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    Guran posts comments in world media, especially in JPost where ample provision exists, but such comment is frequently not published. We see nothing in the direct and pragmatic stance taken by Guran, who says little at WenU blog as a rule, and so we will publish a selection of those posts that, for editorial reasons elsewhere, would never see the light of day:-

    Reply to: ‘I hope to find a brave partner as Begin found in Sadat’ By YAAKOV KATZ AND HERB KEINON
    Netanyahu speaks to Likud supporters ahead of peace talks trip; Israel putting out feelers for significant US arms package to compensate for loss of security assets in a peace deal.

    Con-Artists, Finally, Con Themselves – 31 August 2010
    The problem for Bibi is that he attempts to con the Arabs and suspects what he is doing might not be honest. The Arabs have no such quibble. They desire what they consciously acknowledge is bad, evil and wrong but they accept that, regardless, this is what they want. Determined liars will always win over con-artists because there are no depths to which a determined liar will not go. Bibi might sell Israel for the sake of his own public esteem but the Arabs will simply lie and lie again, knowing they make no honest committment. Bibi should be as honest as the Arabs-and say No.


    Reply to: PM distances himself from Yosef’s rant By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Netanyahu says rabbi’s comments don’t represent government’s views.

    There Is One Man In Israel – 30 August 2010
    We know Rabbi Yosef is added to by Harry Eldad but even so, real men are so few on the ground in Israel, the statement stands. The Arabs daily make the identical claim against Israel with no comment from the ‘free world’ or the media. The moment a notable Israeli Rabbi states the Truth, the Israeli PM denies any association with it. Israel is not guilty of appeasement. Modern Israel is guilty of CREATING Palestine. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.


    Reply to: ‘Abbas is evil, may the Lord strike him’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Shas spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef prays for death of PA president.

    Others Would Replace Abbas – 29 August 2010
    Abu Mazen is just the current front man to an evil culture of arab fundamentalism and global jihad, as it is manifested in the pseudo-people palestinians. No such people, no such language. But removing one man would simply allow the next to slide forward into his place. Abbas was the financier for the Murder of the Israeli Olympics Team. Evil. Israel cannot make peace with such people. The very culture they represent demands bloody dominion. The Rabbi is correct: G-d should remove their contamination from the Earth. Next Wednesday would do but Isaiah says, “Soon”. Be Thou Holy.


    Reply to: ‘We can reach a stable peace for us and our children’ By JPOST.COM STAFF AND HERB KEINON
    Netanyahu optimistic ahead of peace summit in Washington, says success of negotiations depends on “seriousness” of Palestinian leadership, rejects Meridor comments as “only his opinion.”

    Give Away Another Piece In Our Time – 29 August 2010
    All the body language is right. The smile. The hands. The confident display of charisma on the tarmac before flying off to the the US to give away the Holy Land for the sake of shaking the hands of an arab and a negro. Not racist. Cynical. We expect nothing but ill and evil from the authors of Oslo, Camp David and the like. The Road Map has, arching over the road, “Work Makes Free”.


    Reply to: New Arab City Shakes Gov’t Minister by Hillel Fendel

    This Is The Only Way To Get The Arabs To Attack – 28 August 2010
    Israel cannot surrender. That would be the wrong tactic. What is required is for Israel to so weaken itself that the Arabs cannot resist the urge to attack. Bibi figures, if he can just get the Arabs to attack, the whole world will feel sorry for Israel. Obama is doing his very best to help Bibi by encouraging the Arabs to attack. Fortunately, as soon as Israel looks totally weak and indefensible, the Arabs will attack. Or the French, Or Denmark. Australia maybe. But the whole world will feel so sorry for Israel. We think, if Israel and the USA give the Arabs enough weapons and Land for Peace, the Arabs will attack. We are sure Bibi and Obama are correct.


    Reply to: US Sends Ross to Talk Freeze by Maayana Miskin

    Ross Goes Home – Or Israel Leaves – 27 August 2010
    There is simply no point in there being a Nation called Israel if domestic policy is set by external agencies, such as the US, EU, Britain, Russia and the UAE. If Israel isn’t prepared to tell the US to take a hike they should – Take a Hike!


