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    Guran posts comments in world media, especially in JPost where ample provision exists, but such comment is frequently not published. We see nothing in the direct and pragmatic stance taken by Guran, who says little at WenU blog as a rule, and so we will publish a selection of those posts that, for editorial reasons elsewhere, would never see the light of day:-

    Reply to: PM slams UNESCO calling Rachel’s Tomb a mosque By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Gov’t attacks cultural body’s request that Israel remove Rachel’s Tomb, Cave of the Patriarchs from list of national heritage sites.

    Israel Trashes Christian Heritage – 30 October 2010
    Modern Israel is not Zion. Modern Israel is a travesty of any form of decency and goodness. Added to this, Modern Israel encourages the Arabs to desecrate the cultural history of all Hebrews, Jews and Christians. Like a dog-in-a-manger, Israel sits in its own filth and does nothing to protect its own or our Cultural Heritage. We do grasp their point-HaShem will claim His Land. In the process he will devastate Modern Israel and kill many people, throughout the Holy Land and far from there. Is this what induced Shoah? Sitting and begging? Where is the Lion? What Lion?


    Reply to: UN Org.: Rachel’s Tomb is a Mosque by Maayana Miskin
    The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted recently to officially declare Rachel’s Tomb to be a mosque.

    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter – 30 October 2010
    Time after time we see the same charade! Enemies of Israel delegitimise the Nation and the People – and we hear of it in a tiny article in one small publication – in Israel! How come the Jewish Ambassador and his entire staff are not hammering at the front door of the White House? We know. We know.


    Reply to: Anti-Semitism isn’t Islamophobia by Prof. Phyllis Chesler
    Is bigotry towards Muslims the new anti-Semitism? That is what the politically correct are saying.

    Anti-Semitism Versus ‘Exclusivity’ – 21 October 2010
    I feel to say there are elements of Jewry that do antagonise. While ‘pacifistic’ in theory, Jewry has resorted (for valid reasons) to aggressive dominion in the financial realm. Many see that, to this day, as a detractor which, alloyed with the exclusivity of the Torah Israel, is presumed to be predatory. On the other hand, I agree precisely and fully with you that Anti-Semitism is the Historical cut-lunch of all travellers. The direct threat of Islam however is also as you say-Overt. It cannot be said to be secret. The “Protocols of Islam” are clearly defined and they declare death to the infidel because we are Anathema! So I agree with you, people are playing with their own minds when they equate the survivalism of Jewry with the Jihad of Islam. Mind games? Simply, they lie to themselves. Their awakening to reality will be ‘shocking’!


    Reply to: UN Misrepresents Israel Again by Ryan Jones
    It’s not just the Human Rights Council. The UN is wrong again in criticizing Israel for building in Judea and Samaria. Read this clear explanation of why from Israel Today. Tell your friends

    And This Is Shouted From The Rooftops? – 20 October 2010
    Why is it that Bibi does not simply say the same thing and walk away from all these hypocritical ‘talks’? Because Israel is addicted to its vilification. Because Israel is in a psychotic ‘co-dependency’ relationship with its enemies. Because, really, Israel doesn’t care. And because, finally, to the Jews, Israel doesn’t matter.


    Reply to: Ashkenazi: ‘Rabin’s spirit and legacy continue to guide us’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Ceremony marks 15 years since former prime minister’s assassination; IDF chief and Dalia Rabin stress importance of remembering his death.

    He’s Right! – 19 October 2010
    Israel is still being led by the spirit that destroyed Israel-Oslo Pact included. The blind leading the blind in Israel during the last two decades have clearly not learned the lesson of Rabin. Those who set out to destroy Israel should be destroyed. And this goes for the entire bunch of frauds running the nation today. They could not run a hot-dog stand without tampering with the till and giving the food away for fear of upsetting customers. The lesson they have learned from Rabin seems to be-more of the same. Well, more will die alright. And not just Jews and certainly not just in Israel.


