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    All Australians know that none of the affluence and liberties they enjoy are due to the teachings of Islam and that it is the fruits of the Judeao Christian cultural heritage which they enjoy in the Australian Nation. Every person in the accompanying photograph, for whatever their personal reason, is a hypocrite.

    Hypocrites in Australia

    For that matter, so are all who bleat about Israel’s resistance to Arab invasion and endorse the disgusting, murderous methods of Islamism.

    These statements are not a matter of opinion. These are statements based on observable material object fact.

    We accept that all persons are entitled to their opinions and it’s a matter of personal choice which truthes the individual decides to ignore in this life.

    This life is the opportunity to decide for ourselves which truthes we will embrace and which we will reject. What often is unstated or ignored is a vital truth, the consequences of our choices in this life are not ours to control and those consequences are eternal. We cannot control the consequences of our actions. Mortal life is short but the consequences of our personal choices are eternal.

    So any suggestion that a person can pursue a lie here, on the pretext it seems popular here and now but escape the consequences of that lie beyond the veil of death is both a lie and foolish.

    Are there mitigating circumstances?

    Well. The protest was afterall held in Perth, West Australia. West Australia (Western, to some) is a strange land. Overhearing conversations there it might be possible to believe you are in some vague Time-Lock in a distant ‘British Land’. The local dialect is a kind of gutter Scottish: “Us b’lieve ye but yr speakin fru yr airse”. It’s actually as if they are competing to see who can speak the most authentic forgotten ‘Old Country’ of their presumed Ancestry.

    Sad really.

    In fact, considering the WA flair for un-Australianism, it must seem very natural for them to adopt the Arab-Irish bandwagon of support for the massively undertrodden Muslim Nations of the World. The fact they are trodden down by their own islamist masters is beside the point, it just lends impetus to their malign animosity. Obviously, anybody who is not in ‘moslem chains’ must be the fount of all the misery of those who ARE!

    So we have no particular sympathy for the suffering Islamist bigots and their miscegenated supporters in West Australia. If the only means they have to establish a personal sense of entity and self worth is to align themselves with these parasitic Arabs and their filthy, disgusting, fraudulent pseudo religion, plagiarised from the Bible and frankly worshiping lucifer in the name of their allah, then their lives are empty indeed.

    Ah! You think we unkindly expressed personal opinion.

    Any honest investigation of islam reveals rapidly the Qura’n is lying hocus pocus, a murderous get-rich scheme devised by a very sick mohammed who stated he was in league with the devil. His followers, through murder and rapine, became successful rulers and between 100 and 300 years after mohammed’s death, formulated their Quran’s specifically for the purposes of creating for themselves a false legitimacy.

    Their own illegitimacy is the basis of their attack on the legitimacy of Israel and the Jews. It was because of that Jewish legitimacy that Islam set about to usurp it. For a while they were successful but were eventually repulsed in Europe. Now they are back.

    The Big Lie remains the same.

    And these West Australian twits, if not islamist schemers, are simple dhimmis. The fodder of Taqiyya.

    There they stand, proudly holding their little signs declaring themselves to be publicly opposed to every tenet of the Culture of the Nation in which they live. Australia got it wrong! The terrorists in Gaza can show Australia how to run things and for these twits, it begins in Perth! The Big Change Starts Here!

    They declare they are against the “Murdering Jews of Israel”.
    They are probably for another pint at the pub on the corner in the background.
    They probably ask each other, “Are you Orange or Green?”
    It’s highly unlikely they speak Australian, more likely “expat Brit”.
    And it is almost (almost) impossible that they know anything at all about Islam, the Qura’n or the disgusting values they are supporting.

    What a trivial brigade of frauds and hypocrites!


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