    Reply to: Barak urges Ashkenazi to finish term By YAAKOV KATZ
    IDF chief meets with defense minister, Galant to discuss transition.

    Israel Takes Head Shot – In Foot – 25 August 2010
    As usual, Israel demonstrates the people who lead the nation trust each other even less than the People trust their leaders. Not that the leaders care who the People trust – they are not elected by the People but by their fellow wheelers and dealers. It must be axiomatic that Israel always is led by satan’s spawn despite the People being God’s elect. But if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter. What a disgusting public charade. Thankfully, their incompetence will bring on the Arab atttack and they all, vaunted leaders, Arabs and Yanks also will be dead.


    Reply to: Obama Clarifies Stance on Ground Zero Mosque by Chana Ya’ar

    Load of Rot – 16 August 2010
    This clown Obama is playing word games to cover up the gaff he made in revealing his Islamist ‘sympathies’. It’s been pointed out to him that he has betrayed the Judeao-Christian cultural values that enabled him to reach office. He will be deposed the only way he could have got there according to Islam – by the gun. War comes and Civil War also comes.


    Reply to: Obama backs Ground Zero mosque By ASSOCIATED PRESS
    Bucking public opinion, US President champions freedom of religion.

    Taquiyya Alert !! – 14 August 2010
    The idea of Islam is to insinuate itself into the fabric of Western Society and then use Western Values to defeat Western Cultural Values! The Qura’n teaches Islamists to use deceitful lies in order to lull their ‘enemies’ into a false sense of security, until Islam has power, then ‘overcome the enemy’ by force. Sharia subjugates all non-islamists to the status of Dhimmi – at best! The only other option is death. That is the function of Taqiyya. Lie and cheat and then kill. Where else in the World do we see this? In EVERY Muslim country! Obama knows all this and practices Taqiyya!


    Reply to: Clinton presses for direct talks By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Secretary of State calls PM after Mitchell visit fails to yield talks.

    If Israel Doesn’t Care . . . – 14 August 2010
    If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter. The Arab terms for peace are that they be declared winners of all the wars they lost against Israel since 1948. Time and again they tried and Israel is still there. Now they want “the big guys” to say the Arabs won afterall. Now is when Israel should be a Nation. Instead, Israel does not care. Israel prefers to be the dogdropping on Ashton’s shoe. There are simple alternatives for Israel – Say No!


    Reply to: Report: Turkey Used Chemical Weapons Against Kurds by Elad Benari

    No Comment? – 13 August 2010
    As usual, the USA tosses rightfulness out the window in its urge to curry favor and ‘political edge’. The fact is, Turkey is an avowed enemy of the Modern World. The fact also is the Kurds and Kurdistan have been around far far longer than the US! A lot longer also than petro-chemicals. The values of the Turks are Eastern values, meaning truth is a variable quantity – it seems the US is trying also to play fast and loose with what is true, fair and right. When was this not so? It becomes increasingly difficult to find space between the morals of US leadership and those of our enemies. That was, OUR enemies.


    Reply to: ‘More than 50% chance of attack on Iran’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    ‘Atlantic’ polls Israeli officials about likelihood of strike.

    It Won’t Be ‘A Strike’ – 11 August 2010
    There is absolutely no point in dropping the odd bomb on Iran and incurring the imbecillic complaints of the World. The World will only respect an outright destruction of Iran, including a nuclear obliteration of Teheran. The Arabs respect nothing other than total Arab defeat. Anything less than a total destruction is regarded by the Arabs as a PR Victory! But it will be the Arab Islamists who start it and the World who will finally ‘finish it’. Jerusalem will take a strike too.


    Reply to: PM to quit UN panel if soldiers probed By ASSOCIATED PRESS
    UN chief says no agreement that soldiers wont be called to testify.

    UN Hostage Taking Should be Stopped – 10 August 2010
    The UN has no sovereignty in or over Israel. Israeli soldiers have loyalty only to the IDF and are never answerable to the UN. The moment Ban attempts to exercise dominion over IDF Soldiers, Netanyahu should fold up his papers and leave the room. His UN representative should then issue a Statement declaiming the false usurpation of Powers by the UN. The UN should not be permitted to take the IDF hostage in the face of foreign attacks of any sort. We have good advice but no editor would print it.