    Reply to: PA Wants Security Presence in Area C   by Elad Benari

    Deny Occupation! – 15 October 2010
    If Israel cannot bother to deny that they are an ‘occupying force’ in Israel, then basically, who cares about Israel? It’s one thing to rely on HaShem to win wars but another thing altogether to refuse to deny a lie. Israel conspires with the Arabs to foment war, so as to suck the world into greater destruction than necessary. However, War comes anyway and 5.5 billion will die, so at this late date it probably matters little what Israel does, let alone why. It must seem though that the Arabs will become impatient soon and commit that first, fatal mistake.


    Reply to: PA Plans Int’l Airport, Fayyad Promotes Provocations by Chana Ya’ar

    Perhaps Israel Doesn’t Care! – 14 October 2010
    It’s the usual old same old same old. Since nobody in Israel has decided that Israel is a country-nobody knows where it is! So Arabs can do whatever they want, in no-man’s-land. It is reaching the point where we honestly cannot bring ourselves to visit Jewish or Israeli sites, because of the sick-making navel-contemplating drivel by Jews and Israelis who accept no responsibility for their own land. The Land of Israel! What a Title! But no. Rather than take and defend what is legally theirs, Israel insists they be ‘given’ charitable handouts comprising their own land. It’s quite clear the US intends to boot Israel out of – Israel! Israel can exist in some ghetto, off to the side there, until someone wants that bit. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.


    Reply to: October 12th—A Day of Infamy by Phyllis Chesler

    Committed to Struggle? Not to Laugh? – 13 October 2010
    “And, I committed myself to the struggle. Of course, whatever happens to the Jews—happens to others, eventually to everyone else, sooner or later.” So? Leave it to them! Suuuuure! Do Nothing. Sit around begging for free tickets to the ghetto. We see what is happening-History repeats. But the History being repeated is that Jews are bleating, “Look what happens to us!” And then they are cowering and begging to be victims. Last time they got what they wanted. Victimhood! Shoah! They will be successful again! Read the adjacent article on Jericho. Recall Moshe Dagan and handing the Kotel over to the Arabs! Jews must HATE Israel, to treat the Land so badly. We know. They rely on Hashem. How very laudable-and plausible. Tel Aviv is a shrine to Baal and the Jews wait on HaShem? “If you don’t fight, you lose”.


    Reply to: European FMs to Lieberman: Europe plays vital ME role By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Spanish FM says, “If we didn’t have a role, maybe our friend Lieberman wouldn’t have reacted as he did”; FMs optimistic about peace process.

    They Want? – 11 October 2010
    The enemies of Israel want to destroy Israel and create a new Arab nation in the Middle East. They say they can do it and they are agreed on the need to do it. They have decided. The EU and the USA are at war with Israel. It has been declared that their intention is to side with the Arabs in the war the Arabs lost in 1967 – and in 1973 and in each attempted war since. Now it is decided. Israel has lost that war and the USA and EU and the UN will give victory to the Arabs. What a pity! They may do it but what sticks to their fingers will not wash off, in Time or Eternity.


    Reply to: Arab Leaders Tell US: You Have One Month to Pressure Israel by Maayana Miskin

    What Is New Here? – 10 October 2010
    The Arab world hates Jews and Israel. Repeated attempts to destroy Israel by military means have failed. Current attempts to destroy Israel by destroying its legitimacy are proving very fruitful. Now the Arab world demands that the USA attack Israel on the Arab’s behalf. So what is new? Lucifer desires to have you. Consider your response closely. As for Israel, the Jews and their tormentors, they have their own burdens to carry.


    Reply to: Lebanon Transformed: A Hizbullah Nation, Iranian Proxy by Chana Ya’ar

    Civilian Casualty Nightmare? – 7 October 2010
    The entire world knows the antics of Hizbollah and its ‘human shield’ mentality. Israel should simply wipe out the whole of Southern Lebanon anyway. Let the world say what it will. In fact, Israel should obliterate a number of nations in its vicinity – the question is, will the US do it for them? Or give them the nukes to get the job done? The idea that Israel might consider civilian casualties to be a ‘nightmare’ is laughable! What do they expect in Israel? The day is fast approaching when war will cease to be ‘reality tv’ and return to what it always was-the final solution.


