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    The mainstay of “The Big Lie” is the United Nations, with its predominance of Despotic and Muslim so-called Nations. The UN constitutes the greatest threat to World Peace and to the institutional fabrics upon which it is based: Marriage and the Family.

    The August Foe - AP photo


    The only Democratic venue known to these ‘nations’ is the UN where, un-elected and malicious, they exercise a global influence unrepresentative of themselves or of any segment of Humanity. The cohesion of the principles embodied in the UN is the only forum in the world where these ‘spokespersons’ exercise a charter right and they abuse it by voting, not for the greater good of Mankind but to harm those not subject yet to their unworthy and unrighteous dominions. These despots seek to bring the world down to the squalid levels of their own corrupt regimes. They serve the Destroyer.
    This is not to say the West is in its entirety a model of perfect Democracy and great good governance. Israel and Italy share a common weakness in having almost as many ‘parties’ as people. Currently Italy is in the throes of a government dismissed on the actions of a ‘party’ representing one percent of the population! This is not Democracy – this is farce! The average life of an Italian government is barely more than one year – some have lasted considerably less!
    But the overbearing impetus of nations forming the Free West is that the people are able to make choice from which they may personally benefit – Free Enterprise.
    It is not the exercise of Free Enterprise in the West that reduces the world to poverty and dereliction of societal co-responsibilities. The suffering in so many ‘nations’ is the direct result of the corruption and king-making, unrighteous dominion that takes place among its warring sectors. The most stable of these societal slums are of course – the Dictatorships.
    Meanwhile the UN cossets these regimes and protects them from the consequences of their own infamy. Like the impounded waters of an insufficient dam wall, the utmost of gruesome disasters hangs over mankind and will not be stopped.

    At First, Cracks Will Appear:

    Wars and rumours of wars. Be it Southern Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Indian Sub-Continent, Indonesia, South East Asia, Korea, China, South America, Central America or finally, Australia, the USA and Western Europe, the bonds of self-restraint have been unleashed.
    Where until recently such matters as rioting in the streets were looked upon with scorn by Australians, the sort of antics indulged by ‘Wogs’ and others of similar, ‘unwashed societies’, we see today hundreds gathered in the streets in open dispute with the police.
    What is worse, in the wake of these outright challenges to Law and Order, we endure constant backbiting against the authorities by vocal minorities touting the ‘Rights’ of these urban insurgents – their right to ‘peacefully’ demonstrate a complete and destructive disregard for other peoples’ property and persons.
    And this in Australia, an ‘Old School’ democracy having all the checks and restraints incumbent upon a People embracing the Westminster System and with cultural values essentially steeped in the orderly Western European norms.
    The effects of these people’s rights is to piecemeal unravel the fabric of the Society. Sustained and endorsed by the UN, these wanton individuals, gangs and vocal-minority Non-Government Organisations (the vaunted NGOs), dismantle the cultural safeguards of Family and Marriage, the absolute guardians of life itself, and tout themselves as acting in defence of All.
    Should YOU, my sweet reader (heh) feel abraded at ANY suggestion I am against “Gay Liberation” let me state my position unequivocally and clearly. Persons who feel uncomfortable in their own bodies may stick their dicks in knot holes in trees for all I care. They may form liaisons with whom they wish and for the basic sake of financial prudence form Trusts, upon which to establish common rights among themselves but they are not married in the God Ordained manner, between man and woman and do not entitle themselves to the rights and entitlements of those who are willing to embark upon the demanding roles of Love, Marriage and Parenthood, who’s rewards may in countless cases not be readily visible.
    Homosexuals have individual freedom, given by God, to initiate every thought, word and deed. They must decide for themselves and they are personally responsible for the consequences of their decisions. We are not accountable for the misery they suffer just by being alive, nor are we accountable for their responses to whatever miscegenation brought them forth into a World devoid of adequate parental love and supervision.
    As Australian ex-Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser said, “Life wasn’t meant to be easy.” As a self-appointed ‘Eminent Person’ (sic) he should know! heh Successful pig farmers know the ropes!
    So if even a stable and financially prosperous nation such as Australia is already on the slide toward self-perpetuating chaos and self-destruction, what hope do we have for Kenya? Darfur?
    ANY of those Southern African ‘hovels-on-broken-wheels’ is going nowhere.
    Time ran out.
    Those able yet to obtain electricity for their “color TV” must continue to endure piped in american subversive material. “No shit, Superbrat! I could just GO another Bud.” their desires to emulate the apparent urge of the West to drink itself to death on one or other of the nectars of the gods being promoted. We personally knew a guy who HAD to have a Cadillac, upon which he carried his ladders and pots – as a self employed house painter! And that was in the West! What does this trivia do inside the minds of people who subsist on rice and lentils handed out by USAid?
    Will there be a hiatus in the conflicts of Chad, Kenya, Darfur, The Horn of Africa, the Rift Valley, The Valley of Esdraelon, The Khyber Pass, before Mankind struggles gamely down the slopes of the Valley of the River of Lethe?
    We think not. We see the fraying and unraveling of even cohesive communities in stable countries around the world. We see instantaneous communications, globally spreading the fire and inflammation of trivial events, as an endorsement of further and more insidious attacks on Law and Order far from the original scene.
    We also see media exaggerations. Media creating the News. Currently in Australia we are recovering from some flooding in eastern states. Media enhancement has portrayed these weather events as ‘Disasters’. The reality is that those of us who acknowledge the Hand of the Great God have prayed sincerely and long for the early and the latter rains. These recent falls have been only part of what we require. It has been pointed out quietly in obscure corners that the drought is not over yet. What we still pray for is for far greater rains, to flood the Channel Country and overflow across state borders and fill again, not just the subterranean aquifers but also the great salt lake, Lake Eyre. Compared to the rains we pray for, this recent ‘disaster’ was a mere spit. Fortunately, far greater and longer lasting precipitation has been despatched. The cyclones are still coming. So the portrayal of events daily is completely devoid of reality. The purpose of the Media is to trivialise the great and present normalcy as astonishing extremities of the Human Condition.
    Everywhere, the reason for disharmony is the lack of respect for self, for others and for the security of the Family and the lack of any individual who will face the ridicule to say it.

    The Confluence of Collapse:

    While the world has fallen to the suiting of false and shallow illusions, has grasped the false hope of immediate gratification, the wholecloth of the Tapestry of Time has been re-woven for our destruction.
    These disgusting though relatively local conflagrations and riots, burning cars in Paris, stone fights in Sydney, genocides in Africa, despotisms in Korea et al, are becoming the thematic panoply of History. We make it, You know?
    As the Great Edge of Time slides beneath the weaving threads, fire becomes increasingly woven in. The backcloth of the Tapestry becomes increasingly black.
    The picture emerges ever more clearly.
    We are for War.
    There is no single person on Earth willing to do what should be done. The laughable International Court ensures any attempt to avert the complete destruction of Mankind would be treated as a Crime Against Humanity.
    Instead, we fly with the angels. Death glides on wide extended wings. Locked in our ‘falling leaf’, we inveigle ourselves down your mountain slopes and encroach upon your plains. We come fast. The speed of Time is upon YOU.
    If you personally survive what is now coming, you may pray to the Living God that He release you from it.


    Rai is an angel WenU is a dragon
    Suck it in deep


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