    Reply to: Giant Brazilian Temple Replica Panned as ‘Mockery’ by Hillel Fendel

    The Dichotomy of Truth? – 9 August 2010
    Moshe Dayan prevailed in handing Israel’s most sacred site to the Arabs, for “Safe Keeping”, in 1967. To this day, orthodoxy insists it is up to HaShem to put a Temple on the Temple Mount, if He wants it. The same attitude seems to adorn the policies of Israel’s political leaders – “Why fight for Israel when HaShem will obtain it if He wants it?” The answer seems to be that Israel is in some form of denial. The Nation of Israel, which does legally exist, is being usurped by a nation of palestine, which has no actual existence at all. A War is underway, partially by the Arabs against Israel. When the World “takes up its parable”, the lesson will be read from the housetops. Even Castro describes the destruction of the USA. What dreamer in Israel does NOT want the Temple? ALL of Israel, it seems! So when Israel is gone, the Temple will reappear! Extremely funny! Hubris?? !!!


    Reply to: Tilting the Turkey-Israel-US triangle By HERB KEINON
    Erdogan is bashing Israel less… for now. [that’s a lie]

    War Comes – 7 August 2010
    Nothing is more sure and nothing is more in conformance with Historic Parallels. If this were the 1930s, the same people would be telling the same lies to the same naive ‘consumers’. The idea that this World can progress down this oft travelled path without harm is comical. Anyway, this time will be much more complete and you will probably be among the dead. If you are among the more fortunate, you will die soon. Pray for those who linger.


    Reply to: Cameron, Obama push for ME talks  By ASSOCIATED PRESS
    Both leaders agree on need for parties to move to direct negotiations.

    Both Agree? – 7 August 2010
    Both leaders of foreign countries agree on what? To have fish and chips for dinner? But then, sadly Israel demands her borders and protection be provided by her enemies and so, if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter. Bring on the War! The real one. Only when it becomes clear the “Rooling Clarses” of Britain and the USA are fighting on the side of the Arabs will true commonsense prevail. Their people will rise up and slay the enemy in their midst. As usual.


    Reply to: Column One: Israel’s American-made foes By CAROLINE B. GLICK
    It wasn’t a US Army sniper who killed IDF Lt.- Col. Dov Harari and seriously wounded Capt. Ezra Lakia.

    Very Very True, Caroline – 7 August 2010
    Watching the antics of Israeli leaders is sick-making. It’s tempting to assume they are insane. Far easier to assume they are simply traitors. Likely that they are more interested in their own superannuation than – anything. The only saving grace to Israeli grovelling is that they may be trying to sucker the Arab World into attacking Israel. That would work! Except the Arabs are too afraid unless and until the US declares in the UN that it is alligned with the Arabs against Israel. When will that be? When Israel does the only sane thing, as suggested by Caroline.


    Reply to: Poll: 85% agree to two-state solution By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER
    Majority of Arab world accepts peace with Israel on ’67 lines.

    US Fights Arab War For Them – 6 August 2010
    Here the US is saying, “We have agreed to side with the Arab World in declaring that the Arab World won the 1967 Six Day War – and also the 1948 War plus the one in the 50s. Therefore we suggest Israel better move over and make way for the preferred victors.” Our reply is that the miscegenates resident in the USA and the Arab World stand by for the consequences of their sin and venality. These are the days when we rejoice to know the Cup of His Wrath does not yet (quite) run over. There is yet room for more of these devils to invite their own destruction.


    Reply to: Two-State Solution Dead or Alive by Ted Belman
    The Two-State solution is dead – now what?

    The Pathos Is . . . – 5 August 2010
    The pathos is that the present situation is a continuation of the Shoah – and a continuation of the attitudes and circumstances that led to it. NOT a continuation of non-Jewish attitudes but of Jewish attitudes. Jewishness is like a black hole to the misery it attracts and will not let go! Israel should Declare Israel! Let the World and its pagan entourage go hang themselves. What can the World do? What is the World without Israel? Brazil? What is Obama without Israel? Castro? Who are the British without ‘British Israel’ and the Land they are tied to? What World actually dares to advance into the Dawn of another Day without Israel and HaShem? But No! The Jews sit huddled in some ghetto on the One-Tree Plain, waiting to be ‘moved along’. Caught out in the open, Israel insists on shrugging its shtetl closer around its mean frame! heh “Poor me” – is a treatable disease.


