, the Qura’n makes no sense unless you wish to exercise malice and obsessive control.

    There is no chronological order, no sense of internal purpose or trajectory of truth within its pages.

    Certainly there is a sense of its hatred and vilification of the Jews. Note that the Arabs assembled their bogus book after the advent of the ancient Hebrew Nation and also after the Mission of Christ, both of which they plagiarize and both of which they defame. It matters not to the devil himself whether his lies be drawn from the Old or the New Testaments!

    If any sense of ‘arrangement’ can be detected among the lies, deceit and plagiarisms of the Qura’n, that arrangement would reveal the oldest ‘sayings’, thus those most associated with mohammed and his dealings with his disgusting undergod, come at the end of the book rather than at the beginning. But this is in no way to say the ‘sayings’ are arranged in ‘reverse order’. They are simply lies arranged in a higgledy piggeldy mishmash of hate, horror and more lies, plagiarized from Hebrew Writings on the one hand and pseudo Jewish/Christian Gnostic ‘sayings’ which were also current at the time of mohammed.

    Be it known that mohammed could not read and never read any of the scriptures quoted in Qura’n. He paid Jews to recite parts of their scriptures and complained loudly when they laughed publicly at his inability to grasp their meaning.

    Mohhamed stated sixty years was taken from the life of Adam to lengthen the life of David, his son!

    It’s pathetic really but we should mix our charitableness with the realization, this is the man, mohammed, who took that ignorance and used it as the motive to murder, rob, rape, plunder and subjugate by the sword. We might feel sympathy for the ignorance of one of God’s unlearned sons but we should in no way feel sympathy for the hateful crimes he committed.

    But we cannot blame mohammed for the existence of Qura’n. He didn’t write it. Mohamed could not read in the first place. It was his followers who compiled the heresy known as Qura’n. We will come to them.

    The Qura’n, for all its insane contradictions, spite, hatred and plagiarisms does contain revealing accounts of mohammed the man. It holds him to have been an outcast. No surprise then that his religion was the religion of outcasts but then, who is not an outcast, you ask and what religion was not?

    The Qura’n reveals mohammed had dealings with satan.

    Some physical details should be supplied, to give him substance. Due in part to his being outcast, but also because in ancient Arabia you did, mohammed wandered and found himself in Yemen. There he encountered one of the local idolatrous pagan gods by the name of Ar Rahman. This pagan idolatrous god was taken by the Yemenis to represent lucifer. Mohammed found a chord or harmony within himself and the practices associated with this god Ar Rahman. He liked his religion!

    When mohammed returned to the dry waddi at Mecca, which was essentially his home, he decided to attach his veneration of lucifer, in the pagan idolatrous god worship of Ar Raman of Yemen, to an attractive black meteoritic stone which was kept in his home camp. The black stone, among many other venerated stones kept there, for they were all idolatrous pagans in that part of Arabia in those days if they were not converts to some form of, for instance, Judaism, was allah. The black stone had the name allah.

    The god of mohammed, lucifer in the identity of Ar Rahman, became allah.

    The god allah, of mohammed is lucifer, satan or the devil.

    This is revealed in the Qura’n, along with the demented ravings of both mohammed and his evil god, the devil and the devil’s jinns who attended him.

    So welcome home, mohammed. The place where the collection of ‘sacred’ stones (recall the words of Mr. Obama today with reference to the sacred text of the muslims) was a square area of unhewn stones, just rocks, not constructed walls, with no roof, called the kaaba. The kaaba was adjacent to a well in the waddi, hence the need for people to come there to get water, a precious commodity needed by those who lived there, their animals and the nomadic people who grazed animals in the area.

    As the well itself was a viable commodity, it was ‘administered’ by a dominant clan who just happened to be mohammed’s relatives.

    And they hated him! Mohammed had a very badly abused upbringing and was, from childhood to the grave, a very sick puppy.

    To cut a disgusting story short, very short, as soon as mohammed was able, he killed off his relatives, aside from those who acceded to his new dominion. Mohammed became the Boss, of the Well, the Kaaba, the Kit, the Kaboodle and certain female relatives. You can read all about it in the Qura’n, so long as you are willing to overcome its insanity and certain other constraints we will soon also explain.

    A successful mohammed still had setbacks. He had to refine the inhuman cruelty and brutality of his methods in order to be supremely successful in killing off all his enemies and taking over the land within his reach.

    His followers adapted his successful methods and became equally successful, too!

    Mohammed went the way of the world, died and was buried.

    The followers of mohammed carried on their bloodthirsty rout and became very, very successful. They won.

    Now it is an indisputable element of the Human Condition that when men become established they crave legitimacy.

