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    It used to be plain in the West. Crime was reported and legal consequences ensued. Rape, assault, robbery and white-collar crime demanded punitive consequences that largely deterred crime and Community Peace was the result. That was the ‘Good Old Days’.

    Our Times: AP art


    In the Modern World, matters are greatly disturbed and the resultant chaos serves to obscure simple Truthes and Verities upon which our Society depends and is based.
    Terror and Terrorism never were acceptable except as War.
    Chaos was the harbinger of War.
    Crime flowed across the land, as Law and Order succumbed to Chaos.
    The fabric of Community and Family Life was destroyed by violence.
    Peace is the consequence of War.
    On the microcosmic scale, we call the police to contain and the courts to rectify crime.
    On the macrocosmic scale, chaos increases until order is enforced.
    The natural consequence, and we only KNOW natural consequences on this planet, of increasing chaos is a greater, consuming, War until chaos is removed. There is no law that states this must be accomplished quickly. There is no ‘upper limit’ to the level of destruction. There is no ‘Historical Threshold’, at which chaos is limited or its war making containments are autonomically triggered.
    Human nature will wait until it has suffered more than it can bear. Then the Beast turns and rends its tormentors. Nothing is sacred to the Destroyer. Nothing is too base.
    Sadly, we are plumbing the depths of human depravity on a global scale right now.
    Tragically, when at last the ‘police’ are called, the Marshall we call for will have no choice but to use his gun.
    The angels here are busy. There is a lot to do. Much to make ready. Like paramedics on the late shift, they don’t have to like violence just to cart off the wreckage. The dragons, whose slate-like scales gleam dully, have that old far-away look in their eyes. That look when they are open that says they are closed.
    Truth is not simply a messenger. Truth is an angel that comes armed with a sword. We do not wait for the sword to be raised. We see it is already on its way down.
    Each and every individual person on this planet is a brother or sister bound eternally by kinship and love. Who can call for violence between one and another?
    The curtains of Time reveal Able, slain by Cain. Was Cain slain in retribution? No. Cain was ‘marked’ so he would be preserved and thus Cain was made to realise he had made a ‘tactical’ mistake.
    But Able died.
    Able is dying today.
    Not that modern Society in the West is as worthy as Able is given to have been. But the violence spreads like a stain, unstoppable now and in every corner of the World. Able bleeds upon the ancient ground – the very Planet Earth responds with its own rebuke. Global warming and environmental destruction begins to avalanche upon the tenants of our planet, as if we were not being swept away by a greater, more destructive force.
    The global Cain of today has made a terrible tactical mistake.
    Not only will the Planet rebuke him but his body rebels and begins to rot upon his frame. From this Time even the Peacemakers are Liars.
    But this is not new.
    The World Stage has become what it is, over centuries, thousands of years even, of refinement and scientific development and evolution. All of History points to our Day.
    Now do the lessons of History congeal upon the weapons of Mankind.
    Do we, as angels, desire the carnage that is coming? Do we suggest a 911 call to report a ‘break-in’? Do we suggest the police come and take the bad man away?
    We suggest it is too late but, if something effective was to be done it must entail the deaths of about one hundred and fifty millions – today.
    But we suggest it is too late.
    Five and a half thousand millions will die. Not because we hate our Spirit Kindred – we simply accept they can no longer be permitted to continue what they do.
    The Mortal Enemy of Mankind is his desire for vanity. That was Cain’s tactical mistake and for it the vast majority of Mankind will die soon.
    ALL Mankind die. It’s a fundamental of the mortal, human condition. But we have stepped into the abyss from which there is no human escape. No amount of statesmanship of wisdom can prevent our fall.
    You may be one of the fortunate ones who will die soon. Others will envy you your precious escape. You think someone is coming to make sure the ongoing Chaos continues Forever and Ever?
    Someone is coming. It ends soon.


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    2 Responses to “SPIRIT KIN or MORTAL ENEMIES?”

    1. Torpor says:

      Spam?? ! heh NO SPAM!
      Can’t believe that Rai. Nice to see the angel is still on ‘trajectory’ – love mixed with “This is gunna hurt you even if it hurtz meh.” Go you!
      Do you see negotiation EVER calming the zealots in Asia? Meaning China to Israel? And does that mean anything about Islam, militant or otherwise?

    2. naughtbits says:

      Rai! I looked in before but without the music didn’t stay. Will you be putting up Circles of Why and some Eva stuff? And do something on the Eternity thing too. Hey? Yur so hard in all this NOW stuff *ggrrr* heh