    Reply to: Terrorism Under the Guise of a University? by Elad Benari

    It’s Not As If We Didn’t Know – 5 August 2010
    Islam does nothing to disguise its malice while the West obliges them by guarantee of ‘rights to free speech’. Of course, when finally the frog wakes up, not only will all the Muslims die but so will many of us. No need for seatbelts, folks. Your nation is a bomb. Every Nation. Couldn’t happen? hahaha They always say that!


    Reply to: ‘We will resume suicide attacks’ By KHALED ABU TOAMEH
    Islamic Jihad plans attacks from West Bank after IAF Gaza raids.

    Not So Silly – 2 August 2010
    This Spokesman is not so silly as he sounds. This entire statement is a very carefully crafted pack of ‘lies by inversion’. It’s an excellent example of Arab propaganda, turning the truth inside out and blaming black for being white. The only genuine response to Arab aggression is to Declare Israel. Sitting around waiting for the US, EU and others to ‘unilaterally’ declare Israel to be a State is a deliberate invitation to War. In that regard, when Israel does nothing to establish and define its own identity it is as much to blame as the Arabs who seek to destroy Israel’s legitimacy.


    Reply to: Video Footage of Rocket Damage on Sderot Child Rehab Center by Noam Bedein, Sderot Media Center

    So? – 1 August 2010
    Too few people grasp the expression, “So what?” They suppose it expresses a lack of concern. In reality, this should be taken as an ultimatum: So this is the situation; What is the response? In the case of Israel, no matter how bad the situation, the response is, “So far, so good.” If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.


    Reply to: Antisemitism and Introspection by Prof. Robert S. Wistrich

    Politically Correct Trivia – 28 July 2010
    The author bends over backwards, not to offend ‘anybody’, in such a manner he himself offends. The same disease is borne by Israeli polictical leaders (who can call them leaders?) A Nation with no head needs no Name and so it is with Israel. A headless chicken running every which way attempting to please all with no thought to who or why. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter. Israel should have the backbone to stand on its own two feet and, if necessary, declare, “Back off, Hairy Legs!” A failure to do so will engender nothing but contempt and spite in the world.


    Reply to: ‘Gaza cannot remain a prison camp’ By ASSOCIATED PRESS
    In Turkey, UK’s Cameron makes harsh comments against Israel.

    Feeding Jewish Children To Turkeys – 27 July 2010
    So Cameron walks the politically correct path of denying the truth and all sense of morality in order to curry favor with Erdogan and the Turks. OK We can handle that. Just so it’s on the record that Britain now no longer is any Herald of Truth. That the Lion lies down with the Scorpion and Avalon is the back garden of a bawdy house. Britain was Great.


    Reply to: MK Zoabi Warns of Third Intifada by Elad Benari

    Typical Islam – Give Or We Kill You In Jihad – 27 July 2010
    Zoabi even admits the palestinian ‘entity’ is a fabrication requiring the recent 55 years (in her terms) to come to fruition. Now she says, “If we have further difficulty obtaining dominion over Israel we shall take it by force.” This is Taqiyya – to subtly influence via media propaganda until the point is reached where Islam feels it can take by threats – or by force. We accept jihad is inevitable. War comes. 5.5 Billion will die. Islam will cease to exist in the minds of Mankind.


    Reply to: ‘If Hizbullah strikes, we hit Lebanon’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Barak issues warning against resuming rocket attacks from North.

    First We Take Manhattan – 26 July 2010
    This clod must have been listening to Leonard Cohen when he unwillingly visited recently. In the play on the theme of Atlas Shrugged, by Ayne Rand, Cohen wrote an exceptional poem representative of the ‘witches versus the Useful Idiots’. It seems Barak is now ‘on’ with Cohen and wants to “Take Lebanon”. We know from experience how Barak will take Lebanon.