    Reply to: Phyllis Chesler: Potentially, Israel Faces a Second Holocaust by Prof. Phyllis Chesler
    A mass rally-demonstration entitled “For the truth, for Israel” will be held in Rome this Thursday. It is being organized by Fiamma Nirenstein – journalist, MP, and vice president of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies –and other leading European personalities. Information at www.truthforisrael.eu, www.fiammanirenstein.com.
    This article was commissioned for it. INN received permission to post it today in English


    Almost True – 5 October 2010
    We will reprint this, without permission, in our blog www.wenublog.com but wish to state, we have a caveat on the outcome. The survivors will not wear burqas. When the Free World finally wakes to what is happening there will be such a war between Capitalism and Islam that “few men will survive” and they will have nothing to do with Islam whatsoever. This is though, an excellent article and shows signs of the necessary awakening.


    Reply to: Column one: The lessons of Stuxnet By CAROLINE B. GLICK
    A war ends when one side permanently breaks its enemy’s ability and will to fight it. This has clearly not happened in Iran.

    AI-NB-R V.1 – 2 October 2010
    However, it didn’t do anything. Yet. Aside from crashing the Virgin Blue transport IT system totally, I suppose. So what was this thing intended to do? We know all the tech-o bits about how it disguises itself and prevents itself from being found, and masquerades as both itself and the proper Siemens data target, but nobody has shown it doing anything yet aside from actually sitting. So for all the fact its genome has been decoded and a name applied ‘stuxnet’ (which I am unaware is included in the code)it appears to be waiting rather than doing. When does AI-NB-R become self-aware? Think . . . Artificial Intelligence Nano-Bot Robot Version 1. (3 derivative variant versions are known to have been created during disinfection procedures? *clone in hysterical laughter* IT’S ALIVE!)


    Reply to: Mashaal: Israel as Jewish state is attack on refugees By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Hamas leader warns that “the occupation fears the next generation,” says big mistake to say politics is only way Palestinians will achieve state.

    Not Even A Comment! – 2 October 2010
    Not even a comment here, online! Why is there no instant rebuttal of this horrendous lie?-it was Jordan and the Arabs who invaded Israel and so far as there is any occupation, it is Arab invaders who continue to occupy the Homeland of the Jews! But you would never guess this to be the truth. No Jew would dare say it. No Israeli would vote for a politician who said it. And the International Community, as noted by Ezekiel, “pisseth against Israel’s wall”. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!


    Reply to: The Middle East for Dummies by Mark Silverberg
    How does the other side see it? For starters, the West believes in fair play, but the Moslem world believes in shedding the blood of one’s enemies and is shamed by their very existence.

    Yes But – 1 October 2010
    Everything you say here makes sense but only you and I know that. Who else cares? The world is for War! Absolutely. Either people in the West take charge of their countries in a timely manner-or they take charge via civil unrest after their leaders have been defeated by their enemies, without and within. It’s extremely simple. The benighted leadership of the embalmed citizens have no intention of doing anything that might endanger their banal mediocrity of reputation or a poor showing in some Poll. When it is too late, those who still have the power and it IS a great power, will make sure even the cockroaches have trouble surving. It will be after defeat that the survivors will evolve how to survive. Interesting concept? Simple-everybody else will be dead. After cannibalism, the diminishing numbers will finally stabilise at a very low, penitent level.


    Reply to: ‘Obama asks for 2-month W. Bank construction moratorium’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    In return, US will not demand extension, will commit to UN Security Council vetos, weapon deliveries and presence of Israeli forces in Jordan Valley says David Makovsky of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

    USA Without Israel? – 30 September 2010
    What is the US without Israel? Brazil? Who is Obama without Israel? Chavez? Who is Obama to offer territorial assurances to Israel? Who offers to allow Israeli troops in Israel? This ‘person advisedly’ is anathema. Obama is abomination! If the USA is truly represented by Obama then the USA is anathema and abomination. Who cares what enemies of Israel can do? Who cares for the enemies of Israel afterward? As the homeless tide washes across American wastes, they will not remember Obama. They will remember something else, even worse, that happened to them.