    In order to establish in their own hearts and in the hearts of those they murdered, subdued and oppressed, the followers of mohammed began to collate the ‘Sayings of Mohammed’. This took a while and became known, ultimately, as the Qura’n.

    The Qura’n was not written by mohammed, who could neither read not write, but was compiled between 100 and 300 years after his death.

    The Qura’n comprises ‘sayings’ attributed to mohammed.

    The Qura’n ‘attributative process’ is terrifyingly insane. So-and-so said that so-and-so said that . . . up to more than twenty times removed!

    So it must be accepted, if we are rational, that the Qura’n comprises a ‘non-ordered’ compilation of ‘sayings’ which appealed to members of his followers, who said they heard the ‘prophet’ say them, mingled with accounts drawn from the Old and New Testaments, including some Gnostic writings which of course mohammed could not read (this is the point to the plagiarism-those reciting it do not even understand it and so far as mohammed ever quoted it, he did so insanely out of context), plus some ravings attributed to either mohammed or the devil. The Qura’n quite openly states mohammed was dealing with the devil and jinns. Mohammed was very afraid!

    Mohammed was a sick puppy who was afraid all his life. One of the psyche job neighbors we all encounter from time to time!

    But mohammed did not write any of these sayings. Nor did those he spoke with. They were all dead and gone long before any of this rubbish got written!

    “Ok,” you say, “If all this is in the Qura’n, why does nobody say so?”

    Well. That’s the point about satan. The Qura’n is held to be so sacred that it can only be written in the original language! heh

    Now, that would be – Classical Arabic.

    But sadly, Classical Arabic is a dead language. Around the world there is a ‘sort of’ Arabic which is used as the Modern Standard Arabic but then, in many parts of the world, people don’t even speak pure MSA, they speak a local patois mixed with Arabic, a kind of slangy version which can be quite localized in tribal areas of some Third World societies.

    So. Classical Arabic. Who knows it?

    Ahh! The principal Imams, comprising no more than five percent of Muslims and likely a great deal less, are the only ones who can actually read the Qura’n. What they tell their congregations from it depends upon their perceptions of local needs.

    Focus upon that paragraph above – we will use it:


    Now, it’s actually difficult enough for you, possessing the key above, to decode the identical paragraph. No punctuation, no vowels and fifteen to twenty percent of the words actually dead or having no recognizable or current meaning.

    Then of course, in order to recite it in that appealing manner they do, likely the source of ghetto RAP, it became necessary to throw in the odd bit of even more meaningless rubbish, just to fill out the BEAT:

    dum dum dum dum dum dum de dum
    dum dum dum dum dum darm de dum

    (darm? – well, it needs that extra beat! – or word)

    So the Qura’n is tripe, but nobody would know that because even 95% of Muslims only know what they are told.

    And the response of the Imam intending to build the 9/11 mosque, and of others keen to dissuade the Pastor in Florida from burning the Koran, is that, “He just doesn’t know what’s IN it!”

    If he did he would declare jihad on all muslims.

    In fact, if 100% of Muslims truly and fully understood the Qura’n they would declare jihad on their own imams.

    And these are the Imams intent on ‘radicalizing the disaffected in US prisons’ and in poisoning the hearts of American college students and in focusing Arab Petro Dollars for maximum destructive effect in the financial sectors of the Free World, including Wall Street right there in the good ol’ US of A.

    Which is where Mr. Obama came in at the start.

    Mr. Obama and his Islamist towel-headed mates are seeking, in ever more public displays of power and influence, to destroy the USA. Mr. Obama just doesn’t want any US Citizens to do anything about it! “We must not destroy each other”!

    We must permit the cancer to take its course.

    I agree that the Pastor in Florida probably knows very little about what he is dealing with.

    But in the event he begins to get close enough to suspect the Truth about Islam, he will be confronted by a pernicious weapon of Islam.


    Taqiyya is an acceptable strategy advocated by readers of the Qura’n. It entails ‘strategic lies’. The strategy is, “Lie to your enemy, make him feel comfortable until you obtain full power over him, then strike.”

    So the religion of Muslims calls on them to lie to all public officers and elected officials until they feel they are in position to declare their own laws to be in force.


    And so yes, we will have war and even the Bible is quite conservative compared to us. We say 90% of Humanity will die. That’s roughly 5.5 Billion.

    Have another nice day!

    One of the few nice days left.

    Oh. And as for your nice Mr. Obama?

    Shove him!

    As for the 9/11 mosque?

    As for President Karzai’s saying it is unacceptable for Pastors in the USA to burn the Koran? Well, in that case we recommend Mr. Obama help him out with a taxpayer funded loan to shore up the failing Afghan National Bank – that way perhaps a few more US Cits will wake up to what’s going on.

    Cancer is terminal and the World has it. The World will survive but the surgery is going to be horrific. Truly horrific.


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