    Reply to: Barak on to Washington Again, Demolished Shomron Home First by Hillel Fendel

    With Leaders Like These – Who Needs the US? – 26 July 2010
    This pack of clowns don’t need the US to destroy Israel. They are falling over themselves to do ‘the job’ for Israel’s enemies. Who cares, really, what Israel’s leaders want? They demonstrate at every turn they are only interested in their own very personal dominion. In very practical terms, it would serve all concerned very well if Modern Israel was obliterated and HaShem started over again from scratch! And certainly, by all accounts, the People of Modern Israel also could not care less. However, who knows how the hand of HaShem extends?!


    Reply to: ‘US more likely to attack Iran’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Former CIA head Hayden says military action could be justifiable.

    Inaction Is NOT Justifiable – 26 July 2010
    Regardless of whether Rambo and the 7th charge in Wednesday night, it will be found that it was always the failure to act which caused the most deaths. The US and the West have manacled themselves with media opinion polls and such rubbish. When the penny drops they will simply destroy everything within their reach, by every means they think they have at hand. These ‘feed the chooks’ public statements are guranteed to ensure even more people die. War comes and cannot now be stopped or prevented.


    Reply to: US upgrades PA diplomatic recognition By JPOST.COM STAFF
    New title allows display of flag and gives employees social benefits.

    Status To Be Revised After War – 23 July 2010
    They will all revise the ‘status’ of the survivors after the War. Those who survive will do the revision and only the survivors will have status. In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter what political heads of state decree now because none of them will survive. Their ‘status’ has already been determined, by themselves, as the common enemies of mankind.


    Reply to: IDF commits to reducing civilian casualties By LAHAV HARKOV
    In report to the UN, Israel restricts use of white phosphorous, installs Humanitarian Affairs Officers in combat units.

    Arabs Commit To Use More ‘Civilians’ – 21 July 2010
    These foolish games are designed to make fools out of the losers. War entails calculated (ie total) suffering. Mucking around entails making a fool of yourself in public. It is not a war crime to fight a war. It is not a war crime if civilians are casualties in war. It is a war crime to use civilians as a weapon in the sense of ‘human shields’. None of this matters to the UN or the World. All that matters there is that someone pass the wine while all laugh as Israel commits itself to painless defeat.


    Reply to: PA TV Teaches Children to Be ‘Combatants’ against Israel by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    PA Ignores Obama??? – 20 July 2010
    Is Obama the Hall Monitor? When will Israel become sufficiently mature that it publicly calls down condemnation upon evil? When will Israel Act in its own defence? When will Israel and the Jews demonstrate self respect? When will we stop hearing that it’s somebody else’s problem that Israel is attacked? Sick of the endless whining!


    Reply to: ‘Shin Bet agent unmasked by extremists’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Report: Activists releases private details of head Pearlman agent.

    They Didn’t Expect? – 19 July 2010
    When people become sloppy, the fact they don’t expect to be exposed is no excuse. It does seem interesting here though that ‘far right extremists’ are considered enemies of the State while far left extremists are allowed to run the Country, The Knesset and the High Court. Perhaps what was not expected was the sheer commonsense of the public. It has become difficult to have faith in the professionalism and capabilities of the Israeli Administration.


    Reply to: Oldest written document ever found (in Israel) By BEN HARTMAN
    Archeologists unearth 14th century BCE fragment.

    Context – 12 July 2010
    So we are talking half a millennium after Shem/Melchizedek & Abraham and while Israel is in Egypt, yet to be led out by Moses. Jebusites? The point being, Israel is smack in the middle of the Way of The Kings, the Silk/Spice Route and the Fertile Crescent. With Mesapotamia being the wreckage of the Sumerian Empire and Egypt “hanging on”, there must have been an interesting traffic in ideas and wealth across Megiddo throughout all History – and beyond. For those who may not know, Akkadian cuniform script was the style used in the Epic of Gilgamesh. In the Land of Ur.


    Reply to: Obama: Israelis Mistrust Me Because My Name is Hussein by Hillel Fendel

    Blind Freddy Does Not Vote – 11 July 2010
    The reason Israelis are antagonistic toward Obama is that Blind Freddy can see Obama is sucking up to the fundament of the Arab Constituency – and Jews and Israel are fairly conscious that the Arab Constituency has an ongoing, declared and perpetual war in force against – Jews and Israel. Obama can and will attempt to mask the fog of war with lies but he will still lose the war. So will his Kindergatenesque Nation.


