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    WenUblog is dead! Long live WenUblog!!
    (Re-Printed from January 2008 !!)
    Nothing is as simple as it seems and the new Blog tested the ghost and all involved. Getting the new Hosting Service up and running took twelve days.
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    The hassles involved in just changing Hosting Servers are a trap for the young and unwary!!
    (Re-Printed from 22 January 2008)

    We haven’t finished fine-tuning the Site yet, with the present appearance being somewhat stodgy and clumsy. Getting it HERE took over a hundred pages of emails! And once we had the new Domain (Old Name), there was another J Curve dealing with WordPress instead of Joomla.

    In fact, Joomla was very user friendly but no doubt, WordPress will become our favourite as soon as we get up to speed with it.

    For those out there who blithely Blog-on regardless, not even knowing who their Domain Name is registered with, or how to change their “nameservers”: get on board. We previously hosted with a company that seems now defunct – it was possible to send emails but they bounced and their phone was disconnected.

    “Whois”, a feature on the Web, enabled us to identify our old host, pointing to MY email address as the point of contact and naming our sponsor as the Registrant. FINE! So there was no way to get the defunct host to transfer the “nameservers” to WenUblog’s new Domain at the new Host !! ggrrr

    We eventually were “advised” our real Registrar was xXXX (rooly rooly coolio name!) [new hostname wurx too! 🙂 ] and they of course advised us that in point of actual fact, (another service provider) was the Registrar. Do you get the feeling, as WE did, that the moment our registration with TTH expired, xXXX sold it to a Reseller by the name of (GoBetween)? heh Possibly not.

    Anyway, it took over a week to get action on access to the nameservers and finally they were pointed to our new Domain address.

    Along the way we paid an additional fee to host that Domain Name, in addition to the fee we pay (New Host), and also decided to purchase Identity Privacy on Whois, which was available for a small sum also at (GoBetween2).

    I must point out, in context of paying people Money for Domain Names on the Web – we do not pay for the name!!! WE pay an entity to maintain a Registry of Names, where Wenublog.com is listed. WE do not BUY the NAME!!! WenUblog is an element of Intellectual Property of the author RaiofOz (pseudonym used on Manuscripts) who has extensive written product encompassing many references to material lurking behind the concept of the Naming Conventions Used In This Blog.

    So we do not buy the Name, we just pay the Registrar and the Domain Host. heh Happy to clarify that bit. If YOU had an angel and a dragon breathing down YOUR neck you’d speed type too!

    So basically, operating THIS site costs an additional $20 USD per year, to (GoBetween2), beyond our normal hosting fee at HOST.

    Other than that, meaning the rather shonky and slapdash way in which the agony was stretched out interminably when some form of sensible intervention could have had us up and running a week earlier (what’s a week?), we did get replies from all parties. We also got fantastic, very very rapid 24/7 responses from our new HOST! They are coool!

    In the interval, global circumstances have not deviated from what Rai calls the ‘trajectory’ and from Kenya to the Khyber Pass is one long struggling mass of victims and killers, supported by their various hosts, sponsors and *cough* allies.

    Went came back from his latest patrol with a bullet hole burned in his Burberry.


    Now I have the Blog, we will possibly post smaller graphics, perhaps, and experiment with fonts etc. We will also likely swap to another WordPress Theme (WordPress seems so clumsy in comparison to Joomla – who needs html code?? gah) Hennyway.

    See you on the far side.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    One of the suggestions from Forum members was, “Rather than fix the problem with your WordPress Client, why not shift to another Host?”

    We referred him, and all others with similar sentiments, to our post dated 22 January 2008, which was one of the first we posted when we migrated to THIS Site.


    This IS the Far Side! heh

    One Response to “Still NOT BLACK and WHITE”

    1. Torpor says:

      Glad you finally got that sorted. It’s been the ONLY topic of conversation for two weeks!

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