    Reply to: ‘Obama asks for 2-month W. Bank construction moratorium’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    In return, US will not demand extension, will commit to UN Security Council vetos, weapon deliveries and presence of Israeli forces in Jordan Valley says David Makovsky of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

    What Part of NO? – 30 September 2010
    Israel has to understand-It’s not rape if you don’t say No! It might not be nice (it may be but you don’t have to admit it) but if you decide to just lie there and enjoy it, you are either a prostitute from South East Asia or – an Israeli Politician! What a dramatic shift it would make in Global Politics is Israel simply said No! Suddenly there would be sanity and reality. The Arabs would be undeniably at war with the Jews in Israel. While Israel smiles and says nothing, the USA is at war with Israel. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!


    Reply to: Man Arrested on Temple Mount for Praying by Elad Benari

    The Reason Is Compliance – 27 September 2010
    It is only because Jews accede to Arab insults and demands that such ‘rules’ are even in place. The Chutzpa of Arabs telling Jews they cannot do anything which might be interpreted as ‘religious’ on the Temple Mount-but OH the slime-dwellingness of Jews who comply! It makes one’s skin crawl to hear of such craven behaviour. This was why there was Shoah! The Jewish “Kick me, Kick me’ attitude invites to ever more insulting and degrading treatment. “For Shame!” On all Jews who do not rise up and take the Temple Mount as their own-or as that of HaShem! But if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!


    Reply to: Olmert urges ‘int’l trusteeship’ for Holy Basin By JERUSALEM POST STAFF
    In ‘Post’ op-ed former PM sets out terms Israel should present to ‘transform’ talks – relinquishing sovereignty over Western Wall, Temple Mt.

    No Stance Clearer than “No” – 25 September 2010
    Everything Olmert says proves he is an enemy of Modern Israel. That he was also Prime Minister reveals the depths of that Nation’s political corruption and nepotism. Every single point he makes is an attack on Israel. He actually champions the goals of Arab Exclusionism-excluding Jews from all places overrun by Arabs. The rot begun by Rabin has not ceased but the cure has not yet been fully applied.


    Reply to: MK Zoabi lauds UN panel report accusing IDF of criminality By JPOST.COM STAFF AND ASSOCIATED PRESS
    Balad politician demands soldiers’ indictment after UN experts conclude Gaza naval blockade unlawful due to humanitarian crisis; Foreign Ministry slams rights council’s “biased, politicized, extremist approach.”

    Typical UN Gerrymander – 23 September 2010
    Let’s face it, if the UN as a global body cannot be trusted to exercise common decency then it is past time to disband this farcical slur upon the face of Humanity. Determining a lie to be the truth and declaring Truth a lie is simply a hallmark of mankind’s descent into moral anathema. Nothing can prevent the World from completing its descent into global war, but it would be gratifying if someone, somewhere whould speak out FOR humanity and against the UN. No Takers? We thought so. 5.5 Billion are going to die. All this tripe at the UN is meaningless.


    Reply to: Elie Wiesel on ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque: Make it Interfaith Center by Israel news staff

    Interfaithism-Enemy of Humanity, like the UN – 20 September 2010
    This push for Interfaithism is a trojan horse, intended to destroy rather than to build. It’s just another face of the One World group who seek a World Government that denies every conceivable right and entitlement given to Man by God.


    Reply to: Column One: The perils of diplomatic theater By CAROLINE B. GLICK
    Netanyahu is the man who is now leading us on a path to degradation and defeat.

    War Comes – 18 September 2010
    Interestingly, as we have stated a number of times, it looks outwardly as though there is a secret pact to draw the World into a conflict starting in the Middle East. While it is not likely anyway that the Arabs will be forever able to restrain themselves, it increasingly looks like War is the desireable option for the main players. It is inconceivable that anyone-anyone at all-believes Israel can be overrun without an immense conflict ensuing. It so happens that 50% of the population of the Planet, certainly all the Free, rest their cultural heritage upon Judaeo-Christianity.


    Reply to: Clinton Lays Groundwork for PA as Necessary for ‘Jewish State’ by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    USA Is Plainly An Enemy Of Israel – 15 September 2010
    But does Israel care? There is a case for a patient Israel, waiting upon The LORD, faithfully abiding in the time that HaShem might choose to redeem his people. It’s hard though to imagine a People farther from the Covenant or closer to the blood and sins of this Generation. Seeing Clinton waltzing along, hand in hand with Peres, seems iconic. We can see with our eyes who the gods of Israel are.


