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    It has been debated before, is it: Insurgent Suburban?; or Suburban Insurgent? Suburban Insurgent won the battle at Balmain Town, a part of Sydney but we preferred the original Graffiti: Balmain: Home of the Insurgent Suburban.

    future Insurgent Suburban?

    It remains our preference. To this day we see Western Civilisation being increasingly the breeding ground of Urban Guerillas. It remains evident the angels are here but a casual glance around our companions reveals the survivors of the next Global War are also here. They do not know it but they have no intention, whatsoever, of losing.

    The young lady in our illustration has lost all she intends to lose and has had taken everything she will ever give. Nobody asked her in this life to donate more than she has given or lost. Her eyes are emblematic, in their own way, of the existentialism recorded famously in the Times Magazine cover of the Girl from Afghanistan.

    There may be no Russian soldiers with Kalashnikovs in Southern England (nor in its skies! heh) but this young Lady IS is in the World.

    We will be chastised for embarrassing her or some other irrelevant consequence but the point is, seven billion people will not all survive while she, perhaps unfortunately, will.

    Let’s look at that.

    In an unrealistic world of unrealistic dreams and expectations, current nose-to-nose political dares and brinkmanship would be more smoke than fire; more bark than bite. After a due period of antagonism the parties would reconcile, negotiate and achieve Peace.

    We constantly see this dream flagged before us: Democracy leads to Peace.

    In fact, Peace enables Democracy.

    What makes Democracy possible is the utmost bloodthirsty War, which results in an exhausted state called Peace.

    Democracy is likewise termed “Freedom”. And of course, Freedom costs entire generations of blood to purchase so neither freedom nor democracy are free.

    And we live in the real world.

    All, each and every one of the current confrontations are and will result in bloodshed. Be it North Korean experimentalism, Iranian Islamism, American journalism or whatever, even the Daniel Pearls of this world will die.

    Death as we know it will, from this moment on, become more prevalent, more public and more boring. That is, of course, unless it’s your own! Wae Tah Goh!

    Children in kindergarten today may not graduate. From Kindergarten, that is! There is nobody out there in a position to promise tomorrow will not be the day.

    Today Fidel Castro apologised for getting it wrong when he prophesied we would already not be here today! So you think, “Crazy old fool!” Well. Yes. Crazy because he had the insanity to state publicly what figures like Obama and other World Leaders are very careful not to publicly state.

    In each major World Nation we see unique and unsolvable issues which are driving those Nations and Peoples to the brink of Civil War. Also we see mounting tensions between them and escalating tensions between their puppet administrations.

    In face of Civil War in Europe, destabilising US Markets and quenching jobs and wages far from the EU Cock Pit, how long do we expect the good people of the Good Ol’ US of A to restrain themselves from taking what they want when they need it wherever they can find it.


    When economies begin to implode and cash runs out, farmers cannot even afford to send food to the markets. Those who do will find it hi-jacked on the highway and it will be the city-slickers who will ‘die for food’.

    This is where survival comes in and the Young Lady in our illustration.

    Survival is not the strong suit of ‘old farts’, the sick, the frail or the modest.

    Survival is what happens when an adult and a child walk in and a child walks out.

    The primitive exigencies of survival, set against the impending background of war, civil war, disease and desultory death, will demand a very frank appraisal of who wants what and why.

    The Young Lady already has the look of one who knows the Question.

    We accept she is very pretty and probably good at school and a lovely daughter etc., et al. We know all this.

    The Young Lady already has the look of one who knows the Question.



    1. Torpor says:

      Wow! I forgot that graffiti! You’re right though, it’s a tough world and survivors are becoming more ‘denizens’ than ‘inhabitants’. More like ‘Meanies in a Mean World” than “Strangers in a Strange World”.
      You do make my skin crawl though when you go on about the ‘Troubles’. You do OK yourself – for a ‘wrinkly’ heheh

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