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    Paula R. Stern is the Founder and Documentation Manager of WritePoint, a technical writing company.

    Paula R. Stern

    Paula wrote, in her OP ED today and available at the link, words including those reprinted without her permission here:

    And so the anger returns. Dear Mr. Crowley, what exactly did the Israeli side do to torpedo your peace talks in Washington? We sent you our idiot leader to stand there and say that he has a peace partner, and we buried our dead.

    And after doing all this, the pain and anger rise to choke us because we watch as the world moves on to other things, while seven orphans never will. And somewhere, deep in the midst of this anger is the amazing bewilderment. Perhaps, after all is said and done, we really are as stupid as the Arabs believe us to be, we infidels of Islam.

    Our response, as usual submitted unflinchingly by Guran, was as follows:

    Reply to: We Are Infidels, but Stupid Ones by Paula R. Stern

    Bite The Hand That Bites – 9 September 2010
    Paula, for all the fact that nobody will do what is right, and for all the fact that what is right is not considered legal, the answer is for Israelis, Real Israelis, to execute one Israeli politician in a leadership role for every Israeli terror victim. Once the wall of indifference is penetrated, laws will change and Israelis will become sacred to the Nation of Israel. But so long as Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter! www.wenublog.com

    – – –

    Now let us paint in the fallen leaves that make up the rest of the picture.

    Paula identifies the problem, she thinks, in terms of the process and that it is unsatisfactory. Guran focuses upon the need for a satisfactory outcome and defines the required process.

    In fact, both are unsatisfactory.

    So long as the deaths of Jews, especially in Israel, are an acceptable alternative to Peace In Our Time, political leaders in Israel, Washington and the Arab World will continue to ensure Jews die and they will continue with the currently acceptable process. So complaining, as Paula does, will not bring change. Rather, complaining will categorise the problem and the solution identically: complaining Jews bring about their own demise.

    On the other hand, the idea that Law could be overthrown for the sake of ‘outcome’ is seen as Revolution or at best, Civil War. So Guran would be seen to advocate the forces of Chaos and as we know, only the Authorities are permitted to advocate and condone deaths among civilian populations. In fact, Guran will probably hear from said ‘authorities’ for directing attention to their monopoly or ‘cartel’ on presiding over the deaths of Jews.

    What we want to say to Paula R. Stern, (who incidentally takes us back to childhood days when a ‘Mrs. Stern’ was a very prime mover among the Australian Country Women’s Association (CWA) and did incalculable good among wives and widows during and after World War Two. The connotations attaching to the name bring back shades of goodness and solidity which we recognise in the ethos of Paula’s words today. We accept there is likely no connection between the two-aside from the inevitable fact that the redoubtable Mrs. Stern was descended from a Jew) is that we agree with you.

    Now that agreement has been expressed we wish to point an arrow in a direction.

    The direction that we feel thoughts, words and deeds should align with is a direction calculated to bring to pass a far more desirable outcome than simply that the Arabs will overrun Israel, war will come and billions of lives will be lost.

    We KNOW that will happen.

    We contend that people everywhere should now begin to align themselves with the evident trajectory of Modern History. War Comes.

    Where will you be and what will you do?

    How will you survive and in the event that you do not survive, who do you propose to either take with you, or deal with ‘on the way in’?

    This is in the context of the already unstoppable descent, for instance of the USA, into chaos and Civil War. There will be no ‘austerity measures’. Just as there will be no austerity measures in Pakistan or India or for that matter, any other Asian country.

    Nor can we hold out any hope for those who comfort themselves in thinking it will be OK in the West but too bad for the Rest. They say, “So far, so good”.

    These are in fact the very people whom Paula R. Stern is pointing her accusing finger at when she says they accuse Israeli civilians of being Extremists, because they get shot at and murdered!

    So much for being safe in the dreamland of “So far, so good”.

    It’s the furniture that defines the room. The furniture we are seeing comprises a list of bankrupt States in the US which cannot pay the salaries of their law enforcers, their teachers, their doctors and their nurses. They cannot even pay the rent on premises occupied by the representative offices of their jokester ‘Law Makers’! What a term. They don’t make law, they simply pervert it for bribes. Rather than representing the people, they represent the manacles and shackles with which they seek to prevent the People from retaining their God Given Rights.

    We do not mean the ‘right’ to exercise license and to exploit weakness and to commit every sin. We mean the right to love God and to love their neighbour as themselves. Those are the rights that are meant to be protected on behalf of the People.

    And if the People themselves have to defend those rights, they have the God Given Right to do so-to the death.

    As for those who feel they have managed to get into some government sinecure where they can look down on the masses they ‘represent’, where will they be in the midst of the Civil War?

    We know where they will be.

    They only know how to be the enemy.

    Of course, that’s in your street and there is a much wider dimension to the chaos and carnage rushing toward mankind.

    Paula R. Stern was looking at the Obamas, the Netanyahus, the Abasses and yes-the Arafats. Check out her mention of Nobel Peace Prizes! Good one Paula! The Tony Blairs of this world–and pick ANY French President: they are all completely insane-and the Religious Leaders with them! Voodoo specialist Desmond Tutu and Kim Jong Il should sing a duet onstage.

    Everywhere we look we see talking heads all busy about nothing.

    Talking. Talking.

    Paula. It is against the Law to do anything.

    Survival requires that something be done. That is, survival of the masses.

    Some will survive what is about to happen to the Human Race and their survival will be purely and simply because they deserve to survive! How old-fashioned and righteous is that! They know who they are and they do what they do, quite aside from all this and all that.

    Among the masses however, survival will require strategy and those must be prepared to do something.

    Therefore, we stumble and fall against the two opposing hard places.

    Talk or break the law.

    Survival will require something be DONE.

    Talk or DO something.

    Paula makes a good case for scorning further talk.

    Many who are going to survive the immediate future of Mankind will do so by breaking the law.

    That was no doubt what Guran meant when he indicated a need to work toward an Outcome and which we contrasted with a Process.

    Many Thanks, Paula R., it was riveting to read your Op Ed and revitalising to realise you are Out There!

    Dragons are not yet Go.


    One Response to “OPEN LETTER to PAULA R. STERN”

    1. Paula R. Stern says:

      Took me a while to find this site and this post, but thanks for sharing. Stay in touch and thanks for your post.

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