    Reply to: Surprising Report: Netanyahu will Head to Washington Sunday by Gil Ronen

    To Cancel USA Subscription? – 15 September 2010
    What is the USA without its Judaeo/Christian Heritage? Bosnia? Brazil? Will the Chavez of the White House lead the planet to a ‘new code of ethics’? Suuuuure! Sharia! Taqiyya! Civil War! Bye bye, USA. Your time is up – your canoe will now self-destruct! Obama was the final regularly elected president of the USA. From here on in-No Such Luxury!


    Reply to: A Jewish State? Shaath Says No by David Singer

    Israel Says? – 14 September 2010
    “The Palestinian Authority is apparently hell bent on challenging and confronting President Obama. . .” Who wrote this rubbish? Obama is on their side and agrees with the dismantlement of Israel. All Obama wants is security for Arabs in Israel. The fool who wrote this article got carried away with his own prose-without actually internalising what he was saying. Should have stuck with, “There is no purpose in negotiations, so say No!”. But then, Israel doesn’t care, so Israel doesn’t matter.


    Reply to: Obama urges Netanyahu to extend building freeze amid talks By ASSOCIATED PRESS
    US president pledges to keep negotiations from breaking down, says “both leaders know they need a deal, and they need each other,” talks are “a risk worth taking.”

    We Don’t Want Another Arab State! – 11 September 2010
    Someone take a brick and break this fool’s window of opportunity! What single demand has the World placed upon the Arabs? What is the World’s response to EVERY Arab demand? Why will we be shortly immersed in a global war? Eternity is a long time and Truth will remain throughout all Eternity. Obama is attempting to sell the Free World to Islam and to the Devil himself. End the Freeze now. Today! Ahh but yes-If israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.


    Reply to: Khamenei: Talks a cover up for crimes against Palestinians By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Iranian spiritual leader criticizes peace talks between Israel and PA while leading Eid al-Fitr prayers; says Palestinian resistance will pay off and they will dismantle “the phony and fabricated Israeli regime.”

    So It Is Not Possible To Be More Honest Than This – 10 September 2010
    Islam lays it on the line! Nothing will do but the obliteration of Israel and the fake ‘palestinian people’ are the principal weapon to accomplish their desire. Will Israel respond by truthfully declaring it has no option but to declare and stand-For Israel? No. Israel lacks the honesty of its detractors. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!


    Reply to: We Are Infidels, but Stupid Ones by Paula R. Stern

    Bite The Hand That Bites – 9 September 2010
    Paula, for all the fact that nobody will do what is right, and for all the fact that what is right is not considered legal, the answer is for Israelis, Real Israelis, to execute one Israeli politician in a leadership role for every Israeli terror victim. Once the wall of indifference is penetrated, laws will change and Israelis will become sacred to the Nation of Israel. But so long as Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter! www.wenublog.com


    Reply to: Column One: A prayer for 5771 By CAROLINE B. GLICK
    At his rally, Glenn Beck reminded us of the importance of loud, boisterous celebrations which recommit nations to their destiny and creed.

    The Marriage Is Back On, Caroline! – 9 September 2010
    There you go, winning my heart with words again! A fine analysis of the quandary facing both Israel and the USA. A lack of vision and a lack of sense of worth. The same cannot be said of Islam. Their perversions are their imperatives! Their lies are their truthes. Their commitment to evil is complete, accepting also that a majority are simply normal families, fathers, mothers, children who only know the ‘culture’ of their birth. But Islam lacks self-denial. Obama is a pathological self-denier and Israel ‘craves to exist, somewhere, sometime as something’. Creed-Nice choice of words, Caroline.


    Reply to: Abbas: No ‘historic compromise’ on Jerusalem, borders By KHALED ABU TOAMEH
    In interview with ‘Al-Quds’, PA president says Palestinians won’t recognize Israel as a Jewish state, accuses Netanyahu of trying to “strip” Israeli-Arabs of their rights.