    Reply to: Knesset to vet freeze bill By JPOST.COM STAFF
    New law proposes change to W. Bank settlement building moratorium.

    Why Discuss With PLO? – 4 July 2010
    What possible reason does Bibi have to discuss the Freeze with Abbas? It’s a done deal. Building ceased months ago and is due to recommence in September. Any inducement to vary that would be met by the fact Abbas contemptuously rejected the entire Freeze concept. Abbas is not in business for any Freeze. He wants only to totally destroy Israel. Modern Israel will shortly cease to exist. Jews might still live there and they will die but it will be their own fault. We will not see it because Bibi has made us blind if he sells Israel to the Arabs.


    Reply to: US Intelligence Officers: Accept Hamas and Hizbullah in Armies by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    Consolidation Is Right – 4 July 2010
    It’s true that Hamas and Hezbollah should be consolidated into the PLO and Lebanese armed forces. They are a joint enemy in each sphere and should be regarded as elements of the same threat. When war comes, Israel will require to wipe out Lebanon, complete with Hezbollah and civilians also. The same is true for the arabs within Israel, their behaviour will make it impossible to differentiate between foe and foe sympathiser. The arabs do not hesitate to make this clear. Finally, the US is declaring itself openly on the arab side. Not to accept the public statements and threats of your enemy as fact is purely delusional. But then – heh !! If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.


    Reply to: Column One: Netanyahu must play for time By CAROLINE GLICK
    If he plays his cards wisely, he can say no to Obama and avoid an open confrontation.

    Wrong # 35 – 3 July 2010
    That’s three Billion paid to USA Industry for the production of goods and services. That’s 3 Bn the US taxpayers would not GET if their industries collapsed, as they presently are. The only positive thing about the present scenario is that, very soon, the US will have no option but to have a major war just to turn the key in its Industrial Base. In War, everybody has a job! Get it?


    Reply to: Column One: Netanyahu must play for time By CAROLINE GLICK
    If he plays his cards wisely, he can say no to Obama and avoid an open confrontation.

    What’s The Game? – 3 July 2010
    Even Caroline now is playing this game of hide-and-seek with commonsense. The ONLY effective way to deal with Arab agression is to say “back off” and mean it. Instead, what we see is “softly softly catchee monkee”, leading the Arabs down the garden path towards WWIII. Nobody who is not a stranger to the truth accepts that Netanyahu is being hoodwinked by Obama or anybody. What’s the game? Is it, the West is BETTER at the Big Lie? Oh well, who cares! 5.5 billion anyway are going to die.


    Reply to: ‘Impartial’ UN Expert: Israeli Actions are ‘War Crimes’ by Hillel Fendel

    On The Other Hand – Call The UN ! – 3 July 2010
    Publicly and pointedly tell the UN to take a Hike! This idea of asking the rest of the world to “watch helplessly” as the Jews give the Holy Land to pirates, Arabs and a pack of satanists from the UN is completely wrong! All Jews and ALL Israelis will pay if they give this Land to the enemies of Mankind. And yet, so it is: Israel does not matter and Israel does not care.


    Reply to: Decision time for the PM By JERUSALEM POST
    Abbas’ readiness puts pressure on Netanyahu.

    Why Bother – 2 July 2010
    If Bibi was honest with his electorate he would simply inform all parties that Israel will solve their problem and boot the Arab Nation Within Israel idea straight out the door. Malcontents in Israel should be exiled as a matter of course – some to Russia, which might include the Foreign Minister (maybe not) and the majority to Arab States adjoining Israel. Argument? Argument means war and if the Arabs want to press their war, let them but let them not be permitted to pretend they have not declared war – and tell Obama to shove his war too.


    Reply to: PM to FM: ‘It was a mistake’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Netanyahu and Lieberman meet to discuss Turkish FM meeting.

    Dead Fish Salesmen – 2 July 2010
    There is a terrible stink about these people who ‘rule’ Israel. Not one of them is ever elected by the people – they self-select themselves from among their ‘little mates’. The ‘numbers game’ is never dependent upon the public, just those elitists who exercise clout in the political echelon. In a real democracy, all those involved in this behind-the-scenes disgrace would be compelled to fall upon their own swords. These slovens will fall only upon their bank balances.

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