    Declare Israel! – 7 September 2010
    Since nobody ever had the guts to declare “Israel”, the Arabs have nothing to accept. A gutless and non-defined Israel sits like a whore on a street corner waiting for the trade to pick up. Israel IS from the River to the Sea- MINIMUM and should be declared so. The failure of Israel to declare its own existance is the whole point to these present hypocritical arguments. If Israel doesn’t want to exist, it doesn’t have to – they can walk into the sea or into the night. But if it’s just another historic compromise, “Take a Hike!”


    Reply to: Barak Meets Putin in Russia, Clinches Military Deals by Hillel Fendel

    # 6 – Who Votes? – 7 September 2010
    You don’t think these clowns actually get elected, do you? In Israel, ‘people in power’ pass around the hat to see who will play Boss this time! It has nothing to do with elections. Money and prestige is what it’s about. Modern Israel is neither Jew nor Zion, just a Jewish consortium being run by very typical exploiters who care nothing whatsoever for the Jewish People. They actually don’t mind what is happening. They think they are above being hurt. For them, no pain! ???


    Reply to: Abbas: Borders most important to us, security for Israelis By JPOST.COM STAFF
    PA chairman tells Palestinian paper ‘al-Ayyam’ that he made clear that there will be no Israeli presence in future state.

    No Jews In An Arab Israel, eh? – 6 September 2010
    And no Jews in an Arab Jerusalem. Oh well. The Jews don’t care anyway so Clinton may as well give Israel to the Arabs. If the Jews complain, someone can kill them off. They always do. And if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t deserve the slightest consideration.


    Reply to: ‘Occupation’ Truths by Ted Belman

    Bravo! – 3 September 2010
    The sad truth is that the World knows all these matters but ignores them. Partly, as is the custom, because it’s Israel and Jews and partly because of the sustained attack, funded by petro-dollars, upon the legitimacy of Israel. We have to say, in this regard, Israel is its own worst enemy and does everything in its power to sustain its enemies. But in the final analysis, it requires genuine elections in Israel and an Israeli leader to stand up and say “No”! Instead, we will continue on our trajectory toward global war and it will be no fault of Modern Israel, as such but of Western Hypocrisy. Well. They will all die. So will the Jews. How nice that Zion will survive! Zion is the Pure in Heart.


    Reply to: Obama: Direct Talks Will ‘End the Occupation’ by Chana Ya’ar

    The Purpose Of The War – 3 September 2010
    The purpose of the war is to destroy Israel. The methods include delegitimizing Israel as a whole but also, maintaining the lie that Israel is an occupier, rather than that the Arabs are invaders. Obama has placed the US directly in allignment with Israel’s enemies in this war. There are no Peace Talks. There is only War, fought on numerous fronts, against Israel. The Arabs have won this war. Now we shall watch as YOU die. You see, YOU always were the one intended, not just Jews. Obama has thrown the USA into the fight on the side of the Arabs and Islam. It’s War. There is no such thing as a palestinian country, no palestinian people, no palestinian language and no palestinian statesman prior to the international terrorists Arafat and Abbas (Abu Mazen), the financier of the Berlin Olympics Massacre.


    Reply to: Fake Arab Graves Also Near Eastern Wall by Elad Benari

    New Twist To Creeping Sharia – 2 September 2010
    Some fool polictician invented the expression, “creating facts on the ground” and now the worm has turned. The facts were always ON the ground but Israeli leaders are such pathological liars they cannot grasp that Israel is theirs, not the enemy’s. And with the Supreme Court on the side of the enemy, Bibi may as well stay in Washington. Make Aliya to the New Jerusalem in USA. Oops! Make that, the New Mecca! If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!


    Reply to: Obama condemns Kiryat Arba attack as ‘senseless slaughter’ By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER AND JPOST.COM STAFF
    US president says US will not stop seeking peace in the Middle East; Netanyahu applauds condemnation, says attackers “butcher everything they oppose.”

    Welcome Back to Spring! – 1 September 2010
    Spring, when all young men’s hearts turn to murdering pregnant women – and any others in the car with her. Of course, aside from the deaths of Jews and the orphaning of their children, the Peace Process is ‘Business as Usual’. Or is that, ‘because of’?

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